nevermore item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Cristiano375, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Cristiano375

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    shadow fiend can do damage alright.... but i have a really hard time with the low health. whats a really good defensive item for him? i need damage block and hp regen. when i get stunned or slowed im really screwed.
    detailed items please... early, mid and late game...
    survival and gank play style...
  2. Exacerbated

    Exacerbated Well-Known Member

    Starting items:
    any combination of branches, salves, tangos, slippers and/or circlets.

    A good defensive item would be Black King Bar. It gives him HP, some damage, and the valuable Avatar magic immunity to prevent disables and nukes for survivablity.

    After Black King Bar, farm a Power Treads, Blink, and Manta. These 4 items are CORE on Shadow Fiend.

    Late game items are fairly flexible. Most of the time, people go Butterfly for DPS and evasion and Helm->Satanic for EHP.
  3. ksenics

    ksenics Well-Known Member

    alot of pros go treads, then ogre axe for bkb, then they go back and get dagger. after that they finish bkb. kinda helps on the health part
  4. BabuinulVerde

    BabuinulVerde Well-Known Member

    In pubs I go Bottle/Treads/Blink + almost any item ( from Manta to Desolator to Guinso to Etheral etc ). I grab a BKB if I need it.
  5. turbonissan

    turbonissan New Member

    If ur teams relies on u to carry i would suggest BoT for very fast farming o_O
    but if u die too much perhaps hp-treads will be better
  6. Astropuf

    Astropuf Well-Known Member

    I usually start with 2 circlets, 2 branches and 1 tango then I farm Bottle and Boots and finish a Wand and any combo of Wraiths and Bracers. After this I start with Ogre Axe and keep farming for the BKB, then I get dagger. When I got the money I buy Boots of Travel and I think this is better for SF than Treads.
    As luxury, I go either Manta+Deso+Cuirass or Manta+Bfly+Satanic.

    SF rocks!!!
  7. Exacerbated

    Exacerbated Well-Known Member

    That build is too aggressive. For a newer player, I suggest 2 branches, 1 slipper, 2 salves and 1 tango, or 1 salve and 2 tangos, depending on the enemy solo.
  8. Treibjagd

    Treibjagd Well-Known Member

    Your build slightly depends on whether you play pubs or organized games – but the core always remains the same: Power Treads Strenght, a Bottle and BKB. In public games Lothar's is viable, since people are too cheap to buy Dust and rather get killed by Sf pulling of her ulti in the middle of a clash. The dmg boost is nice and Sf can easily farm the 3300g.

    In organized games you are always better off with Dagger which is cheaper and more versatile.

    Common extensions are Manta, Butterfly, Skadi/Desolator/Satanic.
  9. Milk

    Milk Well-Known Member

    Rush HR on him.
  10. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    For some reasons the 'pros' barely seem to get blink OR lothars on him these days :mellow:
  11. You pack about 1.5k aoe damage by lvl 11. That's why you are getting a dagger. Your job is to blink in, ulti, and raze everything in sight.

    Beyond that you are farming. You don't NEED too much health until late game because your aren't supposed to trade hits or initiate.

    Rather than look for health boosting items, Try avoiding being ganked and ganking more. You'll find you can do very well with 900 health in the mid game.

    Treads wand and a bracer is all the health you should need for a long while.
  12. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    Because he doesn't really need them if he has BkB. If they come to SF he'll just BKB and ult them to death assuming he has some kind of ally support in his side too ofc, if they don't their towers will get destroyed. Yamateh plays SF like this and I like. Also, Yaphets always gets Blink on SF no matter what.
  13. Treibjagd

    Treibjagd Well-Known Member

    I have to admit that Dagger/Lothar's are not neccessary to place a good ulti these days since Sf can always count on pre-stun or similar initiation in organized games. All it needs is a good timing and BKB.

    The purpose is not to hit all heroes with your ulti perfectly, but to take out one or two heroes instantly.
  14. SpaceFalcon

    SpaceFalcon Banned

    If you're playing pubs, farm rapier in mid solo after bottle/boot since nobody will gank you.
  15. theagg

    theagg Well-Known Member

    In an unorganized game, I would get treads bottle bkb lothars manta (in that order). last items will be Bfly and satanic(replace bottle).

    also, a wand is nice to have to boost your survivability early game.

    the reason I go for lothars instead of blink in unoganized game is that your team have some time to react when you go in for an ulti. If I get blink, then many times I would just go in for the ulti, and then they kill me and escape with red hp.

    I also ted to get more farm when I get lothars, since I can farm further in their lane and still get away. (its hard to blink away when they supprice you since u got no wards)

    However, if you see that your team are good and has another blink initiator with a stun, then go for blink.
  16. Astropuf

    Astropuf Well-Known Member

    I didn't mean for a newbie... but for a decent player you can solo with 1 tango in most of the cases you can resist. I can outlane almost every hero except doom, tinker or heroes with high cast range. I always buy depending on their heroes. All I said is viable in pubs, but in organized matches it's risky because you can get ganked. If your team got a courier that's better because it helps you a lot.
    I think my start build is ok
  17. themanguydude

    themanguydude Well-Known Member

    Based on what you said, Vanguard is what you're looking for.
    BUT, it isnt the best item for Sf. Get Str Treads and Bkb.
  18. Treibjagd

    Treibjagd Well-Known Member

    Based on what OP said i would advise him to rather practice last hitting, Shadowrazes and ganking because he doesn't sound like a guy who is familiar with those things.

    That's way more important than chosing between Dagger and Lothar's.
  19. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    start with some stat items a chicken some reg and rush bottle for hp/mp regen (you should solo mid), then get wand (possibly earlier or from start when you know u gonna be against a spammer), boots, treads, ogre axe, mithril hammer, BKB, manta, butter, hotd, game should be over by now if not then adapt, crit if u need dmg, sata if u need hp, skadi/hex if u need disable/slow and some all around stats, EB if youre up against some nasty dps (can also be gotten earlier e.g. rushing ghost against ursa and low nuker team, later finishing etereal blade) - however, at this stage of the game money usually goes into rebuys.

    those are the items u can barely go wrong with. blink is also a nice item on SF but IMO it doesnt really pay off if you cant use it effectively, which is kind of hard if you dont have experience with SF - which i am assuming you dont. lothars is really great in pubs with low skill-lvl and not exactly terrible in better games either, provides a save early method to instagib ppl with ulti but can be countered by wards, nothing good when teamfights at opposing towers occur either. MKB good to counter evasion.
  20. LimitbreaKer

    LimitbreaKer Well-Known Member

    I'd like to mention babyknight who usually goes Dagger first after PT and has fun ganking around, I recognize a game where he doesn't even go BKB.

    They lose, though.