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    Guides so far so good.
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    very helpful:) ty
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    This is my new guide, and I'm not sure about how to post this. My first guide about TB was much easier to post it up somehow. Just have a look over my guide. I hope that it will be qualified
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    ^ WHO ARE YOU?
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    Keep up the good work
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    nice 1
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    How do I update and improve my guide if the total number of characters to be used in the word processor is only limited to 38,000 words (according to MS word) including white spaces? I'm not really sure of it but every time I try to add more on my published guide, it will display: "504 ERROR". Does this really means that the numbers of characters in the word processor is limited?
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    very usefull. Thank you.
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    thanks for good guide
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    like it ^^
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    wow very helpful guys thanks!! :D
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    La noluyo :D
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    cool thanks
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    The amount of images is also limited at 400 >.>
  17. I'm new here and I'm creating a guide. I saw some guide with cool formats. How could I do this one?
    I want to make some of my content of my guide look like this..
    But not the details in this pic.
    Please reply!
    If you want to see my guide..
    Here it is..I'm working on it and it's not complete

    A Guide To Rajin Thunderkeg

    The Power Of The Storm
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    All guide must be in English language? not support any foreign language? :| this site must be have a bigger program for heroes guide.
    does any software (.exe i mean) for help us to writing and help us to write and test our guidE?
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