Nerubian assassin item/skill build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ElChupanebre, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. ElChupanebre

    ElChupanebre Well-Known Member

    Been playing a lot due to my love of his new spell.
    But he very mana hungry for an agi, so how do you deal with that?

    I wont post the item builds I've been using because they are awful.
    As for skill build I only take one of Impale and Mana Burn early on, and try to get my stats up. I have a feeling this is a bad idea, but Impale and Mana Burn drain a lot of mana early on, and you need to save enough to use them after your ult.

  2. Kris

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  3. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Mana Burn isn't good early. Spiked Carapace is considerably stronger.
  4. Frost

    Frost Well-Known Member

    He's supposed to be a surprise ganker, but I find that he's really weak for such occasions. So you Backstab, Impale, hit 1-2 times, then they just run away with 1/3 life left. Now what? You can't chase, your mana burn is weak, and if they don't cast anything on you, your spiked carapace won't do shit.

    What is his role anyways.
  5. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    He's an initiator. If you're trying to pick things off by yourself, you're pubbing.
  6. Frost

    Frost Well-Known Member

    If he's an initiator, he's a fairly weak one compared to say, ES or Tide. If he's a ganker, he can't even kill by himself unless you farm a dagger, which is even more painful to do. And despite having a slightly better impale, he kills less efficiently compared to Lion.

    Not to mention his piss poor mana pool and being an agi-caster that has worse scaling compared to mirana.
  7. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    I don't think you understand. Initiator doesn't have to mean blowing open a team fight. Sven and Sand King are initiators because their stuns initiate a gank. Gankers rarely kill things by themselves, which is why people don't gank alone. Grab a Lina or Veno and have them drop their spells and attack after you Vendetta/Impale/Burn something.
  8. Frost

    Frost Well-Known Member

    Even so, for what reason should I grab NA compared to say.. Lion or BH? If you need an invis ganker, BH > NA, if you need disables, Lion > NA. He's somewhere in the middle that doesn't excel in anything. Even more so after he lost his bugs.
  9. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    He's a hero who is desperately in need of something to discover an effective niche where he fits in. I believe that niche exists and that it requires him to farm more than he has traditionally done in the past.

    The second era of bloodstone is likely to spring up in the near future.
  10. iSnooz

    iSnooz Well-Known Member

    Mana burn at 1st level,then max some other skills
    Farm for Arcane Boots and Dagon if you're pubbing
    Mana burn needs a remake :/
  11. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    he's a situational pick & ganker, and by situational i mean VERY, but in those situations he's the dominator all the game

    think of a team consisted of pugna, enigma, OD, skywrath mage+other int heroes with little hp & high int...

    rush dagon after bottle, gank everytime your ult is up, regen(even at fountain) after every gank, upgrade dagon to gank more & repeat

    he's mana problems are easily beated with bottle, 1 skill only in MB and no skills in spikes(anyway useless), impale+stats is the way to go
  12. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    I figured out why you think it's very situational. You're ignoring a great skill.
  13. Person.Boi

    Person.Boi Well-Known Member

    To piss enemies off, i would get tons of clarities, max spiked carapace (2nd after impale) and proceed to lasthit while ignoring enemy harass. I managed to make this PL rage after this spirit lance taking away about 3/4 of his health after he constantly used it on me then me using carapace and ignoring it. And this bone getting raped by his own searing arrows and wasting all his pots on it.

    Even better cd is 4 seconds.
  14. Person.Boi

    Person.Boi Well-Known Member

    Sorry cd is 10 seconds. But thats still short enough for plenty of counter harass.
  15. Vot1_Bear

    Vot1_Bear Well-Known Member

    I find bottle-arc-dagon-EB build pretty decent for pubstomps.
    Skillbuild is simple. Impale/manaburn at level 1/2 (pick whichever is first depending on situation) then proceed to max impale and carapace.
    Note however, manaburn's manacost increase is quite deadly and tbh the CD reduction is only useful at level 4 (4 sec cd) in which you could actually cast it twice in a gank.

    So it might be a good idea to save the skill points from level 12-13 (don't pick stats, but don't increase manaburn either) and only level it to max at 14.
  16. Black_Ice

    Black_Ice Well-Known Member

    Here's some Nerub 101:
    1. GO MID. A well practiced Nerub will have no trouble farming/rune gathering versus any mid hero, bar those really dominating ones. I usually go at least 2 levels of Carapace before level 6, as 1.2 seconds of stun actually allow you to move in if the enemy decided to attack you at an awkward time for them. The skill build is generally up to your preferences, but at least 1 level in carapace is mandatory if you plan on at least trade harass.
    2. Get dagon ASAP. Intelligent opponents just won't give you the opportunity to walk in and deploy your combo. By letting your allies deal with initiation (Ie, clock), you can just unleash a devastating nuke from afar. Be aware of incoming aoe, and cast carapace for possible follow-up kills. As for mana issues, learn to control the runes. No one hero wants to meet a nerub at the rune spot. If the enemy keeps assigning teams of 2 heroes just to gather a rune, your team should have the space they need to gather some farm.

    I find that in a nuke war, nerub's skillset is vastly superior to most heroes, while now having the potential to pseudo-tank. This hero needs practice, and before you bash the dagon build, learn to get farm and get it before the 10 minute mark, just like a tinker farms his BOT.

    The best use I've found for Nerub so far is countering that lame-ass imbalanced hero Phoenix. It basically neutralizes his escape skill / initiation once you get used to clutch Carapace activation.

    As homework, you could try a semi-carry nerub. With a few ganks early, you can get your opponents into a sentry happy frenzy, while you actually use the space they give your team to farm.

    IMO, nerub still needs a lot of practice before his optimum utility is found, but the clues are there already.
  17. tekkenming

    tekkenming Member

    i will get a dagon for this hero
  18. iSnooz

    iSnooz Well-Known Member

    That's like a must
  19. Darth_Vader

    Darth_Vader Well-Known Member

    Well, till recent update, NA used to be an adventurer like you. But removing Urna Swarm was an arrow in the ass.

    Back then I would play him solo mid, with lvl1 summons he gains awesome rune-control, /w bottle, and I would rush Dagon. Probably one of the few heroes to upgrade it. As luxuries Ethereal Blade would suit most his burst damage, killingevery single hero, trust me.

    Anyways, not hasveing beetles significantly lowered his lane control, he is now not a very decent mid, and he needs these extra levels to gank...

    Guess no he'll have no see in competitive...
  20. azurile

    azurile Well-Known Member

    i still rush necrobook on this guy. gives around the same stats as dagon, minions also burn mana, increases your dps and a bit of your burst, and is generally helpful with many things outside of ganking.

    for the skill build, you would ideally want to have all 3 skills up by level 4, whichever way you wanna do it, but other than that, the dilemma would be whether you get mana burn at 12-14 or not. it depends whether you can put it to great use at that point i guess.