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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Kwiz, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Kwiz

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    We have made many more improvements to the guide system. Please read this carefully to understand how it will all work. Please resubmit your guides (simple copy and paste) using this new system so we can keep everything organized. The old content will be available for you for a bit in the Temporary Forum so you can transition your content over.

    To quickly see your submitted content, check your profile. There is a new tab we just added that shows a collection of all the content you've submitted on the website.

    How do I get started writing a guide?
    You have to create your guide using the Main Site Editor, which you can find here: When you click the OK button, the guide will be posted in "Draft Mode" and then a thread will be created for it in the Draft Guides subforum.

    How does commenting work?
    Users can comment on your guides through the main site or through the forum thread. They both share the same data.

    How do I update and improve my guide?
    After you submit your guide on the main site and a thread is created for it in the forum, you are then free to either use the site editor directly or just edit your thread. The data is shared between both, so you can use whichever mode you prefer.

    What is the purpose of the Draft mode?
    It is to allow users to get help from other members as they are working on their guide. Voting on your guide will not begin until it is out of draft phase.

    When and How should I publish my guide so it is no longer in Draft Mode?
    You should not keep your guide in Draft for too long. Once you feel your guide is ready for moderator approval, you will have to get it approved by the Guides Team to get it published on the main site.

    To get it approved, these requirements has to be fullfilled:
    • The guide must be "complete", meaning the basics of a guide must be present. Feel free to add more sections after it has been published though.
    • All images used must be hosted on If you require images not available here, you can upload them to your Personal Album and link them from there.
    • No broken images or other bugs.
    To put your guide up for approval, post a link to it in this thread. You must use the link to the main site version of the guide and not to the thread.

    When I publish my guide, will I lose all the comments for it?
    No, when you publish your guide, it will be automatically upgraded to the Published Guides section, with all comments intact.
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  2. FrozenStorm

    FrozenStorm Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this will be helpful to others, but I've been unable to switch my editor in my guide to the BBcode style that will allow me to copy/paste it. Any troubleshooting suggestions? I've tried using FF and IE but neither will get that button to work :(
  3. Kwiz

    Kwiz Well-Known Member

    Are you trying to edit your guide from the main site? In that case, any guide posted before we switched to BBCODE editor, is not possible to edit. You'd have to copy the guide itself, and then redo the formatting and add pictures once more.
  4. Wuschel

    Wuschel Active Member

    Sorry for the maybe noobish question, but how can i add the tables from the Hero site to my Guide .. its kinda complicated or?=/
  5. ethernet

    ethernet Member

    Im having a problem here , see the thing is i want to create a guide but when i log in via the main page it just refreshes and redirects me to the homepage without logging in into any account . Even though i am able to login through the forum my account wouldn't be logged in at the main page
  6. GGwarcarft

    GGwarcarft Member

    6.61 new tay attack speed update
  7. Kwiz

    Kwiz Well-Known Member

    Just link in your guide directly to the hero page, instead of inserting those tables. Much more convenient.
  8. Zan

    Zan Well-Known Member

    Im having the same problem of not being able to login under the mainpage as well.
  9. evred

    evred Well-Known Member

    So what happened to my guides? I had a skeleton king one and Tiny one and the sk one is completely gone when i look for it. the Tiny one has be reverted to draft mode and like all of the comments are gone. why?
  10. teamgary

    teamgary Well-Known Member

    Me too.I cant seem to go to the guide section.Once i am there,i will nid to relogin.I try loggin but it redirects me to the main page and i am not on9.In the forums,it does not happen
  11. disrup3

    disrup3 Moderator

    Are you guys still experiencing that problem?
  12. rumplea25

    rumplea25 Well-Known Member

    Umm.. can anybody teach me how to add *spoilers* in my post??

    So that's how you do it...
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  13. Zan

    Zan Well-Known Member

    The problem is still there. There is a workaround however.
  14. EcceLex

    EcceLex Well-Known Member

    what is the "guide's intro"??? when you want to add a guide...
  15. Kwiz

    Kwiz Well-Known Member

    The guide intro will display just below the guide name when you view the guides.

    For instance:

    Guide Title: Tactical Guide to Gondar
    Guide Intro: Learn one of DotA's best Gankers.
  16. EcceLex

    EcceLex Well-Known Member

    I don't understand one thing. Images do not get automatically resized on the website, although in the same time they get resized in the forum.

    I've had to resize manually my 1400x1000 picture because of this bug.

    Is there any explanation, or is it a bug???
  17. Kwiz

    Kwiz Well-Known Member

    We're looking into this.
  18. evil andrex

    evil andrex Well-Known Member
    It is finally ready. A long indepth guide about Darkterror, the Faceless Void. I am hoping to get it spotlighted and also if anyone sees anything that can be added to help it get spotlighted please tell me ill add it on! But first i need it to be approved :)
  19. Bashtime

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  20. Impulsive

    Impulsive Well-Known Member

    If I may make a suggestion here, if we can compose a commonly used acronyms list so we can all refer to it when we write our guides to save time to not have to type out Black King Bar at least once every time.

    Before someone comes in and makes a stupid statement of "just write BKB", guides are meant to help those who are probably new to the game and DotA's complicated enough without having trying to decipher the lingo the first time.