Nevermore Souls visual indicator

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  1. LinkinKnight

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    It´s basic. For each 5 Souls (+10 Dmg). A ghost appears, wandering arround Nevermore (pretty close, like invoker´s orbs, but arround his body) I suggest to use the model from his ultimate. Making 'em a total of 6 ghosts.


    Nevermore gets 1 Soul (+2 Dmg) a ghost appears,wandering arround him as Never gets more souls, its scale increases until Nevermore has 5 Souls (+10 Damage) and the process starts again, until that new orb gets it´s maximun size. Of course in both cases at 30 souls (+60 damage) no more orbs will be generated.


    • Allies will get an idea about when Nevermore is ready to use his ultimate, and his current attack bonus.
    • It fits its "Dark Lord" theme


    • Enemies will do as well
    • People who love never and don´t want to change his appearance, maybe will be disgusted with this idea :eek:uch:

    I will (try) to do my best doing a test map, and some gifs that WILL be added later. I just don´t have time now :eek:n2long:

    Any idea will be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Captain Planet

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    Not sure about this. Holding vote until I get screenies/testmap.
  3. Black.Lotus

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  4. LinkinKnight

    LinkinKnight Well-Known Member

    Will add media in few hours!
  5. Nox.knight

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    I like the idea,.
  6. kvv

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  7. refi

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    screens plx
  8. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    be patient pls
  9. ZΣD

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  10. Whitefang

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    Like the idea, maybe with a screen shot at least?
  11. IKisZ-Venezuela

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    Good idea but needs pictures and map test. Good luck. by the time the idea is good T-UP
  12. SanTa ClaWs

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    It is a good idea indeed but just like the rest of the guys out there i need atleast a screenshot.
  13. NoThlnG

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    Model of ultimate is doesn't fit and it will looks terribly agree if we make it to spin like Invoker. Try other models instead
  14. cc.jmk!

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    what about small little Undead Shades from ladder?
  15. Maahes

    Maahes Well-Known Member

    Same opinion. Waiting for screenie anyway.
  16. LinkinKnight

    LinkinKnight Well-Known Member

    Loved the idea!

    I suck world-editing, the guy that helps me editing is kinda busy right now, so I just can share a concept screen, and yeah, ghost model kinda sucked, found a great replacement for ghosts at The Hive Workshop. All credit for the model goes to the amazing orb creator, General Frank :D

    Orb of Darkness


    Imagine it using Orb of Darkness model (and don´t pay attention to the bunnies in the background :rambo:)

    Will do my best to get more screens, and even a testmap!
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  17. Nivo

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    Awesome. T-Up
    Just make it smaller in size. Looks epic.
  18. LinkinKnight

    LinkinKnight Well-Known Member

    Will upload new caps with smaller ghosts, and w/orbs, but not today :(
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