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    Yea well is for Compilierung the model... When you could import only smd files.

    The QC file.

    $modelname	"props\myfirstmodel.mdl"
    $body mybody	"myfirstmodel-ref.smd"
    $surfaceprop	combine_metal
    $cdmaterials	"models\props"
    $sequence idle	"myfirstmodel-ref.smd"
    $collisionmodel	"myfirstmodel-phys.smd" { $concave }

    $sequence idle	"myfirstmodel-ref.smd"
    this is were the .smd animation is.

    Im not sure if when i just try to change the attack animation here, with an other .smd animation file.

    I just go and ask Andrew. Sorry for english i have strong fever


    I had no motivation\time to work on it anymore

    So when you normal import a model to dota engine the Animation and Mesh are two seprated files.

    I have the idea how it could work, but maybe others are better with QC files?
    THIS COULD WORK. What you guys think?
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    Yup, [A]rsenal of the Demonic Vessel set. It comes with custom ability icons and custom animations. The custom ability icons and custom animations are tied to the Legendary "Blade of the Demonic Vessel"
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    Custom particles are managable with particle editor, which is not hard to use (eg,: made forja special jugger sword :cat: glow effect), but the problem is the implenting, and I didn't figure it out yet
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    Valve is responsible directly of implementing Particles.
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    But it can work as a personal mod to show ppl how awesome would it be
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    yes Valve implement the mod. not through Workshop Submissions that is
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    Btw abdo, I need to know what the texture size we are using is. Are we just using the default size? I've ground to a stop until I know.
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    That is a tutorial for creating the mesh which contains the vertices which is to be used for placing the particle effects. Think of it like an invisible model but it is there rigged without any texture. The vertices are used as the part/area for particles to be placed at.

    Also, that tutorial applies to heroes who currently have particle effects on their default weapons, such as Juggernaut, PA, AM,etc.
    This only applies to certain particle effects too.
    For example like SB, Rhasta also have particle effects on their weapons but there is no option to upload the mesh containing the vertices data to place the particles. Why? Because their particle effects work differently and probably doesn't use vertices of the weapon.

    Last but not least, creating custom particles, is a different case.
    Here are some links for creating them:



    I tried to create a particle effect for my Juggernaut sword before.
    My problem was that I didn't have enough knowledge in compiling and making a custom mdl file and qc file (editing it/ using the old method).

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    x4 the required size
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    I know that, but he told me that we were ignoring most of the limits, I needed confirmation that we were sticking with the texture limits. (got via pm).

    Also, I know editing ability icons/ability effects is at Valve's pleasure.
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    So i've been looking into it and it seems that we might opt to consider the following idea, particles are easier. This is because the custom particles are inside the actual model file of the cosmetic items and not the base model like animations are. So perhaps we could go for a red thorn lightning whip. That way we'd require the handle and the tail, but for the rest of the whip we could try to use particles to make up the string entirely.

    Also flex animations can only be used for facial expressions glad we ain't replacing the head for now since it seems to be a true hassle to fix copying the original facial flex expressions ourselves to a new alternate head.
    Still looking into the cloth physics to make similair expression as a jiggle bone which is unfortunantly not use able in dota2. (or they might've fixed this in the last 4 months anyone?

    Just a thought might find more info

    @ IoT
    Just add in the custom ability icon's and animation in the zipfile for the workshop submission much like all of this is up to valve's discretion to implement along with it or not just like any submission is up to valve to be accepted.
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    So basically like this, i'm not the best lightning drawer but it should give you an idea of how i vieuw it. If we just use the handle and the tail e can fill the entire whip with lghtning particles. And We can even consider setting up lightning particles around the original whip if we can make that work.
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    why does it have to be lightning though it's too stereotype. and yes our easiest option is making it a particle effect and i'm working on it with some people :)
  14. Lycan

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    Since i don't think this will look nice with only 15 joints or doable with particles to be honest. But it's a train of thought it doesn't need to be lightning but it presents the idea pretty simple since it's something you've seen before.

    This would be pretty much the same idea though a slightly different particle.

    This type would require a similair type of body
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    actually these require much less poly than the typical whip model. would jigling each notch alone give us pleasurable results ?
  16. Lycan

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    it would only work in Team Fortress 2, dota 2 doesn't support Jiggle bones i found out... hence the cloth physics might have a somewhat similair result.
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    What The Fuck are you talking about ?
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    the base models have jiggle bones [Tide , Spirit Breaker ...]
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    i believe it was in one of the youtube vids...