PGG is he any good?

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by sven7seven, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. sven7seven

    sven7seven Well-Known Member

    really pgg even talented in dota? all i see is he fail fail fail fail fail fail fail he hardly accomplish anything , in my eyes he's as good as a decent pubbie , seeing his blackhole catching dirt , es killed my tower , unpausing the game without telling and much more stupid acts just pisses me off what is your opinion about pgg?
  2. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    hes incredibly talented but hes a little bitch and more often than not lets his emotions control his performance or just doesnt give a fuck (in a bad way)
  3. sven7seven

    sven7seven Well-Known Member

    seriously? i never see a good play from him and his enigma is just so-so
  4. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    even the current (recently disbanded) m5 has done some impressive things, pgg included. yes hes not reliably good but its obvious that when the stars aline, pgg is actually rather talented
  5. jsrnn

    jsrnn Well-Known Member

    Yup, your argument is a bunch of nonsense. Even the shittiest of shitty player would make good plays time to time.

    Either you've watched 5~ games of him (It's clear that you haven't watched him in Dota 1 or you wouldn't make such ignorant comments.) and some highlights of his blackholes and you're incredibly biased or you've been seeing what you want to see and you're incredibly biased. (Hell even in TI2 against Tongfu he had a 4 man blackholes which resulted in teamwipe. Against their epic game vs CLG he had 6-7~ amazing holes. Only recent examples.)

    Not even talking about someone beating godlike version of Navi in Lan with a +4 team. (Yes, he is really skilled.) But yeah he fails so much in m5, I could advocate %70 of m5's losses solely on PGG's throws mistakes. You must understand the difference between being a bad player and playing badly.

    But "omg omg he missed a blackhole, he is a terrible player" just doesn't cut it for someone who made a name for himself and dominated the scene for years with practically no stable team, it's narrow-minded and childish.
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  6. T0ushiro

    T0ushiro Banned

    In the defense of this guy he probably saw them first time in TI2 and only saw the fails of him, but that is all. I dont know that much about their original DotA performance (saw only 1 game of them back then, but they were really good) and in TI they performed very good as well. Calling pgg bad, is just retarded.
  7. Inreet

    Inreet Banned

    pgg is bad on terms of his personality, not skill
  8. ben

    ben Well-Known Member

    you're comparing a player from 16 of the best teams in the world. Of course there will be occasions he (or anyone there) would look bad.
  9. Mx_Paladin

    Mx_Paladin Well-Known Member

    Not to derail or anything, but regarding to M5 why is Vigoss so known. There s varied Chuck Norris thread for him for god's sake.
  10. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Are you asking a question or stating something?
  11. sven7seven

    sven7seven Well-Known Member

    i started watching im early this year , he's quite active in the professional scene dota 2 that is i never seen him in dota 1 so i might not seen him in his prime , but after seeing him play for about a few months now i really doubt whether he play professional level dota or just high level pub dota , i mean seriously how can an ES die from tower damage without an enemy around ? even pubbies won't do that mistake and he unpaused a game without the opponent's knowing and even boasted to his opponents ( i think is mTw ) when he won ( i think 7ckingmad got very angry with pgg ) i think that his attitude really affected my view upon his skill
  12. sven7seven

    sven7seven Well-Known Member

    so i went and googled for pgg and there aren't even any good plays from him , only fail blackholes ( not just from ti2 ) getting ass raped and being drunk in interviews
  13. JX_Blue

    JX_Blue Well-Known Member

    About the dying to tower thing... even Na'Vi players (I think it was AA) have died to the tower by accident before. It's easy to get distracted when you're constantly scanning the map and looking out for your allies, and when you play support you don't have a lot of farm and die pretty easily to the tower if you're not looking.

    About the rest, I agree entirely. PGG plays badly (whether he has talent or not is questionable) and he gives esports a bad name because he acts like an unmannered asshole.
  14. Kraivo

    Kraivo Well-Known Member

    PGG sucks.
  15. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    There is a reason that there were a lot of teams PGG + 4 that did fairly decently for their limited duration.
  16. .PulsE

    .PulsE Well-Known Member

    Great player,Horrible attitude.
  17. BRICOT

    BRICOT Member

    pgg overrated.
  18. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    vigoss is so well known because of the unstoppable juggernaut that was .48b VP. they completely defined the entire .48b metagame and only one team was able to consistently contend their title as best team in the world
  19. Kymatica

    Kymatica Well-Known Member

    He is IceFrog.