OG is boring

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by GanymedeElegy, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. GanymedeElegy

    GanymedeElegy Banned

    i dont like this team very boring to watch and ruins meta
  2. wellengang

    wellengang Well-Known Member

    i agree they should lose intentionally
  3. Jo_CrazeLL

    Jo_CrazeLL Well-Known Member

    OP is boring

    i dont like this guy very boring to watch and ruins playdota
  4. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    OG? You mean that joke team that keeps getting carried by 9k supamida?

    I always hoped had been what the team with dragonfist would have become, but alas, it didn't happen.
  5. nam9xz

    nam9xz Well-Known Member

    You hate Miracle- right? Don't forget they have got Crit- and Fly, both made fantastic play so far. The weakest link of the team is Moon, sometimes Notail too.
  6. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    Not throwing like rEEtard = boring

    ecks dee
  7. KinGe

    KinGe Well-Known Member

    2016 and personal opinions matter on the Internet.
  8. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    Don't know about OG but the phoenix turn rate improvement while using sun ray was one of the more retarded buffs IF could make. Fucking OP hero.
  9. Lanther

    Lanther Well-Known Member

    Haters gonna cry at OG's performance.
  10. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    you know what og means ?

    it means Olive Gerbils and it translate like oringal gangsta which they make thuglife meme.

    so be careful OP. they gonna thug your life meme if you keep mocking them with boring word.

    anyway to be honest, miracle is a very good players, i am amazed the insight of the game he had.
  11. BoobsBuster

    BoobsBuster Well-Known Member

    I dont like their go to strat which is picki tanky cores and revolving around sustainability, I also domt like Notail and Moon(very arrigant in stream) but they are far from boring lol. Best team in the world right now. Crit is 1b to Miracle's 1a, crit is probably the best support atm and one of the if not the most impactful player in the scene.

    I wouldnt be surpirsed if we saw more og vs liquid in esl and ti finals
  12. Samporter

    Samporter Well-Known Member

    Yea Moon is really arrogant & has really bad sportsmanship in competitive scenes. But it has always been funny to me whenever he talks savagery with his accent. It's like he's making a fool of himself. xD

    I don't hate him tho. He's the reason I started Dota 2. I was originally from HoN until it died. Moon was streaming alot of HoN 4-5 years back eating cup ramen in his mom's apartment on streams and stuff~ Even back then in the (Non-Existent) HoN Competitive scenes before he went big on Dota 2 he was already a really arrogant prick.
  13. lowbottgames

    lowbottgames Well-Known Member

    I was hoping for a Meepo pick.
  14. Eviscerate

    Eviscerate Well-Known Member


    who cares!?
  15. InThoX

    InThoX Well-Known Member

  16. justsightseeing

    justsightseeing Well-Known Member

  17. r0xo

    r0xo Well-Known Member

    I saw someone calling Fly and Cr1t arrogant assholes who blame everything else for losses. I would really like to see the evidence behind that.

    I personally find their game style really entertaining. They are active and their team fight skill is really really good. And of course watching a good Miracle performance is just so entertaining. But I should disclose that I am a huge fan. I think non-fans won't find them the most entertaining though, that's probably Newbee/Liquid and of course MVP.

    I think it comes down to the type of things you like to see in a Dota game. Some people just enjoy the strategy and stuff allot. For instance those low kill tense games can be really entertaining for me, those show allot of what Dota is to me (superior strategy and mental skill when compared to other mobas).
  18. Lanther

    Lanther Well-Known Member

    One more tourny for the 9k team, now with 9k player playing #5 support.
  19. PageDownInsert

    PageDownInsert Active Member

    Tell me, is this fun to watch the team that's dominating whole dota 2 scene and winning multiple tournaments in a row? Because OG is too strong right now and they will probably win the upcoming TI, then another Majors and another TI. What is the point of existence for other teams? OG will reckt every team in every way possible... Dota scene is dying because of them, guys, im serious.

    OG will win everything for now, competitve is dead.

    #edit. For real, who has a chance to beat OG now?
  20. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    All legends go to the trash can sooner or later.