PA and Echo Saber

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Kik0Matchi, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Kik0Matchi

    Kik0Matchi Well-Known Member

    Pros are now building this. Why? She already had phantom strike right? Besides from the stats of echo saber, does the dual attack stacks with phantom strike?
  2. Dr_JP

    Dr_JP Well-Known Member

    Omg...I just had a long discussion about it at the other PA thread, in which I defend how useful Echo Saber is for PA while other guy says Echo Saber is for Tiny/Sven/Naix only (no agility hero could ever profit from it, according to him).

    Currently, its dual attack count into the 4 attacks during Phantom Strike, making it anti-sinergic, however, Echo Saber is a very good item for her for multiple other reasons.

    Echo saber is great for large dmg/low IAS heroes, however, it is very powerful about attack modifiers which have proc chance too, while offering enough mana regen to Dagger + Phanom Strike spam (latter is useful for neutral/ancients farming and you need a lot of mana to keep spamming Phantom Strike), and with a good build up/low price item with +200 HP attached mainly.

    Its "headshot" effect is very useful for PA as she can get easily 4 attacks within very low time period followed by a slow by Dagger...meaning more time/opportunity to hit targets.
  3. Kik0Matchi

    Kik0Matchi Well-Known Member

    Can't find your thread buddy. May I seek for your assistance?
  4. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Cheap regen and decent survivability.
  5. Dr_JP

    Dr_JP Well-Known Member

  6. IHateLeavers

    IHateLeavers Well-Known Member

    If you aim for early-mid game fighting Echo might work as it gives dps + survivality, but by no means it's good item in 40min+ games.
  7. yui92

    yui92 Well-Known Member

    disassemble it or sell it then.
  8. mrfokker

    mrfokker Well-Known Member

    I don't buy the arguments. The stats are OK, but the passive is pretty worthless. But then you don't need that much mana regent when raindrops are core and aquila is way more cost-efficient. The HP is the only "good" part of the item, but then again you could have the ogre club for a later BKB and get the same HP. Sure, echo is 1 slot while club+RD+RoAq is 3, but echo doesn't scale that well anyways so "much slots" isn't a great argument.
  9. SBVenom

    SBVenom Well-Known Member

    it looks good in inventory tho.

  10. Dr_JP

    Dr_JP Well-Known Member

    There's no sense to make Echo Saber if it isn't rushed as your first mid game item.

    It's like saying Desolator is a bad DPS item after > 40 minutes games...
  11. mrfokker

    mrfokker Well-Known Member

    Conversely deso is actually a great item for PA
  12. MrMackey

    MrMackey Well-Known Member

    between dagger and echo sabre you get essentially a triple attack, with potential for crits/bashes on all 3 attacks (pretty decent odds if you can prime a lil')
  13. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    Meh item.
  14. effreit89

    effreit89 Well-Known Member

    well to be fair, you could think like this:

    you need BKB regardless
    you buy Sobi mask almost always for aquila anyways
    900 for a quarterstaff is ok really (10 damage, 10AS)
    so pretty much the only wasted item is the 450g mantle
    getting Echo also gives you a good option for 24 damage via PB

    sobi>quarterstaff>phase boots>oblivion>Echo>Mithril>(some damage item here if the need for BKB isnt dat pressing e.g. Basher/Deso)>disassemble Echo>BKB (it's a bit all over the place but might work)>Bfly

    this however might waste the early window of PA to dominate as she'll have bad damage for like the whole laning phase (you could pick VS but then VS is a lost somewhere in a hidden temple now)
  15. dadde

    dadde Well-Known Member

  16. Hyperion1O1

    Hyperion1O1 Well-Known Member

    Why not just Dlance if you want the Hp
  17. Groddl

    Groddl Active Member

    You cannot disassemble echo sabre :p.
  18. Animus2280

    Animus2280 Well-Known Member

    I suspect echo sabre is the best transition item. Going phase/basher or phase/deso is awkward (phase/lifesteal is even more worthless) so you need something to patch it up in between. Aquila is insufficient for its low # of stats and drums is just shit in general.

    Phase/Armlet is superior to phase/echo sabre in terms of damage, but not everyone is comfortable sitting at red HP for half of a fight.
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  19. HolyBob

    HolyBob Well-Known Member

    Yeah transition pa is a little awkward like you said but its hard to get around that, even with echo since u lack damage. ive just been playing full damage builds and it works surprisingly well. I mean maybe u even go small crit first item and just dagger fools, only jumping in when someones low then gtfo. its so easy to just blow people up cause they dont expect you to take 50% hp in 1 crit. funny as hell atleast. this is around 5k maybe you dont get away with that higher up
  20. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    Echo Sabre is a highly overrated crap item.