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    I think they'll all be killed in the next chapter.

    I have the same speculation, but somewhat different, I think itss a Sharingan or one of Madara's Paths implanted with his memory(he has the Rinnegan and it is possible that he has the Six Paths like Pain, and he can also use the Izanagi to its fullest as he both have the Uchiha and Senju blood in him, maybe he made another one like himself using the Creation of All Things Jutsu.) that is put in a vessel(remember when Kabuto said that Tobi's vessel is unique) using a kinjutsu, and that vessel is Zetsu.

    And also it was seen not just in the manga but even in the anime, and iirc it didn't regenerate but Tobi removed his own arm and in the next chapters it's regenerated, his arm is also seen to excrete a white gelatinous substance, both in the fight against Danzo's ANBU and Yondaime which looks like it came from a white Zetsu.
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    hmm, read this on some Naruto forums, watta you guyz think about this (some guys theory) (
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    So Sasuke is a good guy now? :D
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    Kabuto doing drugs and shit, sigh...somewhat boring story, in the end they'll either make Kabuto die or something.
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    This was probably discussed already, but still...

    I really don't like the fact of Rinnegan being next step in Sharingan evolution.
    Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan should've been the last step!
    Only scenario where this could make any sense is that Madara was able to obtain Senju DNA (which I hope is how he actually did awake his Rinnegan).

    Also, I'm really bothered that Byakugan is practically forgotten.
    Hope that it will get bigger role in the future!
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    I don't really expect Byakugan getting an improvement any time soon, could be but still. I thought it's the DNA that helps to achieve Rinnengan, though I don't mind it being next step from EMS.
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    New chapter everyone!
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    Can't wait for the new chapter.
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    I'll wait until it's posted on MangaStream.

    It would be stupid if Rinnegan is next step in in Sharingan evolution since:
    A - They are simply too different (cat -> cheetah -> tiger -> utahraptor).
    B - It simply makes more sense that only way it can be achieved is by getting Senju DNA since both Senju and Uchiha are descendants of the Sage of the Six Paths and only way to awake his power should be by uniting Senju and Uchiha again.
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    ^B - that's exactly what I'm talking about, the possibility of straight jump into Rinnengan didn't even cross my mind once until reading about it possibly being that way.
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    i really really hate Naturo Flash Backs ... Almost 90% of the Flash backs are Retarded ....
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    Anime finally picking up
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    Some parts of naruto is boring but i like it
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    What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this chapter, they almost always make key moves fail for others but Naruto, gotta hate that.
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    A new Naruto movie is out. The Blood Prison.

    Interesting, but it can't fit into the anime timeline.
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    Gonna check it out!

    OK then.
    That's fine and sexy.

    Meh... it's just a delay.
    A nasty habit mangas and animes have is that they delay things to keep you in suspense.
    That's fine, but the problem is that they do it too much imo.
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    I few years back I watched all the Naruto episodes and up to episode 120 in Shipuuden. Now I've re-watched all the Naruto episodes and I'm at episode 132 in Shipuuden where Jiraiya is fighting Pain, I gotta say, this fight is epic, and I can't wait til I've caught up to where they are today :)
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    ^Have fun with fillers then, they bore me to death. And Naruto vs Pain animation is not too far, prepare yourself mentally for it.
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    Until a certain point in Naruto x Pain, the fight is undescribably epic though. Both the fight scenes but also the entire motive of it. Pain battles with Johan Liebert for best villain ever.
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    It's epic but the
    9 tails awakening part