Omniknight as a Carry?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Kaiverrettu, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    Do you think it's such a bad pick? In pubs, supports usually have a hard time so I figured if I combined the awesome earlygame he has with heal by maxing heal+stats first, then going for Degen aura, I would be able to play a decent carry.

    My sexy item build is as follows:
    1. Ring of Regen
    2. Boots
    3. 3x Belt of Strength
    4. Complete battlefury
    5. Buy MoM
    6. Travel
    7. S&Y
    8. Halberd

    Any critique or suggestion to my build?
  2. MeSoloTopPlz

    MeSoloTopPlz Banned

    Kaiverrettu thread,move on people,nothing to see here.

    OT: NO.
  3. .Budi

    .Budi Well-Known Member

    I don't know how Omniknight can carry a Hammer, an Axe, two Swords and a Halberd AND use them at the same time.
  4. jskd

    jskd Well-Known Member

    u get repel, otherwise u will get stunned/ nuked and die, and u cant kill.

    belts of strengths is ok, but might as well make basher sny and treads with that.

    MOM is ok too cos u should have repel and ulti on. Id make buriza too, to maximise damage during the ulti and repel. Orb of venom is good too, to get more hits.

    Actually if u get MOM and oov, i guess theres no point of SNY. U have enough chasing, just need pure dmg. Like 2 burizas.

    If u take stats u will be shit, no doubt about that.
  5. Kaiverrettu

    Kaiverrettu Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Definetely could concider Buriza or Skadi.. and yes, OOV seems to be the better choise over S&Y definetely.
  6. BananaKnight

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  8. Decke

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    I was just about to post this video :rofl:
  9. MazgarStocic

    MazgarStocic Well-Known Member

    Sange and Yasha
    Abyssal blade

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    and replace vanguard with shiva
  10. SirKerensky

    SirKerensky Well-Known Member

    how else do you play omni?
  11. Cpt Bogdan

    Cpt Bogdan Well-Known Member

    so retard
  12. kienluong02

    kienluong02 Well-Known Member

    even Axe a better carry.
  13. patrishosho

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    Everyone in pubs can carry.
    Carry maiden can beat the shit out of a standard pudges.
  14. Cpt Bogdan

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    you can be proud to be a succeful troll kid. you're so cool now.
  15. ttpoizn

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    If you want to play a carry, play a carry.. I'm fine w/ playing the supports. Just don't call me the ward bitch.
  16. glacialfrog

    glacialfrog Well-Known Member

    omni can self-repel for 12s, so he can chase unstopped
    he is str hero, good hp and damage
    great chase and escape (from enemy melee) with degen aura
    great sustain, damage and repellant with purification
    his ultimate isnt really a carry spell though..
    carry omniknight typically have mana problems, so dont get to cast ultimate often
    COOL as hell to bash people with that huge hammer (in dota2, dunno ho whe looks dota1)
  17. mooning_cat

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  18. Cpt.Decay

    Cpt.Decay Well-Known Member

    omni carry itembuild is:
    game is probably over by the time u get shiva but if it wasnt go for skadi
  19. Jinx~~Kyawzin

    Jinx~~Kyawzin Well-Known Member

    Ha ha
    It's funny....
    OK as a carry is only possible for early game...
  20. Light~

    Light~ Well-Known Member

    Looks like I am the only one who owns with Omniknight equipped with Armlet.