Next meta-game = Morphling?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Whitefang, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Whitefang

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    version 6.73 - Base agi increased by 5
    version 6.74 - Morph gives 3/4/5/6 agi and str

    Eternal Blade buff - Increase cast range and slow from 50% to 80%, huge buff but necessary.

    That's a total of 11 extra agi and 6 extra str, it's a pretty big for a hero that once just one shot a support hero and still was, even before the buff. Increased agi also mean increased Adaptive Strike dmg, EB+Adaptive Strike will take away 90% HP of support hero and plus Wave Form = instant death.

    GG IceFrog, Shotgun Morphling will once again be the nightmare of all support hero, they won't see it coming.

    P/S: TBH I simply hate the fact that he can one shot hero that never really have a chance to do anything. Not crying for a nerf or anything, just wait and see how it goes.
  2. SuperSheep

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    he isn't without competition, and is still only a shadow of what he once was.

    he'll probably see a lot more play but I don't think he will become a staple pick.
  3. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    He used to be THE pick! The nerfs weren't that bad! There's no reason for him to not show up again nya.
  4. jsrnn

    jsrnn Well-Known Member

    - Armor reduced by 2
    - Adaptive Strike damage rescaled
    Original: Up to 0.75/1.5/2.25/3.0x Agility
    New: 20/40/60/80 + up to 0.5/1/1.5/2.0x Agility

    Those were the nerfs he got afaik. Shotgun build is utter shit right now *yeah one shotting supports is cute, but you can 2/3 hit them with other builds*, even when he got 3x agility it was situational and lost games but all I've been seeing is shotgun builds by the *EU* pros. They either stomp or get outcarried, and you know Morph shouldn't really get outcarried by a lot of heroes with equal items.
  5. MNoya

    MNoya Well-Known Member

    v6.63: Morph's passive Agility and Strength bonus removed
    It was
    v6.58: Morph now gives him a passive +2/4/6/8 Agility and Strength bonus when leveling it up

    Rushing Ethereal Blade is not a good build IMO. It's a nice second or third item without a doubt...

    Linken's rebuff (+10 dmg and doesn't dispell Urn and Medallion) is also an indirect buff to Morphling.

    Something like Linkens+Manta is really solid.
  6. QQmorebro

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  7. Glacius91

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    What is an Eternal Blade?
  8. ubic

    ubic Well-Known Member

    Not a pony for sure
  9. agricola

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    I wish people knew what meta-game meant
  10. juremzenbourg

    juremzenbourg Banned


    next Meta-game = Shadow Fiend

    morph is still too weak to fight melee carries like bear and lycan

    kunkka will prolly get played too
  11. MNoya

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  12. WallaceGrover

    WallaceGrover Well-Known Member

    I got anally raped by a morph the other day, he's pretty good but he really needs farm...
  13. juremzenbourg

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    Nope, it's correct for card games

    #3 is correct for video games

    if 95% of the world uses that meaning for video games, then meta-game now has a second meaning. Case closed.
  14. Stocade

    Stocade Active Member

    I defininitely can see a come-back for him. good buffs, slight buffs on some his core items (etheral blade, linken, TP boots). Let's wait and see.
  15. hankaung121

    hankaung121 Well-Known Member

    Just saw a mTw vs CLG match in Starladder today.

    CLG got morph that went Linkins, Manta, Ethereal. As soon as he got it. He started one shotting mTw's Rhasta. However even though Morph is pretty fed, mTw OD carried the game getting god-likes.

    The only reason morph lost the game was because of lack of coordination on CLG side. So morph is pretty scary right now. Don't know if he needs a nerf yet though. Time will tell.
  16. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    Heres my gripe with morph. He's a carry with three and a half escape spells, so he's great at keeping himself alive- but thats about it. Unlike Weaver, he can't stay in battle and deal out some beats before slipping out, he is forced to disengage the second his enemies threaten him. He can escape for sure, but he can't have any presence in doing so. Which means he cannot carry a radiance for sure. Realistically in a fight, morph isn't any more dangerous than crystal maiden. He's going to get off ~600 damage to one hero and a few autoattacks, part of that magic damage being aoe. And then unlike CM, he'll escape safely. But he still can't deal DPS even with items, because he's got no way to make his nigh-melee range attacks hit anyone more than 3-5 times.

    Morph might be hard to kill, but he really doesn't do anything on his own. With the gigantic nerfs to shotgun morph, he has very little way to actually accomplish anything. Whats next, Dagon morph? If dagon gets buffed, its a very really possibility, but, lol. He's still a 350 range hero with a long foreswing, he can't semicarry like PotM who makes herself useful through her spells and carries as an afterthought.
  17. Clam

    Clam Well-Known Member

    hes carried through auto-attacks in previous versions, nothing major has changed since then.
  18. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    Not very successfully. He was at his peak popularity when he carried with a 12 gauge.
  19. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    Actually the shotgun build was secondary. Many Morphlings specially like.. The one played by EHOME Burning went DPS in the long run, with ridiculous Agi Morph has one of the best DPS in the game. However his interactions with manta got nerfed too hrmph..
  20. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    The thing is, there are 5 factors a carry needs.
    1: Damage
    2: Positioning to start it
    3: A stun, silence or disable of some kind to prevent the target from using their escape spells
    4: A slow of some kind to stop the target from just walking away
    5: A method of shrugging off the enemy teams disables on you (mostly BKB)

    Broodmother is a good example of how she can carry by making up for a few factors with her farm. She has good (1) damage from her ultimate, (2) great positioning from web that lets her get into melee range on someone, and then (3) cast orchid on them to stop them from blinking away or whatever, then (4) slowing them so they can't just juke away during orchid, and all the while (5) immune by BKB.

    Now not all the carries will fit that template- Spectre has everything but the disable on the opponents and a weak form of thwarting disables on herself, but the dispersion/radiance combo sort of makes up for that with her great chasing. Storm has only a mediocre damage and slow, but still fits all those categories otherwise, especially with how many people rush BKB on him now.

    But morphling? All he's really got is positioning. His damage is not good, even with morph- worse than any hero with a steroid spell who doesn't have to sacrifice all his max HP to deal respectable DPS. He can't shrug off disables while fighting someone, he's got to run back or dodge stuns and stay away. He can't slow his opponents, so he's only going to get off 3-5 hits in the best case, using waveform as a blink to set up a couple more, but only gets to do it once (unlike antimage). And he hasn't got a stun to set anyone up for further dps- he has to choose between a stun or having DPS =/

    Morph just isn't a convincing carry. Burst damager, that was an alright role.