Philippines Police Brutality

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    Below are the new:


    Police in the Philippines have relieved 11 officers of duty after the release of video footage showing the apparent torture a naked detainee.

    The torturer, allegedly a police commander in Manila, shouts insults as his victim screams in pain as a rope tied around his genitals is pulled.

    The victim is believed to be a suspected thief caught in Manila's Tondo slum district. It is unclear when the video was taken but it was given to a local TV station on Tuesday.

    Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas, reporting from Manila, said: "This isn’t the first time police have been accused of brutality, but such an incident, caught on tape, has not been seen by the Filipino public before".

    "The man in this video is believed to have died in the hands of the police," she said.

    The source of the video is now reported to be in hiding.

    Commander charged

    Leocadio Santiago, the Metropolitan Manila police chief, suspended the 11 member police precinct on Wednesday and ordered a criminal investigation against its commander, senior inspector Joselito Binayug.

    "Tommorrow is the 50th day of the Aquino presidency and in the first 50 days we've already seen torture cases, we've seen extra-judicial killings"

    Hazal Galang, Amnesty International

    "We are holding Binayug responsible," Leocadio Santiago said. "We will be filing charges for dereliction of duty but we want something heavier," the chief told reporters.

    It is not clear if the 10 other officers will face charges, but they will be part of the investigation, police said.

    The accused officer faces a maximum 40 year prison sentence if convicted under an anti-torture law passed last year.

    Agrimero Cruz, a spokesman for the Philippine national police, told Al Jazeera that the alleged torturer is being investigated by the proper authorities.

    "He [the police commander] is now in custody and he is under investigation. Pending the result of the investigation, we cannot do anything about it ... everybody has rights," Gruz said.

    "We have already convicted some of those who violated the human rights laws. We are conducting investigations of those who have violated other people's rights."

    He could not provide statistics on how many police officers had been successfully prosecuted for torture or other rights violations.

    Record of impunity

    Cecilia Quisumbing, an official with the Commission on Human Rights, said her group would separately investigate the torture video.

    "This is very disturbing. They treated him worse than an animal," she said.

    Hazal Galang, a researcher with the Amnesty International said: "Tomorrow is the 50th day of the Aquino presidency and in the first 50 days we've already seen torture cases, we've seen extra-judicial killings."

    Benigno Aquino III, the recently installed Philippine president, has pledged to crack down on corruption and impunity.

    "Swift action has been taken on this one case, the newly-installed government determined to show it meant business when it promised to improve the country’s human rights record," Al Jazeera's Ortigas said.

    "But the question remains - what of the others whose pain isn't captured by a camera?"

    Just a week ago, Al Jazeera spoke to a man still in custody who also claimed to be a victim of police brutality and his wounds, including a black eye and inflamed bruising, were evident.

    Source: Philippines police in 'abuse video' - Asia-Pacific - Al Jazeera English[/nqb]

    o.0, the suspect was caught and sent to police station for interogation. Fine, normal, but they shouldn't be treated like serious offenses criminal and the police involved were inhuman. Their torture method were gruesome, and it always killed the victim.
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    This happens all the time, the difference is this one is televised
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    Nothing new, really.

    This shit happens all the time. And the best part is most of them get to be televised. Then the suspects start running around and hide like dying heroes smelled by Strygwyr
  4. How'd they get the job in the first place
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    this is what we call corruption. the reason why these useless polices do these because they thought they are above the law. they thought they can do everything but no.
    there's other videos like this in youtube and facebook but already deleted =/
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    To Serve and Protect Collect

    The motto of the corrupt cops. Think of GTA: San Andreas
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    Nothing new really, the police treat the suspects as though they were not human, hell, you can see that CHR is steaming and srsly pissed off with what's happening. Thats why im hoping P-Noy will do something ASAP.

    Oh and according to the news during the childhood of that Binayug guy he always hated criminals and dreamed of becoming a policeman to punish them, guess it proves that he brought his "childhood dream" over the ropes.
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    That's some dream he's got there. He just overdid it.
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    gj gj *sigh*
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    Something inside me tells that those police did a good job. Some people really have thick skulls that no matter how much humane punishment you give to them, they will never learn. I do hope that those police did give a good hard lesson to the criminals or potential criminals in that place.

    Also, they should stop sympathizing with the criminal and giving excuses like, "he only did it because he is poor". How did a poor gain the right to steal and endanger a man who is living honestly?

    Don't be a moralfag now, do you remember the Maguindanao massacre? People were saying "This man should be<insert inhumane way of torturing>". Yet, now they are saying, "No matter how, savage a man is, he is still man, that has rights". Flip-flopping, much?
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    They probably had it coming.
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    I told you my country is completely fucked up. Have you seen the other thread?

    I really wanted to RQQ on the PH that day.
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    stupid CHR...those cops only did it for the offender to help him change and forget about the life of crime.
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    It happens all the time.
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    No one is guilty until proven guilty in the court. No one have a right to execute anyone. Execution is only by court order as according to the law. A detainee is just a detainee, the accused. They are NOT guilty until proven in the court.

    Police brutality is everywhere, that what happen when they feel they are the eyes of law...they forgot, they serve the public, serve the law.

    Equality before the law. Meaning everybody, no matter who you are, is the same in the law. They forgot that. They abuse the power given to them by the public. Abuse the trust.

    When police brutalize anyone, they are doing crime. And of course this must be proven in the court too. If proven, so they are the criminals.

    The government who should fear the people, not the people who fear the government.