Name for your future kid

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by HowToKick, May 2, 2012.

  1. Bovver

    Bovver Well-Known Member

    Boy: Mark
    Girl: Julie
  2. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

    'kay batman
  3. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    Boy: Kai

    Girl: Belle

    One syllable names are ftw.
  4. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    Nobody will name his kid Pudge?
  5. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    Pudge would be a fine name for a male child. I am not sure what I would name my daughter, if I ever have one.
  6. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

  7. Sasho1233

    Sasho1233 Well-Known Member

    Pudge goes both ways. You can use for a son or a daughter. But the best way to use it would be on a hermaphrodite.
  8. Inconnue

    Inconnue Well-Known Member

    Darth Lord McFuckblade.
  9. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

  10. HowToKick

    HowToKick Well-Known Member

    Pudge is female just saying
  11. jaredkkreborn

    jaredkkreborn Well-Known Member

    Alucard Sebastion Kettner. I will post the birth certificate when i finally have the son, but it could take awhile as i am single, i hate women.
  12. nianiaro

    nianiaro Well-Known Member

    Well,if it's a girl: Νεφέλη.
    If it is a boy: Πέτρο.
  13. RikiMaro

    RikiMaro Well-Known Member

    Niggatron 2000
  14. Elle'

    Elle' Banned

    Being an anime fan, having Alucard and Sebastian in one name gives the name for me one badass feel. I might just plagiarise this for my son.:cool1:


  16. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    The Butcher!
  17. Sock Rats

    Sock Rats Banned

  18. wesai

    wesai Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure, but I know what the name will be if I have Siamese twins: Jakiro!
  19. Inreet

    Inreet Banned

  20. Zuul

    Zuul Well-Known Member

    Boy: Sargent , Sir , President or Goku

    Girl: Moonbeam , Startrail or Goku