Need Help With Building a new PC

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Tech' started by NitroSkim, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. NitroSkim

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    Need help with building a pc with specs that can run smoothly with the daily programs I use.

    The Daily Programs I use:
    • Adobe Photoshop CS5(CS6 hopefully)*
    • Adober After Effects CS5
    • Adobe Illustrator CS5*
    • DotA 2*
    • Wacraft III
    • World Of Warcraft
    *=Heavy usage
    My budget is < Php100,000

  2. ChildLikEmperor

    ChildLikEmperor Administrator

    Thats a big budget. Have you got monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers or do they need to be in your budget too?

    I would start at looking at:
    • i7-2600k (you will get the use out of the i7 with your heavy adobe use)
    • 16gb 1600 mhz ram (Ram is cheap and you have the budget for a little more than the 8 I would normally recommend)
    • 27" LED monitor, samsung (you want a large vivid screen for graphical work and samsung is a great brand)
    • 120gb+ SSD (SSD prices are reasonable now in this size and provides a great improvement)
    • 1TB+ harddrive (I would go WD or Seagate 7200rpm 32mb, the speed isnt that important due to SSD but would be easy in your budget)
    • GTX680 graphics card (You got the budget and I find nvidia cards have better Anti-aliasing for your design work. Single card systems have less issues than SLI/crossfire configurations)
    • Antec or Corsair 600W + power supply (Choosing a good brand is essential here)
    • Wacom medium size+ tablet (for your design work and extra settings compared to bamboo)
    • Asus, gigabyte, MSI, asrock motherboard (brands dont make a huge difference here but can effect how much you overclock)
    • Case, keyboard and mouse are a personal choice, loads of good options out there. Choose one that fits your tastes best

    Theres a start. Try looking to see how much that will be from your local vendors
  3. Xeqn

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    the gtx680 seems to be crippled on the compute side mainly because nvidia is going full gamers side since your not doing any hardcore gaming id reccomand the gtx 580 or the 7970
    the gtx580 does use a little bit more power but it should cost a bit less
  4. Xmarksthegank

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    Ask a more relevant forum. State your uses, and just say Dota 2 as a game.

    What this means is that basically you just want the fastest possible solution for abode CS. Dota 2 will run fluently from anything that is midrange onwards.

    i7 is preferred afaik, over i5. For gaming and most use, there is no difference. RAM is better if plenty, for editing stuff.

    nVidia has some exclusive computing features. However, it seems that the computing performance on the GTX 680 is pretty crippled. Otherwise it is an extremely fine card, fastest single-gpu, pretty silent + cool and supports more than 2 screens.

    GTX 580, I have one. Right now, if I bought one, I'd buy it used... rather many people who sell these cards, tend to sell the one and then upgrade for the next high-end for around 200$/€.

    They are a bit noisier and provide more heat, but it's manageable with custom cooling solutions. The real annoyance might be that it only supports up to 2 screens.

    Then there are AMD solutions, HD7970. Doesn't have the nVidia advantages, but they aren't going to restrict features from their cards, at least as much.

    It seems that nVidia has made GTX 680 purely a gaming card, and wants non-gamers to get a quadro instead. Which costs a ton.

    Take it to appropriate forum, the baseline computer would be something along the emperorguy's suggestions.

    Main issue is to get the best performance for your computations, and knowing exactly how much of it you need. Maybe you only need CPU performance and a poor GPU would be enough; in that case a current midrange GPU would be great since it is enough for Dota 2.

    Also, take into consideration whether if you use more than two screens or not.
  5. callme

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    Here is a good system that will cost around ~43000php
  6. ChildLikEmperor

    ChildLikEmperor Administrator

    Except his budget is twice that and this system will underperform for his desired tasks