Necrolyte : Item and Skill build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by asdasd, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. asdasd

    asdasd Well-Known Member

    Hello, i would like to start practicing an hero i play really really rarely.
    I've tried to look at the guides but they seem outdated so i was wondering what is the item build and the skill build for necrolyte.

    thanks in advance.
  2. syuts

    syuts Well-Known Member

    Skill build is usually Aura/Pulse/Pulse/Sadist/Pulse/Ult/Pulse/Sadist x 3

    Item build is quite flexible to be honest.
    Fast BoT ensures your fast farm throughout the game, although not always doable.
    Early Guinsoo is also very powerful if you can farm early.

    In normal games, Tread/Mek/Soulring/Wand/Scepter/TPs is pretty solid build in most situation. But adjust your build according to enemy team.Throw in Hood against Casters, Pipe against AoE, Plate->Shivas against DPS etc...
    Heart is also a good late-game addition.
  3. winddragon

    winddragon Well-Known Member

    I like going vang-guinsoo route. But you can also go mek instead of vang/just rush guinsoo.


  4. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    I can't tell if this is a troll or not.

    OT: Survivability= More spamming death pulse and more lingering effects of Heartstopper aura=Funzies for you. Unless you feel like ksing your teammates, you don't have to get Aghanims on him because you are support and shouldn't be taking kills but feel free to take it if you got some beefy enemies.

    Skill depends on the lane, if you can easily get in some death pulses because they are melee, go for it. If they are harassing your ass with some long range, get Heartstopper. Sadist should only be gotten in conjunction with Death Pulse. Scythe is whenever possible.
  5. syuts

    syuts Well-Known Member

    Obviously, Scepter is not an optimal choice if you are farming well, because there are better items for similar price. But the reason I usually get it is because it is easy to make, helps you bit by bit, and give decent bonus for its price. Not in every game will you be able to farm item parts that are +2k easily. For one, I have seen many Necro replays where Necro gets early Orb+Void and unable to finish that Mystic for a long time, screwing up his entire game.
  6. Kallp

    Kallp Well-Known Member

    Wand, RoB, Treads, Mek, Guinsoo, Shiva's. Replace Mek with Vanguard if you have a Pugna, Chen, Visage, or other Mek user.

    If you have a mobile team with a lot of blinkers go Phase instead of Treads.

    Soul Ring is a garbage item on him and BoT's are a waste of money.
  7. Morbius

    Morbius Well-Known Member

    Aghanims is fine if you're not carrying.
  8. winddragon

    winddragon Well-Known Member

    There was a VERY GOOD thread on dota-allstars explaining why aghanims is bad on necro. I tried to find it and save it with google cache but didn't find it. Sad.

    Anyway aghanims is bad because it will only add like 200 damage to your ult if your enemies have 3k+ hps, and only if you hit it in the exactly right moment to get the maximum damage possible(impossible 99% of the time).

    Also Necro is not a fucking supporter, he's a tank, and he has good farming skills to farm his guinsoo. Anyway, if you cant farm guinsoo you could get linkens after your vang/mek/both, it's not that hard to farm linkens.
  9. speedygorrila

    speedygorrila Well-Known Member

    Ok its pretty simple

    If your facing 2 heroes or they have a lot of tanky heroes, your going to need more than 1 level of aura. It doesn't matter whether you get pulse or aura at level one, just keep in mind UNLESS your facing a hero/heroes with mediocre health, you only take 1 lvl of aura to maximize % per level put in.

    Next, many pros get phase boots. You should too

    Next next, you can play many types of necrolyte, but he is a good semi-carry due to his ulti. The common build of mek is a cheap and can be gotten quickly. As for me, I find he has many mana problems despite sadist. Therefore, mana regen is always a good choice, hence scepter is just so, seeing it only gives int. Obviously guinsoo is the best choice for any int hero. However, you can't always farm that much. Items that keep you in good shape like pers should be the core you focus on, because you can't always rely on farm.

    Thats basically it
  10. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    tank up with any combination of mek vang hood(/cloak) you find appropriate for your game, then farm guinsoo. good late game extensions include shiva/hot/ac/linkens.
    boots it depends, all 3 are decent for necro.
  11. winddragon

    winddragon Well-Known Member

    If you can't farm a guinsoo with freaking necro then gg.

    Anyway i usually leave normal boots/upgrade into travels later or if i'm getting imba farm. If you really want to upgrade boots not into travels, go threads. You're a tank, not a chaser. Attributes are useful.
  12. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

    travels linkens shiva heart.
    1 point in ha max pulse and sadist ulti whenever possible then max ha.
  13. winddragon

    winddragon Well-Known Member

    If you can farm that magic staff to get shiva you may aswell get guinsoo you know. It increases your dota skillz by 1337.
  14. Well-Known Member

    Aduh Awas wrote a very good guide for Necro. Look for it. It's not outdated. Soul ring is a must.
  15. louroux

    louroux Well-Known Member

    yes, i have to agree that was a serious post, id rather opt for bloodstone than aghanim, go for BoT / phase+bracers if you are not farming well

    1: aura/pulse, personal preference thing, i go for pulse.
    2: aura/pulse
    3: pulse
    4: sadist
    5: pulse
    6: ulti
    7: pulse
    8: max either aura or pulse, with good mana management and soul ring you can skip sadist and go aura(stats if you are one of those people who thinks aura is useless.) I usually skip sadist and opt for aura though sadist is a must have late game for mass spamming/farming.
  16. skalaja

    skalaja Member

    Start off with salve, 3 tangos, 2 mantles (lol i said slippers before), 2 GGBranches. Get Ptreads, Mek, Ult orb, void stone, then mystic staff for the sheep stick. Don't get ult stick, not worth it. For late game you can get deso and/or shivas. The last two items are luxury items and usually won't reach. If you do reach that point, get shivas first.

    For skill build I like to max pulse and sadist, getting ult at level 6. This helps to ensure you can farm well and spam pulse. I personally believe that aura is highly situational and it can be good, but sadist is just better for farming(opinion). After maxing pulse and sadist, max out aura then stats.

    I see no point in getting soul ring when you have a move that gives you mana back. You simply need to last hit and spam your pulse. Soul ring is a waste on Necro, in my opinion.
  17. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    slippers, deso and no stick

    cool trolling bro
  18. skalaja

    skalaja Member

    GGBranches go into Mek, but magic stick is fine to get as well. kthx?
  19. Joker_DT

    Joker_DT Well-Known Member

    necro is a tank, carrier and good farming so is not hard to rush guinsoo early
    if you cant do that, go buy bloodstone
    aghanims is not bad item, it's increase the change to kill the enemy hero and it give a lot of stats
  20. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    Pulse HS Pulse HS Pulse Ult Pulse HS HS
    Aghanims is quite meh, except if rushed.
    Situationals include Blink, Force, Eul's, Hood, Blademail, BKB, Mek
    EB is quite lulzy
    Radiance works fine sometimes
    Urn works great too