[OFFICIAL] Graphics Team application thread

Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by Sasky, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Sasky

    Sasky Well-Known Member

    Hi, as everyone may have noticed, playdota does not have an official graphics team with moderating powers at the moment. What we do have is a crew of helpful members who are giving their time to do signature requests for the members of this forum.

    As much as I think the current graphics crew is doing their job very well, the original sign up thread welcomed anyone who signed up. As such, we have a rather messy team at the moment.

    I am planning to make an official list of graphics crew members with proper moderating powers. As such, this forum needs dedicated people skilled in photoshop to perform these duties:
    If you are interested to apply for a position, post your application in this thread with the following items:
    I will look through your post history and check if you are active enough and if you are a helpful member of this community. Sigmaking skill is also a factor in deciding who makes the team.

    People who have made the team will be notified by pm after I have spoken with the admin in charge to confirm the application. Please do not pm me regarding your application! It takes time to go through a user's post history and to grant access. (Not to mention I will be semi away for the next couple of weeks)

    I am sorry but people who are currently in the graphics team would need to reapply, in order to make things fair for everyone.

    Best regards from the graphics staff!
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  2. Francis

    Francis Well-Known Member

    Hi Sasky, I would like to join the official graphics team.

    Reason for joining: To do something productive during my free time; to lend a hand to those who are lacking in graphics skills (and/or to those who are newbies); and to make it easy and convenient to everyone to find the graphics of their need.

    Photoshopping Experience: Been using Photoshop for at least 3 years now; skilled in vector rendering [and rasters] and proficient in photo manipulation.

    Examples of my work: I am actively responding to graphics requests, specifically on signatures/userbars, so you will easily see my work around here. However, I have a very small pic dump online containing my recent quickies. They're not my best, but they describe my style fairly well. http://kupax.com/browse/FrankZ/323_p9BMa

    I also have experience in moderating; so moving requests and threads to the proper subforums would be easy for me.

    In case that I get accepted, I can't promise anything other than my loyalty and excellence in everything that I do. And I do hope that I will be part of this dream team.

    Best regards,
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  3. Yume

    Yume Well-Known Member

    - Reason for joining
    Lots of free time now that my previous undertaking is finished.

    - Photoshop/sig making experience
    Screw sig making, I go for the bigger fish. DA forum leader + most active request taker counts I suppose

    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine)
    Will post when i get the time.
  4. Parad0x.

    Parad0x. Well-Known Member

    - Reason for joining: I have a large amount a free time, and want to allocate it into the playdota.com site, more specifically the gfx forums. I think I can bring a unique style, as well as dedication to this section. I will be able to fulfill many requests, as well as moderate things well. I find myself to be mature, and I you won't find me flaming anybody regardless of their attitude towards me.

    - Photoshop/sig making experience: I have been using photoshop since I was 11. Now being 17, that makes it 6 years of off and on. I am always trying to develop new skills and styles, so you won't see me doing the same thing too often.

    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine):

    Please don't decline me simply for being new to the site. If you'd like to see more out of me before making a decision, please just let me know, as you'll likely see plenty within a week or so. Also, am I allowed to fulfill requests while not being staff?
  5. Desirable

    Desirable Well-Known Member

    Reasons for joining:

    Currently too much free time

    Photoshop/sig making experience:

    About 6 yrs. Usually doing large pieces (LP), web design or professional photo manips but can dabble in sigs as well.

    Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine):

    Check out my portfolio thread. Lol, they're kinda nubbish but hope they'll do.
    I'll post up my better works if requested.

    Have experience in modding several SW gaming sites, among others..
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  6. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    so i MUST do a request each week ?

    well if that's so i can't join since i'm having a life with busy and lazy moments i can't work with rules like that.

    however i

    - started with ps 7 up till cs4
    - know the basics of after effects
    - i know how to make animations in 3d as well
  7. Crysiz

    Crysiz Forum Manager

    - Reason for joining: I enjoy making photoshop signatures and helping out others.
    - Photoshop/sig making experience: I started about December 2008. I've been learning extremely fast. I'm not professional, but I learn at a fast rate.
    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine):

    Just something else I've got to say. Currently I'm on the graphics team, but I'm not taking it seriously enough. I do roam every now and then the forums but I have no real commitment so I don't do as much job. I would like to make it a responsability and get very active here. It's a promise I'll make.
  8. Vinothek

    Vinothek Well-Known Member

    - Reason for joining: I just love making sigs, and advancing my skills, learning by doing, as I'm used to say :)
    Apart from that, I like to take challenges in sig making, and hitting the taste of the Requester is always a challenge.
    - Photoshop/sig making experience: Phew, for a good year now, I guess. Not learned everything by now, but this "inexperience" makes me want to learn more, and advance and change my skills.
    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine):

    I know, I don't have many post-counts, that's because this forum is just too big for me, too much to read, I just can't keep up with it (which will most likely change by the time). Most things I want to say are already said, I'm just not the one, adding in things that have been posted ten times already. Yet, my highest activity is in the Graphics Center.
    If you feel like you want me in the GFX-Team, I really would appreciate it, if not, you can't stop me from doing sigs ;)

    Regards, Vinothek
  9. Wyk

    Wyk Forum Manager

    My Application


    Here is my application for the PlayDotA GFX Team.

    Reason for joining:
    Art is what I do. Let it be to make a living, hobby, purpose or any other cause. I see no other section perfect for me to start off with helping PlayDotA and establishing it.

    Experience In Photoshop:
    8 Years. Ever since I was like 13. I am a Graduate from Cambridge in Animation and Film Making. I do all kinds of art. But my preferred style is Conceptual.

    - http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4504
    - http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4501
    - http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4617

    You can find the rest of my artworks at http://d-k0d3.deviantart.com

    Moderation Experience:
    I lead the GFX Team and also various other branches of Garena. So that should clearly give you an example of my moderation capabilities and forum management.

    - Wyk
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  10. Adele

    Adele Well-Known Member

    I'll reapply once the vacation is finished. I realize I can't get myself to do much.
  11. DarkLynx

    DarkLynx Member

    DarkLynx Application

    I would love to apart of the team, although my post count may seem small at the moment, that will hopefully change as days progress.

    Reasons For Joining: Well I'm a really helpful, giving person that loves design, which is what makes this basically ideal for me. It simply put means that I love spending time making graphics for people, and hope to progress my skills.

    Experience In Photoshop: I'm not 100% sure as to how long I have been working with Photoshop but I think it's about over a year. I know my work is still pretty novice though, but I believe that I am learning new things each time. If it's of any use I also do art and would soon like to base most of my medium in digital. :):

    - This one was done for a request on here http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm91/D4rkLynx/Other%20Anime/shinma2.png

    - and my current sig
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  12. Maxilliped

    Maxilliped Well-Known Member

    - Reason for joining
    I enjoy making sigs and being part of a community. I'd like to also find a chance to experiment and practice new sig making skills and a large variety of request would let me step outside of my comfort zone. This is a great opportunity to all of the above at once.

    - Photoshop/sig making experience
    I've had experience with photoshop and other graphics applications for about 5 years. Actual sig making constitutes to about a couple months but I have a lot of the technical skills required so with a bit of experience I would be proficient.

    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine)
    My newer sigs can be seen in my portfolio.
    Some of my vector/pentool CGs can be seen in my DA account as well.
  13. Sasky

    Sasky Well-Known Member

    I am back for the weekend to reiterate: PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT GFX TEAM APPLICATION be assured that I am working on it.
  14. BlankShot

    BlankShot Well-Known Member

    Re: OFFICIAL Graphics Team application thread

    Reason for joining:
    I enjoy making signatures and love it when people are happy and satisfied whenever they receive a satisfactory piece. I'd like to also find a chance to practice more in gfxing since there would be themes & guidelines, making it much easier to work with.

    Photoshop/signature making experience:
    I use only GIMP 2.6 for sig-making, and have about 3 years of experience. Particularly enjoy text-reflections, and use renders mainly from planetrenders.net. I haven't answered any graphic requests here yet since I'm still hanging around the DotA-related forums, will do so soon.

    Examples of my work:
    http://i42.tinypic.com/28hn4m9.png(signature for forum member)
    http://i44.tinypic.com/29xtbar.png(signature for friend)
    http://i40.tinypic.com/dndhk8.png(transparent originally)
    http://i40.tinypic.com/dcbiww.png(very old experiment)
    http://i39.tinypic.com/8x4zyb.png(set for a forum)

    My other 'sig-sigs' are all lost in my other laptop.
    Being standard size signatures, (like the first example).
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  15. Zen0x

    Zen0x Well-Known Member

    Re: OFFICIAL Graphics Team application thread

    Reason for application: I enjoy making people sigs such that their satisfaction appears as a reward to me... also... by doing stuff for others, you tend to develop... thus becoming better after every requests...

    EXPERIENCE IN PHOTOSHOP... i think i have just started a year ago... and with the help of some influential artist in DP like huMaC... i guess i evolved... so much that i turned from graphics member to artwork moderator in said site... i guess i can say that i'm pretty decent but not perfect... i still have flaws...

  16. Adele

    Adele Well-Known Member

    Re: OFFICIAL Graphics Team application thread

    Well, ignore this now.

    - Reason for joining
    I've got nothing better to do at school once it starts. Some practice in sigmaking would also be nice. (By request of Sasky, actually)

    - Photoshop/sig making experience
    Been using Photoshop for only about a year and a half, but I'm confident about what I can do. I can also go past sigmaking and settle for the "bigger fish".

    - Examples of your works (5-7 should be fine)
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  17. J_sta

    J_sta New Member

    Re: OFFICIAL Graphics Team application thread

    - Reason for joining

    I was in GFX team of DP, since its "gone", I thought I should try to continue my "work" as sig maker here.

    - Photoshop/sig making experience

    Over 2 years, still learning some new things :cool1:

    - Examples of your works

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  18. macktoxic

    macktoxic Well-Known Member

    Re: OFFICIAL Graphics Team application thread

    -Reason for joining:
    I want to join because i have a lot of time for chatting editing my profile in friendster, facebook and even multiply account of my friend. I want my time to waste for something more appropriate. Not only for chatting but to help other that cant make their sig because they dont have any time for that.

    -Photoshop/signiture exp.:
    A net Cafe owner. I'm only 19 years old with 3 Years of Exp. in photoshop(adobe). I have a knowledge in css code. Can edit layout for web page.

    -Example of my work:
    I will edit this post when I complete my signiture at least 7 right..
  19. A n G E L

    A n G E L Well-Known Member

  20. DuKKY

    DuKKY Well-Known Member

    Re: OFFICIAL Graphics Team application thread

    Graphics skills : uhm i would really like to apply but dont have cs4 or anything .. i use alot of small programs that all add up :) ..

    My work : i will post some works i have a couple i need to upload first

    Reason : i really REALLY like sig making and art in general, but sig making is just so cool its a small box that has so much coolness in it i dont know maybe im weird :D