Need Tips to Get Better at Dota 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Jezbro, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Jezbro

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    So I have just recently gotten into this game and have enjoyed it so far and explored a lot of the heroes. I've been watching pretty much every tournament match there is on at the moment to familiarize myself with everything, but I was wondering if anyone has tips to get better. Like what do the really good players do apart from play it a LOT?

    Should I just master one hero at a time and get amazing at just that - playing private matches and just last hitting forever - picking the hero no matter what the team comp is?
    Or should I random pick every match so I can be able to play every hero essentially?

    And knowing which items work best in which situation is that just something I get used to or is there specific things I should look out for to help me decide which items to buy (ie nuke enemies go for X and disable enemies go for Y)?

    Any other information that you guys found helpful would be greatly appreciated as I'm sure a few people would find this sort of stuff helpful too.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. NickPhamUK

    NickPhamUK Banned

    Hard work & dedication. Blood, sweat & tears.
  3. ~Noxonius

    ~Noxonius Well-Known Member

    Just keep playing the game, read guides and watch high level games.
  4. DrFrank~

    DrFrank~ Well-Known Member

    Practice, practice, practice. It took me two years to get to the point where I started enjoying the damn game.
  5. TheKindlyOne

    TheKindlyOne Well-Known Member

    Remember: it's not about winning, it's about sucking less.

    Go into a game shit, come out less shit.
  6. Kazuja

    Kazuja Well-Known Member

    If we're talking about which heroes to learn, you can usually work with 3-4 well familiarized heroes just fine. It depends on the niches they fill. You want to be as flexible as possible during drafting, having hero-options for gankers, pushers, supports, carrys and the like.
    Personal player skill you get simply by playing the game. Experience is a strong weapon. Having prediction skills and good reflexes makes you a ton better on your own already, though personal skill still loses to good teamwork.
    Knowledge about what to build/do when you get through guides, experience, pro games and trying to analyze your mistakes in replays. Analyzing yourself is important in many different ways, as no mistakes teach you like your own one.

    As a last tip: If you're being annoyed by getting beaten to pulp by a certain hero, you may want to read more about it, what counters it in theory, what its weaknesses are, and possibly even playing the character for a match or two yourself to see what gimps it the most. Knowing every hero's general weakspot is a safe way to allow yourself to be crazy-prepared for just about any situation. If all else fails, you may want to try another hero against the nemesis in question.
  7. d3adlylegend

    d3adlylegend Banned

    Hard work and dedication !
  8. Arkadi

    Arkadi Well-Known Member

    i haz youtube guide videos
  9. 3TT2S

    3TT2S Well-Known Member

    Ok listen to me well, no one's mentioned it but you need to play with your team mates. Ive learnt that no matter how bad they are, dont flame them. It's a team game, play it as it is.

    Specifically speaking, you should watch tournaments to understand some mechanics. Dnt play a hero over and over again as well, you should alternate roles and understand their role : carry, support, semi support, mid, offlane.

    Making the rightt decisions wins the game, that demands a lot of concentration which you might get later on with experience.

    That said, good luck, and dont get discouraged by how "bad" you are atm, youll get better in time and wont regret the 1000 hours you spent on the game.
  10. Bernoully

    Bernoully Well-Known Member

    Learn to control your anger and you will learn better.
  11. Riki_Martin~

    Riki_Martin~ Banned

    I can't give you hero pick tip, but there is one simple thing you need to remember:
    During a fight, use all of your skills. Whatever of cooldown, use it. It doesn't matter much who's the target since you're new but the longer you play you'll know who should be the high priority target.
  12. smashville

    smashville Well-Known Member

    My favorite thing to do is to watch my own games after I lose.

    Watch them closely and assess what you can do better. Toggle on and off your team's vision and try to guess where the enemy is at a given time. Slow it down, speed it up. Analyze big decisions you made that cost you. Learn how to avoid those in the future.

    Since you're watching pro games you'll have a very good idea of a bad decision vs. a good one.

    edit: also im a proponent of randoming until you have an idea of 3-5 that you LOVE. Then make those your rotation and build out from there. Definitely, don't just play 1 or you'll never improve.
  13. AcidSnow

    AcidSnow Well-Known Member

    DrFrank~ speaks the truth.
    It also took me two years before I was comfortable with the game. That might sound ominous, but believe me when I say that those two years are going to be exhilarating. Don't expect to be a pro by the end of those two years, because I've been playing on/off since 2005, and I'm only marginally better than the typical-aged player.

    I recommend reading hero guides online: item builds, skill builds etc... And visit the Hero & Item pages daily to refresh your memory of the more subtle details of each hero/item.