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  1. Moso

    Moso Active Member

    He was funny in firt dota versions with his 12 illusions
  2. Ph3nOmEn

    Ph3nOmEn Member

    damn this guy is one of the most powerfull hero
  3. JohnNettle

    JohnNettle Well-Known Member

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    very strong hero
  4. Febrilian

    Febrilian Well-Known Member

    Single target Blinkstrike and Stun, Critical Strike, Conjure Image (Phantasm)?

  5. pattyalas

    pattyalas Member

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    most imba hero in late game i think. his ulti make him best dps
  6. Xedos

    Xedos Member

    blinks with phantomas + criticals = own
  7. nishchith

    nishchith New Member

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    will phantasm images of nessaj get bash from basher?
  8. Rami.9

    Rami.9 Well-Known Member

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    4sec stun+blink+images with critical..........aesommmmmmmmmmmmmeee!!
  9. RainHunter666

    RainHunter666 Well-Known Member

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    the best one in dps with 6 itens, i am shocked that using him eat slybear with 12 items!!!
    1v1 none may challenge`
  10. Linux_Xp

    Linux_Xp Well-Known Member

    imba stun and weak passive
  11. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    icefrog make ulti cd to 100 seconds plsss....anyway..get divine for him...maybe illusions could benfit from it
  12. MeepS.MeepwN

    MeepS.MeepwN Well-Known Member

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    lol!strong hardcoreganker and carry late gamer...first blood within 2 minutes my enemy luck..
  13. zkzphuongzkz

    zkzphuongzkz Well-Known Member

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    I have random feeling for him :D
  14. psiharit

    psiharit Well-Known Member

    Aghanim Scepter for Nessaj - Aghanim ubgrade +1 illusion :)
  15. bristlebb

    bristlebb Well-Known Member

    this hero is imba shit
  16. vandi94

    vandi94 Well-Known Member

    Great mana management = GG CK
  17. simum

    simum Member

    His cooldowns should be random too!
  18. 333siddhartha

    333siddhartha Well-Known Member

    Base Strength must be increased to 23. All other stats are balanced.
  19. RainHunter666

    RainHunter666 Well-Known Member

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    who can defeat him late game? incredible