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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Parrothead, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Parrothead

    Parrothead Well-Known Member

    I think this could be another great addition to DotA as the upcoming rejoining game method.

    This new system (that I have linked below) creates a timer that can be seen by all players at the top of the screen without the annoying lag screen popping up, effectively allowing the game to continue without an interruption if a player were to lag.

    There is an obvious side effect; players that lag can consistently die because of no waiting screen.

    Although I think this could be an amazing thing to DotA's future, I do think it should ONLY be used when you type in a gamemode like -APNL (No Lagbox).

    This feature requires implementation of a script into the map to work, GHost cannot do this alone.


    [Idea]Asynchronous Lag
  2. NetrunneR

    NetrunneR Well-Known Member

    lol you mean you took a command that's already available in ghost to decrease lag screen sensitivity? forget about it. Before we even had a lag screen for the bot we tried various extremeties, and trust me it's not worth it. Not worth having players skip around and die.
  3. BiH-Kira

    BiH-Kira Well-Known Member

    And you lag during a battle, the game is not paused and you die just because of this new "good" anti-lag system.

  4. Parrothead

    Parrothead Well-Known Member

    There is no command in GHost to remove the lag screen and add a timer. This thread isn't even about decreasing the sensitivity, but about having an option to REMOVE IT. This script will create a timer showing how far behind a player is compared to other players.

    You're a team member of Blizzard and got to work on how the game deals with players lagging? Lag screens were around before bots btw.

    That's why you can toggle it. I will trust you all the way.
  5. Meur

    Meur Well-Known Member

    =/ I suppose the fact that people won't be tempted to drop anymore is a plus? However, as said before, will lead to alot of unnecessary deaths, although, even with the lag screen, alot of people still die from lag.
  6. lolimgondar

    lolimgondar Banned

    the lag screen is why dota is not fun

    in the middle of a big team fight


    no thx.

    hon is worth 30 bucks not to put up with that juvenile crap.
  7. NetrunneR

    NetrunneR Well-Known Member

    -synclimit or something. set it to 20000, no more lag screen but players silently drop if they reach that limit, and the lag screen won't even think of popping up at any point.

    yes lag screen were around before the bots, however the host of the game always decides when the screen should pop up. In the earlier days of the bots there WAS NO lag screen. We didn't know how to send commands to throw one, and if i'm not mistaken it wasn't until Varlock came along or Strilanc, that he worked out the code for the lag screen and what the heart beats meant.

    You don't know any history of the bots. I worked on the bots until they were converted to C++. Check the source for the original It's littered with my work and comments. Good day scrub.

    I loled. soo true, but unless we want heroes skipping around we need the screen. That's why hopefully pinging before map load, weeds out most leavers. Try to think to the time before bots. Hands down that era was worse, even when host pinged to weed out laggers from brazil.

    however to the end of time there will always be laggers due to wireless, and UNFORSEEN circumstances. Hence removing the lag screen is really foolish.

    The only plus I could see is to instead of sending a lag screen send a obs pause command, but that's just fancy fluff.
  8. 1221

    1221 Well-Known Member

    wireless are terrible for gaming (speaking from experience). Sometimes my connection is fine but I wil lag for no reason and get dropped.
  9. NetrunneR

    NetrunneR Well-Known Member

    wireless is unstable, can drop if other frequencies interrupt, hell a microwave interrupts wireless routers.. i think. Also wireless significantly increases latency, due to the router having to process the signal, re-ack for dropped missing packets and so on so forth.
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  10. 1337BIX

    1337BIX Banned

    This is a great feature if it can be successfully implemented. One of my most hated things that WC3 has, the waiting for player screen.

    If you lag, its your fault. YOUR FAULT. There is no reason why the other 9 players must suffer because 'your brother is downloading pron'.

    If you ever played modern FPS games, lagging players will become unresponsive or jump around or whatnot. It doesnt break the game since not every game do we have somone who lags so much.
  11. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    Why dont you just use "!drop" ?
  12. NetrunneR

    NetrunneR Well-Known Member

    so your saying, take a fair system, and make it less fair for your convenience. Got it