Necrolyte - Item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Ranciddeath, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Ranciddeath

    Ranciddeath Active Member

    And yes, i have used the search function, but there are so many different and conflicting ways to build this n3grolyte. So my question, what do the pro's build with him in the current metagame? Is there no universal, agreed build for this hero?
  2. Salawayun

    Salawayun Well-Known Member

    He's commonly built as a Tank, other times an early Support but still acts as a quasi tank as the game drags on. Soul Ring and Mekansm can be considered as common staple items on him, Hood/Pipe and Vanguard though is still somewhat arguable. If you wanna base your build and the role that you're gonna be playing on the current meta then you'd probably want to go for Utility and rush for items that can benefit you and your team, something like a Mekansm, Arcane Boots and a Janggo (I'm not saying that this is a Pro build just to make it clear).
  3. MaxQuest

    MaxQuest Well-Known Member

    Necro is indeed quite flexible.
    I usually go for RoB, [simple boots + SR] / [Arcane], Wand, Meka, Soulbooster as core.
    Later I opt for hex / pipe. Occasionally bloodstone or necrobook.
    And finish with shiva / hot.
  4. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    Works as a pretty nice DPS carry hero.


    Allows you to deal quite significant aoe D.o.t

    Or we can go for the boring:

    Mek+VG+hood (2 of them)->Shiva / hex
  5. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    Build whatever you want on him depending on the game.

    Blademail is strangely good when you've stacked HP.

    And I can see where your account name comes from, OP =)
  6. YoTengoUnLCD

    YoTengoUnLCD Well-Known Member

    I really dislike Meka on him, early on you have mana problems and meka does nothing but to make them worse.
    I personally like this:
    [nqb]Phase/Arcane (for soulbooster)
    Finish Soulbooster/Hex/AC/Shivas[/nqb]
  7. Ranciddeath

    Ranciddeath Active Member

    What's the point of Soulbooster if its not gonna be upgraded to Bloodstone?
  8. MassBalance

    MassBalance Well-Known Member

    Treads, Mek, Jango, Bloodstone, Aghys, Guinsoo
  9. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Do you realize that Bloodstone mana and mana regeneration are wasted on Necro and that Aghanim is shit?
    Look if you have a hero with 1800, he loses 900 and then your cast your ulti:

    - Not Agha
    Damage: 900*0.9 = 810

    - With Agha
    Damage: 900*1.2 = 1080

    1080 - 810 = 270

    I would have Dagon instead...
  10. sh0kk

    sh0kk Well-Known Member

    Treads > Janggo > Mek > Hex > Heart
  11. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    Whoever suggests Aghanim's on Necro should delete dota from his computer.

    On a serious note I find core the following:

    -Phase boots

    Then the situational

    -Divine (yes,that shit is amazing on necrolyte only after you tank him)

    Anything else on necrolyte is pretty much shit.
  12. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Necro is mean to Tank some damage for his team, BKB ruins the purpose of doing that and If I'm going to play "semicarry" Necrolyte I would rush Radiance or get Mjollnir after tanking him up... but Divine is much more risky than Radiance and it also more hard to farm.
  13. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    Bkb is core if enemy has like 10 disables and you have a lot less.

    Trust me,I played a game where nothing but Divine could win the game.

    And it did.
  14. Ranciddeath

    Ranciddeath Active Member

    This is the thing that is infuriating me with this hero, when it comes to this topic, as I've mentioned, no one can agree on one unified build for Necro.
  15. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    Of course noone can present you a serious build for necrolyte because hardly anyone plays necrolyte in -cm games and succeeds at it.
  16. edgaras1993

    edgaras1993 Well-Known Member

  17. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    Well you should never rule out BKB on any hero. Even Centaur should get BKB if necessary. Necro could get it, but it is highly situational and rare that you would need one.
  18. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    I've tried the tanker route on him, str treads, vg, meka but it never seems to work because of the lack of mana. been trying arcane, bloodstone and shivas and provides better results.
  19. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    dagger depending on ur ally

    hex is old school best item

    meka only if u got arcane boots
  20. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    I think that this post explain pretty much what I think of BKB on Necrolyte:

    And about Divine: Because it worked in ONE game it don't means that it should be effective in everygame

    Necrolyte is a hero that needs item that don't lose their utility has the game goes on.
    I personally like the Heaven's Halberd and Pipe combo.
    Both magic resistance and Evasion escale has your HP becomes higher making Necrolyte extremely hard to bring down, in top of that the Heaven's-Pipe build have synergy with items like Shivas, Ghost Staff, Linken's and Mjollnir (Again, Mjollnir is viable only in semicarry builds)
    A alternative for the Heaven's-Pipe build would be Heaven's-Mekkans or RoA-Pipe.