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  1. kusandaora

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    awsom hero

    JUSTBOMB Well-Known Member

    C+X+Dagger+Z on ranged heroes as to counter.
    Dagger+Z+X+C on melee heroes as to counter.
    Both strategies perform miracles in early and mid game in the battles 5 vs 5. So fun and deadly hero I ever tame. :)
  3. minhson138

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  4. Blink-Raze

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    *Ally picks SF* ZOMG we have sf its GG XD
  5. B|cff32cd32en10

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    SF! This hero is too fun to be play. Yaphets bring this hero to Dota scene!
  6. whistle

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    Nothing can stop him now
  7. .eddie

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    great heroe for the whole game if u know how to farm and gank
  8. astrodon

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    Needs to farm well, else he is squishy
  9. Pojosh

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    one word RAMPAGE!!!!!!
  10. Pojosh

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    he is fun to use when u have dark seer or enigma as an ally
  11. Been using this hero lately... especially with the Necromastery buff (from 30 souls to 36) and increasing his movement speed by 5...
  12. [FeniX]

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    enigma+nevermore+blink dagger=ultra kill
  13. adamanster

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    the problem with NVM is that he's too fragile and without bkb his ult would be useless coz he has a 2 second cast time and if u try to do blink+reqiuem in the middle of the enemy team and u get silenced or stunned then you'd be a sitting duck.
  14. BrunoMaulaz

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    Imba in all aspects, except one : fragility.
  15. Tontza

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    Maybe the best farmer in dota. Good nukes and - aura. Only down side of this hero is his low armor and hp pool
  16. vortex.ayman

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    Gr8 for pubs and organized games
  17. eimeegaw

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    Pick Lion as his lanemate ... Sven and Lina as roaming..
    Bye, see you nxt game SF = ALT QQ
  18. never-more

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    my favorite hero! he can really do tons of damage.
    and if you take: Desolator(-6armor)+Assault Cuirass(-5armor)+you armor reducing aura(-5 at level 4)= -16 armor reduction = more than a level 3 "amplify damage" !
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  19. Pojosh

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    who do u think will win kunkka vs nevermore
  20. shreevallabh

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    i think, Ethereal Blade is better than Butterfly on SF ! bcze it mainly gives large ranged heavy nuke damage,increased spell damage . & all u will get this at the cost of 35 seconds cooldown and 50 mana !
    even u can easily blink out from ursa!
    Yo, Now u have another RAZE to spam!