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    Fellow brothers of the PlayDotA Community . Lurkers , Smurfers and Faithful Members.

    I thought it would be a Great idea if PlayDotA Group up and make their own Dota2 Cosmetic Items and with some effort of me and Team Mates From PlayDotA we are here to make it Come true !

    Whip of Agonizing Misery

    Our Idea is to make a Cosmetic Item for Queen of Pain in Dota2. the Cosmetic Item is revolved around the idea of a "whip". for People not Familiar with Whips, it's a A strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging or beating a person or for urging on an animal.

    Now to our Idea, I have Noticed that there is a lot of PlayDotA members willing to help us with the Project, So I have decided to turn the Project mainly to a PlayDotA project.

    Of course I don't think it's appropriate to reveal their Identities just yet.

    Many of you have wondered on how and what will make this a PlayDotA Project, Other than members of PlayDotA Doing it. we were also curious about how we can get PlayDotA to be more involved, So we decided to let the Community also take Part in most stages of Development.


    Phase One . The Concept [In Progress]

    in this Phase we are going to show 2 concept art of two different themes, You Guys are going to vote which one you like more and want it to be developed and tell us your opinion in Comments bellow

    Style #1 :


    The only way to match the pain brought by our Queen's Toxic in your veins, is by the sharp tip of a Demonic whip, The Legend says with every hit the whip's jewel becomes Darker and so is the power of our Queen

    Style #2 :


    As much as QoP is Consumed by Chaos Pain and Corruption she have always been a Queen and wouldn't a Queen be Worthy of Such High Gift ? delicately Made by Elves, This whip is a representation of what we call a Traditional French Sword, Covered in small Detailed rosemary. it's indeed a weapon worthy to be used by our high Queen.

    All Credits and Effort goes to the PlayDotA member : Hexagod.



    So tell us what you think, and please do post Comments. We will posting out the results in a few days on what concept we will be using.


    If you want to Join the team (and receive some of the revenue), then Go ahead and PM me. we will be Grateful on any help we get. Also, please specify your specific skills, e.g. texturing, sculpting etc, and previous experience (not essential). Also, people who can draw concept art or promotional images, or have ideas are welcome to pm me.

    However it will be more helpful that if you have notes to a certain point of View of something to Directly to the Member of the team responsible through out the Phases.
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  2. InvokerofTime

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    Stuck thread.

    Also, I do not believe that it is possible to create this in dota, due to polygon limits and the limited bone structure.
  3. Draguuro-Manchi

    Draguuro-Manchi Well-Known Member

    Possible, check Leviathan's new cosmetic where he's pulling a rock tied with seaweeds or something, that one from the Molten chest thingy, also, RAZOR.

    So yeah, attack animation would be similar to Razor, and him having a whip is unique, I don't know how this will work out but it suits her really well. I vote for this. Possible Legendary/Mythical item due to massive attack animation change.
  4. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    Tide's cosmetic probably is a partial rebuttal, I'll admit (I haven't actually seen it), however razor's model has bones to bind the whip to for animation purposes, and also its a particle effect, not a model. Also, tidehunter's off hand, from what i've seen, has built in flex, from dragging his normal fish. Finally, the polycount limit on QoP's main hand is only 350, you'd need a lot of polygons in the whip in order to animate it.
  5. Draguuro-Manchi

    Draguuro-Manchi Well-Known Member

    Too bad then, 350 isn't enough to make a whip.

    Well maybe she can like, hold it while it's coiled, that would make much more sense.


    So the only problem they'll have now is the attack animation.
  6. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    True actually O,O

    But the main problem is, that valve nowadays only accept item sets, not individual items.

    ILLUSETSUNA Well-Known Member

    The only possible way of making this possible is if it is an Arcana.
  8. hwdge

    hwdge Well-Known Member

    ughh i fear physics items, they still havent seemed to really fix the antigrav bh cape yet, this thing would be better off like razor's whip
  9. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager


    If we did, it'd look like razor's whip, we'd have to use flex physics and a particle effect, and even then, i'm not sure it would work, as razor's model has explicit bones to tie the particle effect to.
  10. Hexagod

    Hexagod Well-Known Member

    Just wait for abdo to get online, i'm sure he will be able to answer things better then i do (or any of the other guys that work on the project right now).
  11. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    I have spoken to abdo via pm, and he hasn't convinced me.
  12. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Hmm, how about something like this then?


    The main problem from it sadly is that it would look kind of awkward with her default animations.
  13. abdo123

    abdo123 Banned

    i was thinking maybe we can get the whip's body to be a colider . [ same thing like Tide's fish or Spirit's breaker flail's chain. ] so it doesn't require alot of Polygons and not much bones to it. but we still didn't do anything on the animation part yet . :)
  14. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    Collider? What's that?
  15. abdo123

    abdo123 Banned

    A term used by my modeling group as a model that is under the effects of Gravity and wind ingame . there are many items like that and some base models like Tide's Fish and Spirit Breaker's flail.
  16. Draguuro-Manchi

    Draguuro-Manchi Well-Known Member

    Oh damn. :C

    I wish they make an exception(that is, if the item gets made and obviously steam workshop people would like this cause it's unique). I mean, I have non-set items like the Mistblade, End of Order and Hellfire Edge and they're all really good so I guess they can like make this a special chest drop OR an event drop or something.
  17. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    Ok, but won't that just make the whip trail along the ground?

    Its just I can't see you being able to make the end of the whip move off the ground, it'd probably end up dragging along like tide's fish.
  18. abdo123

    abdo123 Banned

    what about spirit breakers flail ?
  19. InvokerofTime

    InvokerofTime Forum Manager

    That's only got one moving part, and it only moves from the down position during about 25% of the attack animation. The whip is longer, and would need a bigger movement to make it move, and that would look very out of QoP's charecter. That's why razor's whip has specific bones for it to bind to.
  20. abdo123

    abdo123 Banned

    i don't know why but i feel like the current attack animation is fine . we just need to rig some new bones for the whip to extend as it's supposed to be instead of an attack projectile .

    you know the way she throws the dagger is still very versatile .