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    Hello everybody,
    Today I woke up after a hard week full of exams and events and I felt I needed to check the news, the evolution of the situation in the World.

    The first thing that striked me is about Syria. I know after reading that there is an open War between medias, one side is basically against Assad (Syrian head) and the second would be against.
    French news front page inform us about 200 civilians dying in Homs after heavy mortar attacks, I then activated my non-bias mode and I proceeded to cross check all my sources.
    My first reaction was to check the press agencies and here is what Reuters reports :

    (Reuters) - More than 200 people were killed in shelling by Syrian forces in the city of Homs, activists said on Saturday, ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote on a draft resolution backing an Arab call for President Bashar al-Assad to give up power.

    Amid the surge in violence, the United States called for international solidarity against Assad, but Russia's foreign minister warned of a "scandal" if the draft came to a vote, suggesting Moscow would use its Security Council veto.

    Death tolls cited by activists and opposition groups ranged from 217 to 260, making the Homs attack the deadliest so far in Assad's crackdown on protests which erupted 11 months ago, inspired by uprisings that overthrew three Arab leaders.

    Residents said Syrian forces began shelling the Khalidiya neighbourhood at around 8 p.m. (1 p.m. EDT) on Friday using artillery and mortars. They said at least 36 houses were completely destroyed with families inside.

    "We were sitting inside our house when we started hearing the shelling. We felt shells were falling on our heads," said Waleed, a resident of Khalidiya.

    It is not possible to verify activist or state media reports as Syria restricts independent media access.

    As news of the violence spread, crowds of Syrians stormed the Syrian embassies in Cairo and Kuwait in protest, and demonstrators rallied outside Syrian missions in Britain, Germany, Greece and the United States.

    It was not immediately clear what had prompted Syrian forces to launch such an intense bombardment, just as diplomats at the Security Council were discussing the draft resolution supporting the Arab League demand for Assad to step aside.

    Some Syrian activists said the violence was triggered by a wave of army defections in Homs, a stronghold of protests and armed insurgents who Assad has vowed to crush.

    "The death toll is now at least 217 people killed in Homs, 138 of them killed in the Khalidiya district," Rami Abdulrahman, head of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told Reuters, citing witnesses.

    "Syrian forces are shelling the district with mortars from several locations, some buildings are on fire. There are also buildings which got destroyed."

    A Syrian activist said Assad forces bombarded Khalidiya, a key anti-Assad district, to scare other rebel neighborhoods. "It does not seem that they get it. Even if they kill 10 million of us, the people will not stop until we topple him."

    The opposition Syrian National Council said 260 civilians were killed, describing it as "one of the most horrific massacres since the beginning of the uprising in Syria".

    Syria's state SANA news agency denied Homs was shelled, accusing rebels of killing people and presenting them as casualties for propaganda purposes before the U.N. vote.

    "The corpses displayed by some channels of incitement are martyrs, citizens kidnapped, killed and photographed by armed terrorist groups as if they are victims of the supposed shelling," it quoted a "media source" as saying.

    The opposition council said that it believed Assad's forces were preparing for similar attacks around Damascus and in the northern town of Jisr al-Shughour.

    Another group, the Local Coordination Committees, gave a death toll of over 200.

    Video footage on the Internet showed at least eight bodies assembled in a room, one of them with the top half of its head blown off. A voice on the video said the bombardment was continuing as the footage was filmed.

    One activist said residents were using primitive tools to rescue the people. They feared many were buried under rubble.

    "We are not getting any help, there are no ambulances or anything. We are removing the people with our own hands," he said, adding there were only two field hospitals treating the wounded. Each one had a capacity to deal with 30 people, but he estimated the total number of wounded at 500.

    "We have dug out at least 100 bodies so far, they are placed in the two mosques."

    U.N. VOTE

    At the United Nations, the Security Council was due to meet at 10 a.m. (1500 GMT) to vote on the Western-Arab draft endorsing an Arab League plan calling for Assad to resign.

    "As a tyrant in Damascus brutalizes his own people, America and Europe stand shoulder to shoulder. We are united, alongside the Arab League, in demanding an end to the bloodshed and a democratic future for Syria," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said at a security conference in Munich.

    "And we are hopeful that...the Security Council will express the will of the international community."

    But Russia has balked at any language that would open to door to "regime change" in Syria, its crucial Middle East ally where Moscow operates a naval base.

    "If they want another scandal for themselves in the Security Council, then we probably cannot stop them," Lavrov said in comments reported by the Itar-Tass agency.

    He said he hoped the draft would not come to a vote without changes "because our amendments to this draft are well-known".

    Clinton and Lavrov were scheduled to meet at 1030 GMT on Saturday on the sidelines of the Munich conference for talks expected to focus on Syria.


    In Cairo, a crowd stormed the Syrian embassy smashing furniture and setting fire to parts of the building in protest over the Homs bloodshed.

    The gate of the embassy was broken and furniture was smashed on the second floor of the building, a Reuters witness said. It was the second attack on the mission in a week.

    In London, more than 100 Syrians hurled stones at the Syrian embassy, smashing windows and shouting slogans, and five people were arrested after trying to break in, according to TV reports.

    In Washington, about 50 people took part in a nighttime rally outside Syria's embassy, chanting "Down with Assad". Syrians also demonstrated at embassies in Kuwait and Athens.

    Some carried signs including one that juxtaposed pictures of Assad and Adolf Hitler. "We want to show solidarity with the people in Syria being killed every day," said Mohammad Kousha, a Syrian living in Washington.

    In the cities of Hama and Idlib, activists said hundreds of people took to the streets in solidarity. They chanted in Idlib: "Homs is bombarded, and you are still sleeping?"

    (Additional reporting by Dominic Evans in Beirut, Louis Charbonneau at the UN, Ahmed el-Shimy in Cairo, Katharine Jackson in Washington, Steve Gutterman in Moscow; Writing by Joseph Logan; Editing by Rosalind Russell)

    Pretty much sounds like the same I read in my national papers.
    Now I asked myself "hey buddy ! Russia is against any resolution against Syria, let's check how they deal with this news."
    At that stage I thought I'd read about the killing but they would clearly accuse the rebellion to be the killers... well I had the biggest surprise !

    After reading the main page of 4 Russian newspapers (gazeta, pravda and few others), I had to deal with the fact that the news of 200 civilians dying in Syria is nowhere to be seen, they even prefer to highlight some teenager surviving 20000 volts shock than informing about some event of that importance.

    What kind of media wouldn't even relay the information ? (and my bad if they update the news later but every major international paper already published about this)
    You can argue who is the killer saying it's Assad or it's the opposition, but you HAVE to report civilian death.

    The whole thing made me sad and I remembered the french journalist (Gilles Jacquier) that died in Syria recently in what is most probably a trap organised by regular forces (they were supposed to escort him and weirdly separated from the journalists just before a mortar rain fell on them). This kind of journalist (and I saw many of his documentaries over the decades), is the best defense against manipulations, plots, and biased news and I pay all my respects to his family as I feel his death as a big loss (check yourself his history if you want to see all the conflicts he covered).

    I quote Reuters :
    It is not possible to verify activist or state media reports as Syria restricts independent media access.

    Now quoting an ex obs from the Arab League :
    observateur algérien, Anouar Malek, qui a préféré démissionner plutôt que couvrir "le massacre" : "Ils n'ont pas retiré les chars des rues, ils les ont juste cachés et redéployés après notre départ, a-t-il déclaré sur la chaîne Al-Jazira. Les snipers sont partout et tirent sur les civils. Les gens sont enlevés, les prisonniers sont torturés et personne n'est libéré. Ceux qui sont censés être libérés et qui sont montrés à la télévision sont en fait des personnes qui ont été prises au hasard dans les rues."

    Source : LeMonde.fr (January 2012)
    My quick translation would be :
    an obs from Algeria, Anouar Malek, who preferred resigning instead of covering the massacre : "they didn't take off the tanks from the streets, they just hid them and deployed them again after our leave, he declared on Al-Jazeera. The snipers are everywhere and are shooting civilians. People are kidnapped, prisonners are tortured and nobody is released. Those who are supposed to be released and shown on TV are actually people taken randomly in the streets."

    I hold no special importance to Al Jazeera as I don't watch it, nor do I support many of the Arab League countries (some of them are more barbarian than the people we may be aiming IMHO), but I must conceal many sources are claiming the same and a global manipulation of that size would be difficult without people contradicting between themselves.

    That was for the Syrian part of the news.
    After that I realised that one of the main TV media here dealt with the 9/11 and the other options and I found it very interesting that such a mass media put that question on the table, this kind of clip gives me hope that our medias will keep an open eye and won't let politicians manipulate them

    The poll associated to the video claims that 58% french people doubt the official version of 9/11.

    The last step of my wandering abouts media bias is regarding USA, I wanted to know how people perceive the recent actuality and do they realise something wrong is going on and is exposing them to a general hate.
    I found this video from Reuters again, not sure it demonstrates what is the US public opinion but it sure shows some interesting interaction between the citizens (video is about Iran and a probable conflict).

    I am a Human being and I praise Peace, I do not seek wars, I respect the other and I'm seeking truth.
    Knowledge is my best weapon to face the World and today, once again, what I witnessed let me thoughtful, I let you guys forge your own opinion and feel free to share it together.
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    Why the hell do you trust one media source over others? Western media companies belong to private groups or persons, they broadcast what the boss wants. And guess what? Most of them are racist, biased, greedy bastards. If the front page of your newspaper said "NOTHING HAPPENED IN SYRIA" nobody would read it. The best thing to do is to ignore the media and let every country settle their own business instead of having half the Western world interfere, but hey, guess what?

    The Libyan rebels that Western forces provided arms to are currently in-fighting and slaughtering civilians. They toppled the former political Egyptian government and replaced it with a religious one, there are protests all over the place, why don't they interfere again? Halfway across the world, everybody is selling weapons to the Indian government while people there are still divided into 4 different ranks upon birth, top rank isn't allowed to marry anyone from the lower ranks, and those of the bottom rank are literally slaves. The work, they don't get paid, you can beat them up and get only minimal punishments. Japan still has a shrine to their WW2 war criminals (most of which took part in civilian massacres, later hanged) and despite Koreans spies frequently setting it on fire they refuse to take it down. Japan is also messing around with the islands of other countries, and they're hunting damn WHALES. So why don't we JUST LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE MORE URGENT.
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    Are you implying that whales dying is more important than humans dying ?

    Also your thinking must be screwed to think ignoring what's going on next to you is the best way to go, you're exactly the kind of person that would walk pass a dude beating his wife to death, but hey "why would you interfere ?".

    I look where I wanna look because what's going on in point B may one day echoes in point A and then I won't go "WTF how did that happen and how didn't I see it coming ?!"

    Also if some greedy people wanted to keep making money on others they'd protect the egyptian and libyan heads as they were already making money with them, providing secret bank accounts, having dinners with them, and most of all they prefer dealing with those greedy bastards than morally ruled Religious freak that could follow after their fall. Don't you think so ?

    If my media said nothing happened in Syria and something actually happened and I read it in other medias I'd be asking me the same questions, but you seem to be failing to understand that I actually don't drink what I read and always (when I get the time to) check it.
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    It's very interesting that the people inside of homs don't even know what is going on right now, yet some people in washington or wherever else claim that they know what is happening.

    the frensh journalist died from a mortar that was shot from an opposing territory (the Khalidiya neighbourhood ).

    another strange thing is that the frensh journalist's body was retrieved by the french ambassador before the Syrian medical team could even examine it, one more strange thing is how his death was covered up and can no longer be seen on the media today.

    anwar malek didn't resign, the rules of participating in the observer mission was that you could not resign, he filed a report from being "sick" and went home on that basis, the leader of the observer mission said that anwar malek didn't leave the hotel room in the 5 days attended the mission.
    they will vote on the Syrian situation in 40 min, let's see the scandal lavrov is speaking about.

    u only stated half of the lies, so it's barely anything.

    in the videos al jazeera showed, some of the faces were recognized by their parents, they said these were our sons and they were abducted a long time ago.

    i was just watching a Syrian news channel, people are actually calling from homs and asking the president to interfere to end this situation in homs.
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    I appreciate the effort StudyMan but you don't seem to have a clue what's happening neither, also I wouldn't trust syrian media in a syrian based conflict, just like if there is protest in my own country and that's lasting for month I wouldn't even try to get the news from my national channels ^^

    About the french journalist I don't see why you say it's covered, I can find plenty articles about him, maybe it's just a cover in Syria.
    I read about the body being recovered by the embassy and the reason is simple, the ambulance wouldn't go there because there was an attack goign on, also the journalist from switzerland that was with his group called the french embassy when he saw his mate lying down and then they decided after that to recover the body themselves.
    I'll just try to find the original article where I read about the story but it was a while ago.

    Que faisaient Gilles Jacquier et les journalistes à Homs ?

    Loin de l'expédition clandestine, le reportage de Gilles Jacquier pour l'émission "Envoyé spécial" était autorisé par les autorités syriennes, et facilité par la sœur Agnès-Marie de la Croix, personnalité ambiguë qui affiche son soutien au régime. Jeudi 19 janvier, l'émission de France 2 revient sur cette religieuse, qui joue un rôle-clé pour faire entrer des journalistes étrangers en Syrie. Mais étape après étape, le programme prévu – centré autour de Bachar Al-Assad et de son régime à Damas – tombe à l'eau.

    Il est finalement décidé que l'équipe de journalistes parte à Homs, chose que refusent Gilles Jacquier et le journaliste reporter d'images Christophe Kenck, selon Thierry Thuillier, directeur des rédactions de France Télévisions. "Mère Agnès le prend mal", explique Christophe Kenck dans "Envoyé spécial". Menacés d'expulsion, ils finissent par accepter. Elle, par contre, refuse de se joindre au voyage.

    Plus tard, à Beyrouth, la religieuse livrera une autre version de cet épisode, assurant avoir tout fait pour assurer la sécurité des journalistes : "Elle nous aurait même conseillé de prendre des gilets pare-balles pour nous rendre à Homs et de ne pas traîner dans la ville après 15 heures. Des paroles que nous n'avons jamais entendues…", expliquent Sid Ahmed Hammouche et Patrick Vallélian, deux journalistes suisses présents sur place, dans L'Hebdo.

    À Homs, que faisaient-ils dans ce quartier de Hadara ?

    Une fois à Homs, l'équipe de journalistes a l'intention de voir de l'intérieur la situation dans les hôpitaux. Elle est prévenue qu'il est dangereux d'évoluer dans certains quartiers de cette ville, épicentre de la contestation et de la répression, après 15 heures, mais quitte son hôtel à 14 h 30. Rapidement, changement de programme : "Nous voulions visiter un hôpital, mais on nous a emmenés vers une petite place, près d'une école", explique Patrick Vallélian, dans un autre entretien à L'Hebdo. Les reporters suisses découvrent plus tard avec étonnement que l'hôpital de la ville, où ils avaient prévu de se rendre, se situait en fait "à l'opposé de notre position, soit au nord de cette cité d'un million d'habitants".

    Les journalistes se retrouvent donc dans ce quartier de Hadara – quartier alaouite, la minorité à laquelle appartient Bachar Al-Assad –, sans en avoir pris la moindre initiative, selon le témoignage sonore du journaliste de Ouest-France Jacques Duplessy. "J'ai l'impression qu'on était attendus", avance-t-il.

    Il est 15 heures. Des mini-manifestations en faveur du régime éclatent. Les journalistes, entrés dans leurs véhicules pour partir vers l'hôpital, sont bloqués par l'une d'entre elles. Des gens invitent des journalistes "à sortir des voitures" pour leur tenir un discours contre les rebelles. Ils "semblaient en mission commandée ", se souvient un des deux journalistes suisses. Soudain, une première déflagration. Selon France Télévision, malgré la réticence des journalistes, "la foule va rouvrir les portes [des voitures], extraire les journalistes, et le journaliste reporter d'images Christophe Kenck sera même conduit vers les futurs lieux d'impact des tirs", poussé par la taille.

    Les journalistes suisses, méfiants, restent aux véhicules. Ils racontent ces hommes – un jeune au pull blanc, un militaire... – qui reviennent plusieurs fois à la charge pour les inciter à se rendre là où tombent les obus. Ils voient, sur les toits, "des hommes qui bougent", probablement des snipers. Et, nerveux, se collent aux militaires pour ne pas être visés.

    Pendant ce temps, une deuxième, puis une troisième explosion retentit. Dans la plus grande confusion, Gilles Jacquier est monté sur le toit d'un immeuble, entraîné par des Syriens. En sortant, un quatrième tir le touche de plein fouet, et le tue.

    Quelle arme a tué Gilles Jacquier ?

    Dans l'émission "Envoyé spécial", le journaliste spécialiste de l'armée Pierre Servent pense qu'il s'agit d'un obus de mortier, tiré, donc, à l'aveugle et d'une portée maximale de 3 kilomètres. Il pourrait provenir autant des insurgés, qui pourraient viser les militants pro-régime, que de l'armée syrienne, qui possède aussi des positions à portée du quartier alaouite, selon l'émission.

    Toutefois, s'il s'agit bien d'un obus de mortier, cela pose question : "les déserteurs de l'Armée syrienne libre (ASL) sont équipés de lance-roquettes, plus rarement de mortiers, dont le maniement est plus compliqué", explique un article du Monde.

    Enfin, rien n'exclut que d'autres armes aient été utilisées. Selon les journalistes suisses, le corps de Gilles Jacquier est resté "intact, avec quelques impacts ronds visibles sur son cœur. Des impacts incompatibles avec une mort par grenade ou mortier", s'interrogent-ils dans L'Hebdo.

    En tout cas, le sentiment d'avoir été pris pour cible est omniprésent chez les journalistes. Pour la compagne du reporter, Caroline Poiron, en reportage photo pour Paris-Match, "c'est un guet-apens". "On nous a fait venir à cet endroit-là, les tirs étaient précis et, d'ailleurs, il n'y a eu aucun autre grosse destruction dans le quartier. Ce n'était pas une ligne de front", témoigne Jacques Duplessy dans Le Parisien.

    Dans l'hôpital, pourquoi cette insistance des autorités syriennes à emporter le corps ?

    Une fois à l'hôpital, les journalistes entourant le corps de Gilles Jacquier subissent le harcèlement des autorités locales syriennes, qui veulent emporter le corps à Damas ou l'autopsier immédiatement. "Patrick Vallélian donne l'alerte aux autorités françaises et suisses tout en pesant de tout son corps contre la porte pour repousser les assauts des médias et des autorités locales", relate L'Hebdo.

    Etrange aussi, cette intervention de deux observateurs de la Ligue arabe qui, selon les journalistes suisses, viennent constater le décès du journaliste mais refusent de rester à l'hôpital, préférant "aller manger à l'hôtel". Ou encore ce faux médecin, dont témoigne Sid Ahmed Hammouche dans La Liberté.

    A 21 heures, l'ambassadeur de France Eric Chevallier arrive avec une unité de forces spéciales françaises. L'escorte quitte l'hôpital sous les bruits de tirs et les slogans de manifestants hostiles à la France, qui se sont massés autour du bâtiment.

    Quel intérêt aurait le régime de Bachar Al-Assad à tuer un journaliste étranger ?

    A l'hôpital, les journalistes doivent repousser avec virulence deux équipes de la télévision officielle syrienne, qu'ils soupçonnent de vouloir instrumentaliser la mort du reporter français. Peu après le crime, celle-ci évoque en effet, avant toute enquête, la responsabilité des "terroristes" dans cette affaire.

    Jacques Duplessy voit d'autres raisons pour lesquelles le régime de Bachar Al-Assad pourrait trouver son intérêt dans cet incident : "Répondre par des faits au discours de Bachar Al-Assad mardi, où il disait que les médias occidentaux étaient responsables de la situation", mais aussi "dissuader d'autres journalistes" de rendre compte de la situation en Syrie.

    Google translation (if you need a good translation of a part because it has bad translation just ask) :

    What did Gilles Jacquier and journalists in Homs?

    Far from the illegal shipment, reporting to Gilles Jacquier for the program "Special Envoy" was authorized by the Syrian authorities, and facilitated by Sister Agnes-Marie de la Croix, ambiguous personality that shows his support for the regime. Thursday, January 19, the France 2 program returns to this religion, which plays a key role to bring foreign journalists in Syria. But step by step, the planned program - centered around Bashar Al-Assad and his regime in Damascus - falls into the water.

    It was finally decided that the team of journalists partner in Homs, refuse thing Gilles Jacquier and reporter Christopher Kenck images, according to Thierry Thuillier, Managing Editor of France Televisions. "Mother Agnes takes it badly," said Christophe Kenck in "Special Envoy". Threatened with eviction, they end up accepting. She, by cons, refuses to join the trip.

    Later, in Beirut, the nun will deliver another version of this episode, having done everything to ensure the safety of journalists: "It would have even advised to make bulletproof vests to get to Homs and do not drag in the city after 15 hours. Words that we have never heard before ... ", explained Sid Ahmed Hammouche Vallélian and Patrick, two Swiss journalists present on site, in The Weekly.

    In Homs, what were they doing in this neighborhood Hadara?

    Once in Homs, the news team intends to see the inside of the situation in hospitals. She warned that it is dangerous to operate in certain neighborhoods of this city, the epicenter of protest and repression, after 15 hours, but left his hotel at 14 h 30. Quickly change program: "We wanted to visit a hospital, but we were taken to a small square near a school," said Patrick Vallélian, in another interview to Weekly. Swiss reporters later discover with surprise that the city hospital, where they had planned to go, stood in fact "the opposite of our position, is north of this city of one million inhabitants ".

    Journalists thus found themselves in this area Hadara - Alawite district, the minority to which Assad belongs - without having taken any initiative, according to the testimony of Sound journalist Jacques Ouest-France Duplessy. "I feel that was expected," suggests he.

    It is 15 hours. Mini-regime demonstrations in favor of burst. The journalists entered their vehicles to go to the hospital, are blocked by one of them. People invite journalists "out of cars" for a discourse against the rebels. They "appeared on a mission driven," recalls one of two Swiss journalists. Suddenly, a first blast. According to France Television, despite the reluctance of journalists, "the crowd is going to open the doors [of cars], extracting journalists, and reporter Christopher Kenck images will even be led to the future impact of fire places," pushed by the size.

    Swiss journalists, suspicious, remain to vehicles. They tell these men - to a young white sweater, a military ... - Returning several times to the charge to encourage them to go where the shells fall. They see, on rooftops, "moving men", probably snipers. And nervous, stick to the military not to be covered.

    Meanwhile, a second and a third explosion occurred. In the greatest confusion, Gilles Jacquier is mounted on the roof of a building, led by Syrians. Leaving, on a fourth shot has hit, and killed him.

    What weapon killed Gilles Jacquier?

    In the program "Special Envoy", the journalist specializing in military Pierre Servent think it is a mortar shell, fired, therefore, blind and a maximum range of 3 km. It may come as insurgents, who could target pro-regime activists, that the Syrian army, which also has positions within range of the Alawite district, according to the show.

    However, if this is indeed a mortar shell, this raises the question: "deserters from the Syrian Army free (ASL) are equipped with rocket launchers, mortars, more rarely, whose handling is more complicated "said an article in Le Monde.

    Finally, nothing precludes that other weapons were used. According to Swiss journalists, Gilles Jacquier's body remained "intact, with few visible impacts on round his heart. Impacts inconsistent with death by a grenade or mortar," they ask in L'Hebdo.

    Anyway, the feeling of having been targeted is ubiquitous among journalists. For the companion reporter, Caroline Poiron, in reportage photography for Paris-Match, "it's an ambush." "We were brought to that place, the fire was accurate and, moreover, there were no other big destruction in the neighborhood. It was not a front line," Jacques shows Duplessy in Le Parisien.

    In the hospital, why this insistence on Syrian authorities to take the body?

    Once at the hospital, journalists surrounding the body of Gilles Jacquier face harassment from Syrian authorities, who want to take the body or an autopsy in Damascus immediately. "Patrick Vallélian gives warning to French and Swiss authorities while weighing his whole body against the door to repel the onslaught of media and local authorities", tells the Weekly.

    Strange also, that intervention of two observers of the Arab League which, according to Swiss journalists, come see the death of the journalist but refuse to stay in the hospital, preferring to "go eat there." Or this fake doctor, as evidenced by Sid Ahmed Hammouche in Liberty.

    At 21 hours, France's ambassador Eric Chevallier arrives with a unit of French special forces. The escort left the hospital under the sounds of gunfire and the slogans of demonstrators opposed to France, who crowded around the building.

    What interest would the regime of Bashar al-Assad to kill a foreign journalist?

    At the hospital, journalists must vehemently reject two teams official Syrian television, which they suspect of wanting to exploit the death of the French reporter. Shortly after the crime, it evokes that, before any investigation, the responsibility of "terrorists" in this case.

    Jacques Duplessy sees other reasons why the regime of Bashar al-Assad may find his interest in this incident: "Reply by the facts of speech Bashar Assad Tuesday, which he said that the Western media were responsible for the situation "but also" deter other journalists "to report on the situation in Syria.
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    et si je parle francais?
  7. Zenokin

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    The World ain't getting better.
    Surely no one will even do something about this.
    Even if there were some people who are trying to do something, I doubt that they will make a change.
    All I can say is that in that in the future...
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    just so u know i am not brainwashed by my media as u think, i am a neutral person, but when i see a bunch of people going way off, i must take my position to even it out.

    i may not look so knowledgeable as the rest of you guys since i recite from my own memory, i don't have flashy links and videos on the web, and most of the shit i know i've seen in arabic and has no point in showing it to you.

    the head of the observer mission called al dabi, he did a speech on the tv, and i heard him, that's how i know anwar malek is a piece of shit, who didn't even get out of his hotel room, and went home to shit about how it is on the tv.
    that's also how i know that the media is showing it wrong, based on his opinion, since he is as neutral as it can get.
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    what do you have to say about the death of the journalist StudyMan ?
    I don't judge you or anybody I just wanna see how you think now I brought to you a whole article quoting very serious persons that you can check by yourself.

    Are you going to deny their testimony and say every single journalist from the western side of the World is corrupted or ?

    How do you explain Syrian TV claiming it was a terrorist attack without any evidence, how do you explain people being there and hiding while they ask journalist to go where mortar fall, how do you explain the reporters were brought by Syrian autorithies to the opposite side of the city they wanted to visit and then failed to protect them ? Many many questions, and yet, one good man died trying to show the truth to the World.

    You said they refused to let the Syrian authorities recover the body at the hospital and now I read this article again I think I'd have done the same to protect the truth over his death after all the fishi events that happened this afternoon.
  10. StudyMan

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    problem is, civil war is coming, and no one bothered to take one step towards the answer.
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    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    Well you said yourself you couldn't find the articles about this, I wonder what the arabs who were there did with them.

    also you say "the reporters were told by the authorities that they can only take them so far up to the borders of troubled areas, they were fully aware of that, same thing goes for the arab observers"

    Then why the hell not letting them going to the hospital they wanted to visit and bringing them in this place instead ? Doesn't seem it was their will.

    Now on the body, they did a mistake, I guess coming from the french embassador willing to protect the journalists. He had to send a french doctor to examine the body in Syria, but instead they did it in France, that's why french Justice invalidated the autopsy.
    That means that there is a report, but it can't constitute an evidence since it's against our Justice (and International one).
  12. StudyMan

    StudyMan Well-Known Member

    i saw a reporter on france24 he was lebanese he told the anchor that the security told them that this place turns into a warzone after 2 hours, but they remained there, and chose not to go to the hospital, you should get your facts straight, france24 is a channel that is biased against Syria, and i'm sure they didn't choose a pro-assad reporter.

    i'm pretty sure it was out on the news that someone from the arab league called the french authorities and apologised on behalf of the opposition.

    i watch non biased channels like anb and nbn, i also hear sham fm on the radio, now that channel transfers the news as it is, and does not modify it in any way.

    what bugs me is that google itself is biased, i was looking for images of the Syrian army, and i kept getting these gay fags of armed gangs, i want the real deal, my official badass army, not some gangs who do shit all day but shoot at people of opposite religious views.
  13. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    You are quoting a "lebanese reporter on france 24" while I gave you a bunch of names and testimonies of people that were there and even in the convoy bringing people over there.

    How can you imagine one second journalists wanted to be there ? You know this is their job covering wars and unstable zones, they aren't rambos most of the time, the guy that died didn't want to cover Homs but they incitated them to go there, then he didn't want to go to that place in Homs.
    What are you or this lebanese guy assuming exactly ? That people doing this job just requested to go take a mortar and bullet shower ? (I guess that's why most of them tried to stay with the militaries while they were pushing them to go get some pictures on the impact point)

    My fact are straight, sorry mate.

    On google : sorry I can't help, I'm not a google Guru, but you know there are algorithms that determine what appears first in google and this is determined by what most people are searching. Also don't you have propaganda badass pictures of your army in your national sites ?
  14. Eliphas

    Eliphas Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it's just too much information to fit in a newspaper, so it's very unlikely you'll find any unbiased source. The best way to prevent it from affecting your take on the subject is to check multiple sources to find the core of what is going on.

    For the chinese and russian vetoes on resolutions against Syria, I'd rather not protest against their decision coz I'm not aware of their motives. I can guess that showing a good side in this case would be a good PR move for both countries (even though it's not really necessary) and IMO a democratic underdeveloped country is way easier to manipulate to defend foreign interests than a dictatorship, which demands a strong grip (i.e. military/economic support) to not lose control over it. Considering those points, I think it would benefit both China and Russia if they supported the resolutions. However, the chances are the original agreement granted advantages to US and Israel (either in political or economic influence) so both China and Russia decided to go against it.
  15. YourFist

    YourFist Well-Known Member

    If you believe your media, you will be an idiot. Some sources are better and many more sources are worse. Every country tries to manipulate its population. Every private organiziation tries to achieve its goals. The people in Russia, China and Arabia has the advantage, that they know, that their media is biased. There are dozens of articles about US-American and Russian spies, who worked for western media magazines like Economist, Spiegel etc. during the Cold War.

    That said, it would be even more stupid to not use any media sources.
  16. Banned

    Banned Banned

    Silly goy

    Here a video


    If you want truth

    Don't just look up on your zionist overlords


    But then again


    hey sand n what does he say can you translate it
  17. Eliphas

    Eliphas Well-Known Member

    Zionist overlords? What the hell?
    No mystery that US takes propaganda very seriously to herd the citizens towards "unity" i.e. advertising terror so americans can buy a newly-designed portable bunker or other doomsday-salvation crap. However, saying that jews are the masterminds behind it... Well, this paranoid fantasy doesn't belong here.

    BTW don't watch the second video if you can't stomach any gore.
  18. Banned

    Banned Banned

  19. StudyMan

    StudyMan Well-Known Member

    sand n is here, the guy is yelling at the camera man to shut the fuck up, then he says that this is what the russian and chinese veto did, and that the little kid is no terrorist.
  20. Eliphas

    Eliphas Well-Known Member

    Obviously this has nothing to do with US being a safe haven for jews during the World War II and the cull of poor and stupid jews in Europe rite? It also accounts for the completely "random" US support for the creation and consolidation of a jewish state.

    Now would you please care to find a similar chart about the oil and oil products industry in relation to muslim owners/shareholders? IDK but I feel like making a new conspiracy theory out of it following the same cheap logic employed in the jewish conspiracy.