No surrender/forfeit option in dota 2?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by MurNa, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. MurNa

    MurNa Well-Known Member

    I think its very succeseful in lol and hon and actualy in starcraft too so why there is nothing similar in dota?
  2. Zieth

    Zieth Well-Known Member

    Because its not done yet.

  3. StraY_WolF

    StraY_WolF Well-Known Member

  4. Plasma_Ball1

    Plasma_Ball1 Well-Known Member

    It's also good and bad in a sense, they might just get a bad start, and then they instantly want to forfeit, and if they don't forfeit they'll just stay at the fountain 'till you do.

    Also that.
  5. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    Most likely there will be.
  6. Wyk

    Wyk Forum Manager

    Game's still in the beta phase and being constantly worked on. Peace out and give it time. The ice cream is never awesome when you're making it. <-- make sense out of it coz I cannot at the moment.

    But for now ... This!

  7. dezshiz

    dezshiz Well-Known Member

    We saw it at gamescom. They probably rushed a simple function for the event. They will add it to the game later.
  8. LightningZLaser

    LightningZLaser Well-Known Member

    Maybe make it like RGC's forfeit, you can only use it 20 minutes after the game started
  9. DatDan

    DatDan Well-Known Member

    No, i played LoL and when people are shit within the first 20 minutes they forfeit... they have no hope those bastards
  10. sh150i

    sh150i Well-Known Member

    so NO surrender mode of forfeit mode plz
  11. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member

    I don't like the forfeit option.
    Not in SC2/HoN/LoL; and I have played all 3.

    Surrendering is a easier and more official way of "leaving".
    When you're winning a 40 min game and your enemies all "surrender", how does that make you feel? I'll be pissed to hell, and it already happened in all the 3 example games you've given to us.

    Well if they make it I wouldn't mind, but my personal opinion is that they shouldn't have it.
  12. LeGoLaSSS

    LeGoLaSSS Well-Known Member

    So you'll just fountain farm for the rest of the game.

    Does that make you feel better?
  13. IplayRandom

    IplayRandom Well-Known Member

    Surrendering is such fail. In HoN, I have lost many games because of stupid people that voted for surrender, despite the fact a carry with reasonable farming potential was present. And it doesn't occur only when a game is actually seen as lost, as sometimes people do it after a 4-player death, for example, or if an enemy player manages a 3 or 4 kill. It needs quite a lot of rehauling to fix said issues.
  14. Dota2Panda

    Dota2Panda Well-Known Member

    Game is still in beta.

    A lot more features will be added
  15. -Thor.

    -Thor. Well-Known Member

    I don't like when the game is too easy and it's certain victory. So the forfeit option is good.
    But maybe, there's someone on the team that still believes in a victory and won't forfeit, and the other will be all childish and it will be like "I'll stay in the fountain".

    In the end I still think forfeit should be an option... Maybe the host/server may allow it or not.
  16. Nathanieli

    Nathanieli Active Member

    It ruins the game

    Make a no concede mode then
  17. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member

    Not everyone is made for the "never-say-die" type.
  18. Arkadi

    Arkadi Well-Known Member

    lol y if its 30:5 plz play game another 20 mins....retard opinions people either don't have a life and waste it on finished gAMES or they have so small penises they need moar kills...
    thank god the majority isn't that retard and agrees to ff in proper situations
  19. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    But people tend to give too easy these days even their team can still win obviously you'd concede complete stomps but with such a system there will be enough of times you'll wish for no such system
  20. morelamb

    morelamb Well-Known Member

    Surrendering is an excuse for incompetence, I have seen too many situations where players never improve due to "an easy way out". Though there will probaly be a surrender option, I dont think it will help the game at all.