Need Help Roadrunner build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by demi1, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Hi all

    I am new in dota world so i dont good all intem hero builds, can help with roudrunner build, start builds and final, or if exist some program builds for heroes


    PS: Sry for bad english iam spain :)
  2. Atilla

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    Wrong section, you should've posted this in Strategy.
    And by "Roadrunner" I assume you mean Windrunner?
  3. D4rKAv3nGeR

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    By RoadRunner, I guess he means Spirit Breaker.
  4. Shamanics

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    Start with boots of speed and start saving up for phase boots.
    When you last hitted enough creeps buy phase boots and then go Eul then Sange and Yasha else the Coyote eats you cause he is fast.
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    Lol nice thread
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    you need to buy items from the ACME shop. it's underneath roshan, but i suppose you can run by him.
  9. plzonlygame

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    You are giving bad name to Australia

    Isnt it Coyote that buys the acme stuff ? :>

    OT: Treads
    Vanguard or Bracers
    Mask of madness

    is a basic but reasonable build.
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  11. kawumm

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    treads wand vanguard (blademail, agha are situationally cool; BKB too but since youre new i guess its not really needed that often) AC/mjoll (ac is usually the superior choice, but lightning is so cute and it gives bara some AoE presence/farming mech)

    start with stout salve tango and branches, usually you need to rush RoH afterwards (unless you have a easy lane, then rush treads), boots, treads/wang. can start raping as soon as you have treads usually

    A lot of spirit breakers get MoM, its good to rape lone heroes but it really fucks you up in teamfights. phase/euls/yasha to boost MS isnt good, hes fast already and it barely adds any damage.
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    Roadrunner! xD
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    Is this in Dota: