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    A notes panel would be much helpful to anyone who likes to use the Hero Build Menu.
    To describe it. This is an only text panel where you can add information for every table. For example, you want to add information on the Starting Items Table. By simply clicking the (?) icon (see image) of that table you can open or close the new panel. Then you can edit it as you like.

    Each table has each own (?) icon (See Image and the "Note").
    If the (?) Icon is not suited for technical reason, I would recommend any other place inside that table or just change it to become a small Arrow icon at the left side of each table to open the panel.

    To make this new panel uniform, It would also be helpful to add some new icons where you can select the font size. Like small, normal, medium or large (where each has its own icon). This are placed beside the edit icon of the new panel. The changes includes the in-game editor and the workshop's editor.

    What do you think?

    [tab] Requested | Original | Workshop's Hero Build Editor
    Note: This panel will appear again when you close the items menu by pressing F4, so you need to close it by pressing the (?) icon (see image) again.{|}
    This is the current look of the Hero Builds Menu.{|}
    As you can see on the Workshop's Hero Build Editor, there are separate Tables (see image) for the Starting Items, Early Game, Core Items and, Situational Items.
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    neat idea =D