Ogre Magi item build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Fiver, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Fiver

    Fiver Well-Known Member

    Not having to go for scepter has thrown off my item build for Magi. Only played one game with him (though he's one of my favorites), but I went for Mek early and only had about 40 creep kills midway through since I didn't get ignite and had bloodlust running for early pushes. Perhaps mek>euls>ginsoo>travs?
  2. Wonder_Boy

    Wonder_Boy Well-Known Member

    Why eul's, then guinsoo? Did they change it back so eul's is needed for guinsoo?

    Why Mek on ogre? He needs mana for spell spamming, and delaying mana/mana regen for a heal will not work well IMO.

    I would think that with the changes to Aghamin's for him, bloodstone would be a great item to shoot for. You have a stun and a slow, so you don't necessarily need a disable (guinsoo/eul's), just mana capacity and mana regen, which bloodstone provides (not to mention the HP capacity and HP regen, part of which you were trying to obtain with Mek).
  3. Fiver

    Fiver Well-Known Member

    Bloodstone is a great item, though I tend to think that magi is more of a support hero with killing capabilities. I think Eul's before ginsoo since it is cheaper and gives a disable.
  4. Fiver

    Fiver Well-Known Member

    In any given battle he's going to get off 2-3 fireballs, a bloodlust or two, and an ignite....It doesnt really require too much mana. Getting a euls will extend the battle (as will ginsoo) and mek is a good team item
  5. Afterburn

    Afterburn Active Member

    Arcane Ring > Bloodstone > Shiva's/Guinsoo.
  6. Subseven

    Subseven Well-Known Member

    Phase, bottle, blood, guinsoo, AXE OF INFINITE KNOWLEDGE
  7. tangiers

    tangiers Active Member

    I think bloodstone is a good idea. I dont know if Arcane ring is the greatest though. If your team is pushing a lane, I think that you will have the opportunity to get more than 2-3 fireballs off and you want to make sure you have the ability to cast it as much as you can.
  8. Karst

    Karst Well-Known Member

    Ogre is a pretty great Arcane Ring user - he tends to roam a lot and help teammates get kills, and the only thing he really needs is mana to spam. Maybe a Force Staff to give yourself that little boost in certain situations. Heck, stun an enemy and then boost a party member closer to him so he can get a few more whacks in.
  9. Fiver

    Fiver Well-Known Member

    Wow, bloodstone seems rather popular. Might as well give it a try. I think that 2x void stone are better than arcane ring, since arcane ring gives only 3 1/3 mp/s, while two voids would give around the same (wish the wiki were up to get exact numbers) and can be made into a bloodstone and ginsoo
  10. Misaaaa

    Misaaaa Well-Known Member

    Phase boots Speed and armor
    Euls Early disable and mana regen
    Orchid DPS ITEM
    Shiva TANK + Nuke

    That is my standard build
  11. ReVeRiE^

    ReVeRiE^ Well-Known Member

    Phase- Mobility, Armor, cheapest choice of boots for the ganking magi
    Guinsoos- Luxury Item if not.. orchards for the silence and amplified damage
    Bloodstone- Cheap useful parts, imo best core item on him
    Shivas- Obvious synergy
  12. Jesper2

    Jesper2 Member

    Guinsoo was better than scepter on Ogre before, and it's still the best int item, imo.

    Still, Guinsoo's pieces are pretty pricey and Ogre (even if he has a great attack animation and a bunch of hps) is not the best farmer in the game.

    The solution is to farm an Orchid before then go for Guinsoo if the game last longer. Orchid pieces are easy to obtain, and they gives Ogre mana+mana regen and a bit of dps too.

    Orchid is a solid item on Ogre, giving him 60dmg, +30%ias, 260 MP and 225% mana regen plus Soul Burn. Combined with Bloodlust (50% IAS and 15% MS) it turns Ogre into a nice secondary dps source, giving him great support potential too (spammable stun, AoE snare, silence). Imo, Ogre is not meant to be played like a subpar Zeus, since he is so beefy, has a chaser skillsuit and has a spammable steroid spell too.

    Guinsoo is the perfect luxury item on Ogre.
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  13. zorminster

    zorminster Member

    When playing ogre 5s heres what I do:

    Ring of the basilus + tangos to start. Yes, i do this even with a CM on the team. Spamming spells is important.

    Next I grab BoS then a point booster
    make phase boots
    Finish bloodstone

    For me, the extension items are usually shivas + vlads (if no one on team is carrying one; already have the ring after all) then if it keeps going i'll pick up situational items like guinsoo or linken. If i've been drinking about halfway through the game I realize i've got an ulti-stick though : /
  14. tangiers

    tangiers Active Member

    Maybe you should just see what your team needs. If you need more of a tank, go bloodstone, if you need another disable, get guinsoo, and if you need more dps, get orchid.
  15. voodoo112

    voodoo112 New Member

    get 4-6 clarities to have mana for early gangs and some tangoes
    make phases for effective gangs and chasing
    then arcane
    and do a lot of wards to support the team

    you don't need expensive items with ogre as 20 wards would do much better for the victory than hex or bloodstone
  16. Archbound

    Archbound Well-Known Member

    100% wrong, Guinsoo was NOT better than scepter on Ogre, Scepter was almost a requirement for him to do anything because he would NEVER EVER get a damn Multicast without it.
  17. 0verp0wer_BR

    0verp0wer_BR Well-Known Member

    That's right, Ogre needed Agh, but now Orchid seems great.

    What about Multicasting a Soul Burned target?

  18. Fiver

    Fiver Well-Known Member

    I think Jesper makes some great points, except that scepter was pimp on Magi....
  19. haljordan

    haljordan Active Member

    a stun and a slow are pretty useful to a team, coupled with the hex.

    sceptre was a luxury for people who wanted to be a "killer".
  20. DrDragun

    DrDragun Well-Known Member

    How do you guys feel about Book on him? Manaregen will be an issue but manapool is quite improved and teh STR is never a bad thing. Ignite and Fireblast gives the creeps decent whacking time. Maybe voidstone then book?