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Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by Sasky, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. LostENT

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    I have more of a niche skill to contribute and I'd be really happy to be a part of the graphics team. I think I've contributed a lot to the forum and have been around since Dota-Allstars.com. I went through a bit of trouble during the beta-key distribution (purely because of my love for DotA), but I really think I've made up for it.

    - Reason for joining
    Well, I've spent a lot of time creating animated avatars for Playdota.com which can be used on other forums as well (including Twitter!). It has gotten to the point where I can make four or five a day depending on my free time. Considering that there are countless ways to make these avatars, I can guarantee that there are plenty more to come. I also update my signature every day with a new 'featured' avatar and complete requests on demand.

    - Photoshop/sig making experience
    I'm not exactly a photoshop buff, although I do use it occasionally. Sometimes I'll create really cheap photoshop images just for laughs, but nothing serious. As I said, my specialty is creating gif's and especially those used on forums. This is why I think I would be an excellent addition to the team. If a forum user can personalize their account with an avatar and/or signature, I specialize in the animated avatar.

    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine)
    My signature shows my .gif collection. There are over 80 of them and their numbers are constantly growing. The more I make, the better they get. Check em' out :)

    I've also begun dabbling in animated user-bars. This is my first one- and I know I can get better at it with the more I make.


    Thanks, and I hope to be a part of the team :)

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  2. Ex_Venomancer

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    Reason for joining: I am an editor in different websites or community team. More from DeviantArt, facebook pages and groups.. I have so many free time so I could spend time longer with the given duty to me if I will be accepted. :)

    Photoshopping Experience: I am using PSCS3 for 3 years, SAI for 1 year and a half... my pentablet was broken now.. I got stuck on PSCS3 now ._. I am going to upgrade it to CS7 to it, but not yet still installed.

    Examples of my work:
    these are albums or my gallery...
    http://furanshizuryuu.deviantart.com/ > some of my works are posted here... some of my digital drawings are here..
    http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.234415156607352.52533.100001166098172&type=3 > my cover photos..
    http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.393794487336084.81517.100001166098172&type=3 > typography..

    I am hoping to be a part of the team!
    cheers Graphics Team :)
  3. MZ_Mordiggian

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    Reason for joining:
    I m mostly in dota 2 low priority pool. so i m free mostly and i like making sigs.
    Photoshop Experience:
    Have been using casually for last 3 years started sig making about 6 months ago.
    My sig (i ll edit in some more).
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  5. crozzdota

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    Reason for Joining:
    This has been my new purpose in life. It's like my day is incomplete without thinking new concept/s, learning new techniques and practicing my skills. And thanks to the people here in PladyDotA because a lot of them urge and encourage me to put effort and hardwork in this stuff. This is my only way to help others by making signatures and the likes for them and showing my gratitude because they help me also. This is my passion.

    Photoshop/Sig making experience:
    I started learning in Photoshop since March 2009; trying different kinds of art thru wallpapers, still signatures. In animated signatures, i started last month of June 2012. I admit that i need to take a lot of learning curves for me to improve my skills that's why i continue to study for it.

    Examples of my Works:
    I have been doing a lot of animated signatures you can check some of it here in my portfolio:
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  6. Fate Trap

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    Reason for joining and Experience combined in an essay-ish thing:
    So that I can have the authority to clean up all the things in Member Requests. When I first started coming here it was a nice and clean place where the Graphic crew members were the people who could make proper comments and critics and also clean up the Member Request section. The rules in the section said only GC can take up requests but due to the two main mods dying and going inactive the rules were no longer valid. So I decided to take up requests and learn PS. It helped me spend my time much more productively and also it increased my creativity. I read hundreds of tutorials tried every techniques. In my time to shine I pretty much fulfilled every requests and improved along the way. Frankly the whole reason why I wanted to learn to make good signatures is that I wanted to have a badge that I can carry around all around the forum and also a title which pretty much comes with it. So yeah I really think I deserve this.

    Examples of my Works:
    In my eyes I can't really see which of my works are better or worse. So instead of copying my portfolio here I would like to ask you (Lycan probably) to go to my portfolio.

    Yours truly, Fate Trap. (Also I'm a bit sad that I wasn't accepted before this T^T)
  7. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    I just realised i havent posted here before, so...
  8. NitroSkim

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    Reason for joining
    To help the members have awesome sigs because I have plenty of free time (even though classes will start I really don't study my lessons but I am in the 2nd section)^_^
    Photoshop/sig making experience
    2 Years. (Still 15 y/o)
    I have some illustrator experience, some on after effects, I am very familliar with Sony Vegas, and I am going to start to study Adobe In Design

    Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine)
    I'll get 2 from my 0-1 year, 2 from my 1-2 years, and 3 from my latest works
    Very First Sig
  9. 31n07

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    reason: no one is left

    I have pro google skills