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    reduce Omniknights manacosts a bit or allow him to heal magic immune units
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    Before now, the only counters to omniknight were heavy pushers like leshrac, prophet, lycan and the spell called Purge.
    Now one counter is almost totally removed. When omniknight has an Aghanim's scepter, your team won't really push effectively, and especially if game drags on so long on teamfights because his team's towers are all getting healed and gain a 1000 armor buff. The teamfights are his strong side, too. so agh's+refresher = gg if he's not shutted down early. He can force the other team to pick heroes with a purge, because you can't afford a diffusal before min 20 when he will have his agh's rushed. Or worse, his team picks medusa doom eredar and your only way is to go gank strat against omniknight which can be easily predicted and countered. the eredar-omniknight lane isn't possible to gank unless 5 man. Hey, do you see medusa and doom farming at the other lanes? Yes, they come and pop up shadow poison+doom+lvl?death+soul catcher+demonic purge+disruption+mystic snake+centaur's stomp from devour+repel on 2 heroes+guardian angel+purification+autoattack with dusa's ulti on. try to run with 50% stone gaze slow and 28% slow from degen aura and 120 ms from demonic purge. I don't even want to calculate dmg done. Counter-gank? Checked. Auto-win i think.
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    yes plz, that way he could actually heal his carries that carry bkb
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    Purification shouldn't work on spell immunity as a general rule.

    Not a fan of using spell immunity as a crutch so much, especially since all it does is reinforce the get-bkb-or-die mentality. Immunity to enemy effects (rather than simply resistance) is veyr hard to difficult and can definately start the slippery slope of "no fun",

    Shallow grave targetting spell immune allies was bullshit (it was a buff to dazzle simply because how ubiquitious BKB is). Either you accept the small drawbacks that come with the great advantage of being immune to spells, or you use BKB in a smarter fashion.

    Plus, mek works on repelled allies if they are close enough anyways.

    Omniknight with improved cast point would be something to think about
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    very fun to play :D
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    You must be playing with noob:facepalm:

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    my carry build for omni


    queling blade, buckler, tango, and clarity


    phase boot(to last hit creep and chase to first skill)
    assault cuirrass..

    just buy according the item above progression. As my own style of playing never ever jump to luxury early game. it is total suicide.
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    Hope either purification or repel would get buff. If purification would go through immune units or either repel becomes unpurgeable... either just one of his spell would get buff, for sure this hero would make a constant presence in pro scenes.
  10. gan_pico15

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    Frankfurt, Shanghai and Manila major had came to an end. And this hero was once again never been picked in those three entire tournaments. Hope his purification would get a buff and would go through repelled units. If this buff is so strong, make an adjustment like rescaling the heal/damage output to make it balance or narrowing the reach radius of purification to make it more balance. Look at Dazzle, his healing buffs goes through immune units. This is the reason why Dazzles always has a high appearances in pro scenes and always overshadows Omniknight's capabilities as support hero.