Omniknight item build

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by fuctic12, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

    fuctic12 Active Member

    What is the best item build for him?
  2. MyZahir

    MyZahir Well-Known Member

    1. Treads->Bot
    2. Linken
    3. Shiva
    4. Guinsoo
    5. <Insert item name here>
    6. Radiance
  3. killerlot12

    killerlot12 Well-Known Member

    1. Read
    2. The
    3. Guides
    4. They
    5. Own
    6. GG branch
  4. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    1. Some sort of boots
    2. A mana source
    3, 4, 5, 6 Whatever the fuck you want.
  5. Thanzilla

    Thanzilla Well-Known Member

    1. Divine Rapier
    2. Divine Rapier
    3. Divine Rapier
    4. Divine Rapier
    5. Divine Rapier
    6. Branch
  6. NinjaTroll

    NinjaTroll Active Member

    1. Power Treads
    2. Battlefury
    3. SnY
    4. Vlads
    5. Vanguard
    6. Lothar's edge
  7. mahcookie

    mahcookie Well-Known Member

  8. Ravanasura

    Ravanasura Well-Known Member

    Id get arcane, hood, make hood to pipe, meka, vlads, and phase.. ofc thats my support omni build..
  9. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    Well, as I like playing support my build goes:
    1. BoT
    2. Arcane
    3. Urn
    4. Pipe
    5. Shiva/Guinsoo/Necronomicon
    6. Skadi

    ^Not in that order and only if the game lasts an eternity, I never farm with Omni. Anyway, it depends a lot of the game, on allies and enemies alike, like on every heroes.
    On a side note: S&Y is meh... Don't get that!
  10. xdanieltanx

    xdanieltanx Well-Known Member

    1.phase boots/power treads
    5.shiva(+slow,stacks wit degen aura)
    6.battle fury(optional)
  11. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

    Can we not feed this troll? He never even reads this stuff, never comments. Have you guys seen his post history?

    ONtopic: Meh, Branches.
  12. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    ^Well, maybe people don't post for the OP, but rather for other users who may read this thread.
  13. aishi16

    aishi16 New Member

    Omniknight is good for slowing when you put 3rd skill to use with venom orb.

    with the items:
    Venom Orb
    Phase boots
    Shiva's Guard/Assault Quirass
    Diffusal Blade
    Venom Orb>EoS
    With those you can just hunt alone without needing a teammate with you.

    [i(15) ran over Alleria(20) with just Phase Boots, Venom, Diffusal and Madness]
  14. cgnicky

    cgnicky Member

    1. AB
    2. SnY
    3. shiva
    4. vlad
    5. pipe
    6. skadi ?
  15. Inreet

    Inreet Banned

    2)Soul Ring/Urn
  16. Kheilon

    Kheilon Member

    1. Boots > Power Threads/Travel
    2. Sobi Mask > Ring of Basilus > Vladimir's Offering
    3. Sobi Mask > Medallion of Courage
    4. Ring of Health > Vanguard
    5. TP
    6. Heart/Dagger/Assault/Linken
  17. Dacaj

    Dacaj Well-Known Member

    if my team already has a hard support and thus allows me to build items instead of spending money on wards / dust / smoke i go

    phase boots
    scythe of vyse
  18. Sokator

    Sokator Active Member

    1. Arcane Boots
    2. Mekansm
    3. Hood/Pipe
    4. Force/Eul/Sheepstick
    5. Wards
    6. Wards