Old getdota.com video

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by IceFrog, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    I had this video up replacing getdota.com right before a map release a long time ago, anyone remember which version that was?

  2. Grymlax

    Grymlax Well-Known Member

    I believe it was 6.50
    It would be cool if you put it on getdota.com again.

    more importantly:
    Is this a hint of a new map release?
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  3. iAmMeGaZ

    iAmMeGaZ Well-Known Member

    Nope, i never ever seen it lol.
  4. qlq

    qlq Well-Known Member

    Wow. No clue :|
  5. MKC

    MKC Well-Known Member

    LoL!!! No clue but lol @ 51 seconds. Freeeeedoooo *BOOM!*
  6. JohnnyMoe

    JohnnyMoe Well-Known Member

    Curse you and your teasers Icefrog....
  7. Psycho.Psycho

    Psycho.Psycho Active Member

    Yeah, that was just plain evil.
  8. Protomanx1

    Protomanx1 Well-Known Member

    Almost completely sure it was 6.50.
  9. JohnnyMoe

    JohnnyMoe Well-Known Member

    I think the worst one was the RickRoll'd release.

    I'm getting ready to see a Santa video instead of the 6.65 release now.:santa:
  10. ImmolatusBurn

    ImmolatusBurn Well-Known Member

    Based on this it seems it was 6.50.
  11. Psycho.Psycho

    Psycho.Psycho Active Member

    Yeah, but the RickRoll'd one was supposedly a "preview", so no big deal there. The Hold video, on the other hand, was like "holy shit, the page refreshed into something new!! Wait... wtf...?"
  12. Unfawkable

    Unfawkable Well-Known Member

    Never seen the video either, missed it then lol :p
  13. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    this.that was lol.
  14. semi-demon

    semi-demon Active Member

    LOL @ video
    ive forgotten that he gets shot by an egg :p

    6.50 is my guess :p
  15. ThreeOfSpades

    ThreeOfSpades Banned

    He held it in too long.

    Don't HOLD anymore Icefrog! Great job on dota!
  16. SP-MEW

    SP-MEW Well-Known Member

    i recognize we r just in middle of the clip now, just few HOLD's guys and we r ready
  17. Phoenix

    Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Another Icy teaser? Asking us what version it was the last video?
    Anyways, Icefrog wants uus to read hero stories therefore he released them before releasing the map. :D
  18. georgian

    georgian Well-Known Member

    heh,pretty funny video

    but Ice is just telling us that the map isn't going to be released on 25th -_-
    or no
  19. WrathoftheLamb

    WrathoftheLamb Well-Known Member

    HOOOOOOLD!! xD that was funny, and a goood teaser.

    I didnt know what the "HOLD" video was until I saw the Almost there thread. I didnt even see the video till I saw this topic.

    This mean its coming out for X-mas?
  20. Black.Lotus

    Black.Lotus Well-Known Member

    Rofl wtf is this? Funny video...