Omniknight item build

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by fuctic12, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

    fuctic12 Active Member

    what is the best item build for him?
  2. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    6 magic wand

    all fully loaded
  3. Shizzy-

    Shizzy- Well-Known Member

    1. Travels. Hands down for me.
    2. Guinsoo, disable, increased mana and regeneration
    3. Shivas good slow and boosts your low mana pool.
    4. Mekansm another AoE helper for the team
    5. Pipe another good team item
    6. Heart to give you HP and regeneration on HP.

    Yeah 5 active items can be difficult but It's a good build.
  4. Fuckster

    Fuckster Banned

    I'd like to fit in a Refresher orb right thar.
  5. louroux

    louroux Well-Known Member

    1. boots dont really matter, any kind, from phase for the cheap damage and +ms, treads for +10 int or str, even normal boots are fine, not a priority
    2. bottle, or arcane, whichever fits your playstyle
    3. magicstick / wand
    4. a slot for Tp cept if you opt for BoT
    5. Eul, linken, blademail. eul to support and some extra ms, linken survivability, blademail survivability. (people dont focus you as much if you have blademail xD)
    6. insert luxury item

    usually i put in 2 bracers/nulls, magic wand and boots then support, farm and build up slowly.

    for me omniknight is not item dependent, the items are just to make travelling, supporting easier (increased mana regen and pool)
  6. _Knightmare_

    _Knightmare_ Well-Known Member

    Swap Heart for something else that helps the team like AC.
  7. louroux

    louroux Well-Known Member

    2.7k + 5.7k +3.7k + 1700 (meka?) 4k smth pipe? 5.5k heart. go figure >_>
  8. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

    boots of speed
    soul ring
  9. Dimsdale.

    Dimsdale. Well-Known Member

    1.Phase Boots then BoT for late game.
    2.Soul Ring
  10. speedygorrila

    speedygorrila Well-Known Member

    s and y
    mask of madness

    be sure to max out degen aura...
  11. Mariomb

    Mariomb New Member

    4.sange and yasha

    i always win when i use that :;):
  12. Super-sheep

    Super-sheep Banned

    Too bad you never get those items.
  13. Medoner

    Medoner Banned

    Why people reply on 3 year old threads?
  14. Denki.gif

    Denki.gif Well-Known Member

    Because they can. And cashing in appeals to them.

    OT: Depends.
  15. JediMasterZao

    JediMasterZao Well-Known Member

    soul ring
    mana boots
    drums of endurance
    orb of venom into skadi
    sange and yasha
    bashers into abyssal

    Best omni build and i'm not even kidding. Once you start auto attacking someone, that person is as good as dead - perma mass slow + stuns is OP. You need farm for it though.

    If omni no farm, then just play and build like you would any other support... mekansm scepter forcestaff and wards..

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    MB OP will cum back =(

    fuctic12 WHERE ARE YOU?
  16. Floing

    Floing Well-Known Member

    Why no aghanims?
  17. DotZe

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    Quality 0 responses 2009 threads are a dying breed
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    Well, who's gonna stop it?