Natures Profit too strong

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Chuck_Norris_DP, May 4, 2012.

  1. Sir_Crocodile

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    A good furion will just use his treants as wards to avoid getting ganked, since by late-game he's able to easily push towers with just the back up of a creep wave.
  2. MR-President

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    Suggestion: Rename Wrath of Nature to Nature's Profit. Explains the skill's role better.
  3. ][nFecToR147

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    Steals all carrys farm .
    nuf said
  4. fr0zenknife

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    I support this idea.
  5. Azihayya

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    You're overlooking the massive draw-backs that come with using Wrath of Nature.
  6. SavageRS

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    I enter here only for the title.

    "Nature Profit" LOL. 9/10

    But the post was terrible, 0/10.
  7. Mc_Gamer

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    Profit is a great hero, and a good pusher, but one downfall is he can get killed by two lightning bolts from zeus, that's how squishy he is, but as for a money making machine, agreed, because i have built him with miljinor and wow, sometimes better than kitty's timing. It's just my opinion
  8. SpellBindeR

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  9. Joshuababybot

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    He's pretty quite squishy...No need to nerf him
  10. silvercover

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    obviously, if your up against nature, pick the shredder. :cool1:

    no seriously, rizzrak can easily find and tear this guy apart.
    sprout? death chain ftw.
    teleport? find him with timber chain.
    treants? you've got reactive armor.
    wrath of nature? just ignore it and use chakram.

    yeah really. if he tries to farm in those cliffs, either chase him there with timber chain or just launch your chakram.

    rizzrak will prove who's the "nature profit" here. :rofl:
  11. Green Yoshi

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that he's been top pick since 1999. My point was that the game has changed so much and he hasn't.

    And people saying that Furion can be ganked miss the point. We're not saying that he's OP, we're saying that he farms too well, both to his advantage but mainly to the overall detriment of his team. He just doesn't fit in the game anymore.
  13. B4cko

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    ^yes, nature's profit.
  14. chrome9812

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    Since 1999? Seems legit
  15. WulffX03

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  16. illiterate

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    hero with mapwide farming potential and no steroid skill.

    i see no issue.
  17. majenta

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    furion? get riki, slark, ursa, lycan, meepo... problem?
  18. Diyon

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    It doesn't have to be this way, thats just how asshats play natures prophet.

    People who say he doesn't fit the game anymore because of they way they play him are downies. Nature's prophet doesnt have to be that jerk who goes midas-->scepter--->farmfarmfarm and takes everyones farm for 20 minutes.

    It doesnt HAVE to be that way, thats just how people are playing him. Furion has incredible potential as a ganker and pusher instead of a farmer. I find it better to focus on his ganking potential than his farming potential. Leave other players to farm, if furion can TP around the map ganking everywhere or pushing than hes doing alot more than sitting in the forest pushing every lane starving his team.
  19. Vhixinhaler

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  20. Prongs13

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    cant finish games thanks to his ultimate. reduce dmg on creeps in half plz