No Chinese team can beat EG

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by RandomFlamer, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Mognakor

    Mognakor Well-Known Member

    2 Matches to go for SirActionSlacks.
  2. Krazy_Kat

    Krazy_Kat New Member

    My bold predictions:

    If EG beats DC, they will lose to Wings.

    If DC beats EG, they will beat Wings.
  3. Anti-Xenophobe

    Anti-Xenophobe Well-Known Member

    There's a decent chance DC will beat EG
    Wings should be quite confident against DC, as they intentionally picked Pudge+Techies against them in the first round. That's not a pocket strat, that's trying to give as few strats away as possible while still winning.
  4. GanymedeElegy

    GanymedeElegy Banned

    But Hao?


    Ftw fuck eg go Wings!
  5. Z01d

    Z01d Well-Known Member

    If DC wins it would be perfect as the "eternalenvy award for excellence through absence" could go to Secret - (RTZ and blubba).
  6. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Wrap it boys. DC got this.
  7. MorDorMaNiaC

    MorDorMaNiaC Well-Known Member

    Eg one game away from elimination. wuts happening.:cat:
  8. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    They got Sunsfan'd.
  9. vorsybl

    vorsybl Well-Known Member

    So EG made another deep run this year? If they win game 3 then what?
  10. MorDorMaNiaC

    MorDorMaNiaC Well-Known Member

    That game 3..
  11. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    Looks like both of our accounts are safe.
  12. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Holy shit that ending tho. This TI is just amazing.
  13. Nokiya

    Nokiya Well-Known Member

    No need for chinese when euros are here LUL

    Intense game, GG!
  14. the jug

    the jug Well-Known Member

    Sumail threw so fucking hard buying back, TPing to DC base and dying again so the hold was 4v5. If you are going to allow the other team to rat megacreeps while you are in the other teams base, you need to all-out for the throne, not chase behind bottom rax for a kill that they can buy back into. Just bad decisions in the final real fight.
  15. HyP-

    HyP- Well-Known Member

    Jakiro and Panda lost those games.
  16. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member

    Tbh why did they have sumail play panda in the first place.. Doesn't seem very much like a sumail hero, I feel like the draft failed them in the 3rd game
  17. Siraraz.

    Siraraz. Well-Known Member

    True that. GGWP.
  18. Anti-Xenophobe

    Anti-Xenophobe Well-Known Member

    w33 bought out by the Communist Party lol
  19. 4saken.Infinity

    4saken.Infinity Well-Known Member

    That was actually on Fear for not going in when Sumail did. Fear also played terribly all game. Not spreading the illusions for easy torrents, splashes and boats. And so much hesitation.
  20. juraculation

    juraculation Well-Known Member

    flashback to sumail dying to pre-6 bristleback in the midlane