[Passive]Eye of the Beholder

Discussion in 'Ability Ideas' started by Dzin-Zakk, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Dzin-Zakk

    Dzin-Zakk Well-Known Member

    Beholders in DnD have this ability.

    [NQB][TABLE=old][​IMG]||Ability Name_________||Those who are caught in the direct sight of Beholder's eye find themselves unable to cast.
    ||Ability Type:||Passive
    ||Targeting Type:||Area
    ||Ability Hotkey:||B[/TABLE]


    Silences units in the cone area where the Beholder watches.​

    Silences units in the cone area where the Beholder watches.​

    Silences units in the cone area where the Beholder watches.​

    Silences units in the cone area where the Beholder watches.​

    • Silences only active abilities.
    • Enemies inside the area are silenced until they leave the zone or Beholder is killed/disabled.
    • Note

    Should I add some side effect like mana leaching?
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  2. SimplyCrazy

    SimplyCrazy Well-Known Member

    sight angle ideas are always cool) make this toggleable and draining mana (or just active), coz it's a OMGWTFPERMASILENSE now
  3. Dzin-Zakk

    Dzin-Zakk Well-Known Member

    ^ I don't think it's imba)) They may split - one goes there, one goes here and you can't watch two of them at the same time. Hell, it's introducing more tactic to the game!
  4. SimplyCrazy

    SimplyCrazy Well-Known Member

    yea, they can split, but think about pubs T_T. And its still OMG.......ENSE in 1v1 situation.
    but i like this idea, so i'll say t-up right now)
  5. Sgt Failure

    Sgt Failure Well-Known Member

    What if the "Beholder" is silenced/stunned? Will it still work? Also, add a 0.5 seconds delay before it wears off, making it possible to just look at a unit once and silence them.
  6. Dzin-Zakk

    Dzin-Zakk Well-Known Member

    ^ Then you'd spend time spinning around ^_^

    And the ability is inactive while Beholder is disabled.
  7. Fate Trap

    Fate Trap Well-Known Member

    I like these kind of idea... But they don't look that dota-ish to me...Anyway T-up
  8. sndwch

    sndwch Well-Known Member

    T-Up, awesome idea. Requires lots of positioning and skill to use.
  9. warioursa

    warioursa Well-Known Member

    t-up, since there are few skills that require you to literally look at the enemy. This one should be included :)
  10. Dzin-Zakk

    Dzin-Zakk Well-Known Member

    "I see you" bump

  11. Vatiago

    Vatiago Well-Known Member

    seems to need precision mouse control for this skill lol
  12. Buura

    Buura Well-Known Member

    Very nice indeed !

    Maybe to decrease its imba situation you can lower Beholder's turning speed, so it cant turn easily. Same as Batrider's napalm...
  13. KuroNeko

    KuroNeko Moderator

    Make a version of this skill for an ultimate and add a side effect or two (mana leeching, slow, anything) and this would be a very nice and innovative skill.

    As a downside like Buura suggested, there should be slightly slower turning speed. Similar to ghost walk's scaping but with sticky napalm's effect.
  14. Dzin-Zakk

    Dzin-Zakk Well-Known Member

    ^Yeah may be something like Phoenix's sunray but without crappy movement control system.
  15. Loomdun

    Loomdun Well-Known Member

    I really like this ability, it would be a especially useful ability in the Mid lane and tower pushing