Nerubian Assassin

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  1. hotmu

    hotmu Well-Known Member

    dagon is a good choice
  2. MonMonD~

    MonMonD~ Member

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    anubarak+dagon is imba
  3. Manwhale4

    Manwhale4 Well-Known Member

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    am i the only 1 thats puts orchid on NA btw haters gonna hate
  4. 1ll1n

    1ll1n Active Member

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    this new NA so damn good.
  5. proseeeeeeeeeed

    proseeeeeeeeeed Well-Known Member

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    loool MonMonD sure does know how to make skills
  6. darkseraphim

    darkseraphim Well-Known Member

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    You're not alone. =)
  7. astrodon

    astrodon Member

    his burst dmg is gay
  8. tra2ce

    tra2ce Well-Known Member

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    Give him ethereal blade and dagon GG
  9. adamanster

    adamanster Member

    he now has spiked carapace back but i still think urna swarm was a better skill since u can perma silence anyone with it if used properly
  10. Tontza

    Tontza Well-Known Member

    awesome burster!!
  11. RutiaN

    RutiaN Active Member

    such a fun hero to play. but dagon is pub stuff.
  12. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    No, it's not..
    Used to kill carry heroes w/ low hp.. or support heroes that use a lot of skills
  13. Faelivri

    Faelivri Well-Known Member

    Combo *****, ultimate fear for all int heroes, especially Destroyer. Funny in pubs, when you can easy dominate lane. His new Spiked Carapace save my bug ass a lot of times.
  14. Linux_Xp

    Linux_Xp Well-Known Member

    Mega useless ulti, deal less damage then riki blink strike on late game!
  15. PilosopoT

    PilosopoT Well-Known Member

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    I suggest a percentage based damage for his ulti! His ulti simply doesn't scale well into late game!
  16. silvercover

    silvercover Moderator

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    I really like using spiked carapace against a hero with some single nuke.
    its funny when your in low health, use it, go into the battle field, and then watch the enemy hit himself.
  17. Khristophoros

    Khristophoros Well-Known Member

    I think beetles are adorable.
  18. PilosopoT

    PilosopoT Well-Known Member

  19. oturgutg

    oturgutg Member

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    i like the new skill instead of exploding cockroaches
  20. Well-Known Member

    As if RIKI would reach late game with a NA on the enemy team. GG for Riki eh? xD

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