Nerubian Assassin item build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by sumthingsup, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. sumthingsup

    sumthingsup Well-Known Member

    i checked the most updated guide, and it still shows dagon. while i fancy the burst nerubian assassin, i think because of the mana burn, it no longer is his purpose.

    i usually aim for a fast TB SR, but after that i just adapt. i usually go support after that, warding, getting janggo, stuff like that.. i probably need something new.
  2. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Necro Bloodstone Blademail
  3. Mousatos

    Mousatos Well-Known Member

    Nerubian has a good burst damage potential. You can capitalize on that and get a dagon, or (my personal favorite) get tank items. My logic goes;
    You get in first, do you combo and then hold on untill you team gets the upper hand in the battle.
    Heart, blade mail, shiva's.
    Or something like that.
  4. r3dman

    r3dman Well-Known Member

    Or you can get even more burst via upgrading dagon (to be able to keep instagibbing supports all game long) or getting an EB to shut down their carry (and take a huge chunk of their HP).
  5. Mousatos

    Mousatos Well-Known Member

    Already mentioned that. I didn't say not get dagon, or get dagon and then tank items. I said either capitalize on your burst damage (dagon,dagon,dagon,dagon,dagon, EB) OR go for tank items. You clearly support the "burst" option. Ok, why quoting me then?
  6. NotQuiteThere

    NotQuiteThere Well-Known Member

    I usually go burst damage and grab survival items when needed. My starting build is usually like this

    2 x Guantlets
    2 x Clarities
    1 x Salve
    1 x Tangoes

    Then get boots asap

    Make urn

    Make Dagon

    (picking up Clarities and Salves as needed, as well as other consumables).

    Then adapt accordingly after that.
  7. GrizzX

    GrizzX Well-Known Member

    The most simple way of building him is Arcane>RoH>PointBooster>Bloodstone.
  8. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    I tried playing him again after a long time and went with this: Bottle, Aquila, Drums, Treads.

    Then after I went around and ganked a bit I bought Basher just to annoy them (worked surprisingly well, got more kills thanks to it than I thought I would). Game was more or less won at this point but I was so fucking slow at pushing so I bought Deso to take down towers a bit faster and for more dmg, probably not the best item to get in a more even game but yeah.

    Basically what I'm trying to say is: consider including Basher in your builds more often.
  9. jskd

    jskd Well-Known Member

    i also end up making basher on this guy, so u can continue to be useful. Bashing BKB carry is pretty damn useful.
  10. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    How a fucking basher can be well on him? just fucking explain. How can a fucking hero that is as bad at dpsing as axe can "work surprisingly well" with basher?
  11. No_Worries

    No_Worries Well-Known Member

    Probably because basher works on just about any hero, especially melee, especially those that right click. NA does quite a bit of right clicking after jizzing so it's not terrible
  12. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    I think Book is too important to not make on NA. Blink and Force are also really nice for jumping people and trying to bait spells on Carapace. Basher and Lightning are options if you get to play as a main DPS, and Eul's/HH are cool if you need more disable.
  13. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, mega-arguments I see here. Go and play basher Dirge, because it's seemingly imba on melee heroes if I understand right.
  14. xkhuongdox

    xkhuongdox Well-Known Member

    Because NA's agi gain is much better than Dirge?
  15. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    NA, in his current state, has severe problems living up to his so-called burst damage status. He was actually given a mind game skill along the way, so it's best simply to make him a hero that lives long to use that skill while cannot stay ignored because of his "potential" rather than dumping all your cash into that "potential" and getting nothing more than a huge middle finger.

    That wasn't the argument, idiot.
  16. fremdlaender

    fremdlaender Well-Known Member

    Sould you really farm that much on NA?
    Of course Mana Burn has big potential and of course he needs to stay alive to use it, but wouldn't cheaper items suffice?
    I'd compare him to Ogre in this regard. Maybe Earthshaker. A some kind of 'supportish' hero that needs some items, but not many.

    Arcanes, Drum, Blaidmail, maybe an early Urn or Medallion of your team does not have it already.
    Considering his good Int gain for a Agi hero this should suit his mana needs while still giving him survivability (except for Arcanes).

    Besides that, I agree that people focus too much on his 'burst damage' that actually isn't that great compared to other heroes (Lina, Lion) and doesn't scale (Bounty Hunter).
    He should be picked for the stun(s) and to counter Int-heavy carries like OD, Akasha or Invoker.
  17. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Should I? Yes, since the hero pulls off the farm better than a lot of others.
    The cheap version of that would be Treads Drums MoC Veil, pick your poison.
  18. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

    I get dagon5 and EB for maximum burst, I like burst however. The other build i go is necro3 and shiva, more of a team fight oriented build that helps pushes and ganks alike.
  19. Azz_92

    Azz_92 Well-Known Member

    First go for a stats boost items, either go magicwand plus + null/bracers, then fix you mana problems either arcaneboots or Tb + soulring. You could go jango now if you like the item, and have a team you can actually trust. Or just go striaght to your core item, eithr NN or Dagon. Imo depends on the game, if there are a lot of squishy heroes go for NN, because you dont need anymore burst and its fine if you dont get the kills, and someone else on your team does. If they are on the tankier side, trust me and go for dagon. In anycase you should always get NN, be it your first or second core item. On the other hand if you dont get dagon first don't bother with it. After depending on how well the game is going, either go for hex, shiva, or if things are going bad the fairly easy bloodstone build up is a good choice.
    Burst kill a hero, get killed heal team GG XD
  20. jskd

    jskd Well-Known Member

    u bash enemy naix/lycan while they bkbed and that will really cut their dps 1.4 sec, these types of heros can put out 1500 damage when they are farmed in that time.

    So why not? what else are u gonna do when youve dumped all your spells? tank and right click. Might aswell add some utility to that right click. Even if your attackspeed is slow. You do get bashes. convince ur ally dirge to get basher too and rightclick that naix together.