My Theory on Cancer

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    Lymphoma - blood cancer. Should a woman that has it become pregnant, her child will have Lymphoma as well.
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    allow me to march in and end this discussion

    ill use stephen hawking's argument for why he thinks the government isnt hiding proof of aliens from us

    they're doing a much better job at covering this up than they are everything else

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    You just made no sense whatsoever.
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    Think of the effort required to keep aliens a secret.

    For example, imagine a single space vessel being hidden by the US government.

    1. A military base to hide the vessel in.
    2. A military force strong enough to repel a direct assault on them.
    3. A maintenance staff (cleaners, repairmen etc)
    4. An army of scientists to study the thing so that you actually make it worth something.
    5. You have to make sure all these 10,000+ people can keep a secret from their families, friends, strangers when they're out getting drunk etc.
    5b) If they aren't allowed to leave the facility, you need a group of people to enforce that rule, and you must either keep them in the dark or you have to make sure they can keep a secret.
    6) You have to make sure your army of people are located somewhere no one knows where, yet be able to transport huge amounts of resources without being noticed.
    7) You have to have leaders who can keep a secret.
    8) You have to either eliminate or be entirely sure anyone who was previously involved in it doesn't tell anyone.
    9) You have to fund the thing, without revealing any info on what is being funded.

    Now, this thing has bloated into a 100k+ people charade, due to friends, family, any social interaction. How can anyone believe not a single one of them would ever say anything?
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    considering that the speed of light is considered a limit and that the closest habitable planets we know of are 20 light years from the earth it is pretty much assumed that travelling that far is impossible

    the amount of energy required to go that far would be extraordinary, as well as the fact that it would most likely take hundreds if not thousands of years as spaceships going at the speed of light seem very unlikely
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    what about aliens that have learned how to be self sufficient as they travel the stars for thousands of years?

    and thanks Idioticus
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    sounds likely
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    What if they just dont travel through 3 dimensions the same way we do (excluding time)?

    Each aditional dimension provides an equal or shorter path to a location. 1D beeing the one that provides the longest route and 3D the shortest we are aware of.

    If we were able to travel through dimensions above 3 we would be able to take those shortcuts without having to go at a tremendous speed.

    A basic example would be going from US to china. You can travel in 2D on the surface in a plane or you can go in 3D in a straight line through earth.
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    you do realize a straight line is 1D, right?
    if this was 2D the distance through the earth would be infinitely small, so the ratio of the distance of travelling through the earth in 2D to going through the earth in 3D would be infinitely small, i.e. it would be smaller than the ratio of the nucleus of an atom to the entire universe

    ITT: people theorizing about stuff they have no knowledge about
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    Be on Topic. Cancer and aliens aren't connected.
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    You are not geting the example so ill change it.

    A 1d beeing will only know for sure that 1 dimensional traveling is posible.

    This is how a 1D beeing would see his world:


    The 1D beeing would be happy as he knows that the shortest route from one end to the other of the line is marked by that same line. However, he is unaware that he is traveling on the dimensions above, wich means there is indeed an equal or shorter route he is unaware of.

    This is how a 2d beeing would see his world as well as the 1d beeing world:


    This means that if the 2d beeing wants to travel from lets say (0;3) to (3;3) it will take him the same distance as the 1D beeing.
    But what would happen if we take another 1 dimensional world out of the infinite amount contained in the 2 dimensional universe?

    Take this one for example:


    The one dimensional beeing living in sin (X) would think his world is flat, a simple straight line. Little does he know that he is moving on 2 dimensions.

    The one dimensional beeing would be willing to put his hands on fire when he says "the shortest route from (0;0) to (0;pi) is in fact sin (X). However, the 2 dimensional beeing knows thit is BS, the shortest route is from 0--->pi using the shortest 1 dimension route ("A straight line").

    This means that the 2D beeing has a huge advantage over the 1d beeing as he gets to chose the the best posible 1d route to where he wants to get.
    He is not confined to a single 1d route as the 1d beeing, but he gets to chose from an infinite amount of them and can get to an infinite amount of points the 1d beeing cant (for example (0;1)).


    But then the 3d beeing arrives to the party. He gets to chose a route among an infinite amount of 2d universes. Wich means he can come up with a shorter or equal path to a location.

    From red dot to red dot:

    Black: 1d beeing shortest route
    Green: 2d beeing shortest route... a straight line on his flat world.
    Blue: 3d beeing shortest route... he goes through the cilinder chosing a 2d plane!


    And then a 4 dimensional beeing arrives to the party (wich is us, fairly easy to imagine an example if you understood all of the above), he gets to chose among an infinite amount of 3d universes... and then a 5d and a 6d and a 7d and an 8d, etc.

    If we were able to know how to take these shortcuts, using more than the current infinite amount of 3 dimensional universes we get to chose from we might find a more eficient route to a desired location. Ho needs to travel faster than the speed of light when you can chose a more eficient route? China might be 5 minutes away from U.S. (walking at 5 mph) in the right direction.... its so anoying.

    All routes come down to 1D, however it is the amount of choices that make the diference.

    1D beeing has only one choice, 2d beeing has an infinity amount of choices, 3d beeings have an infinity of an infinity amount of choices, etc.
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    ^ I'm not a big physics buff, but I'm pretty sure your analogy only applies to the first three dimensions. After that, we get time, after that, AFAIK the dimensions are only theoretically observable to us at a quantum level, and I'm not sure we're still talking about spatial dimensions then.

    Again, not claiming to be an expert here, but I seriously doubt learning more about the fifth dimension or whatever woul affect our travel tech.

    The fourth dimension on the other hand.......
  13. Mazoku

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    We live in 4 dimensions, so here is another analogy that takes the examples one step further.

    We exist in time unlike the examples i provided, wich means we can chose when to take action. Each time frame contains a hole 3d static universe.

    What is the distance to the moon?

    A 3d beeing would say without a doubt X however we exist in 4d wich means we should answer "at what time?". Unlike a person that exist in 3d we can actualy chose the right time (when the moon is closer to the earth) and chose that time to make a trip, thus making an equal or more eficient trip. Yay... you have just used time to cut through the third dimention. You chose the best posible 3d universe, inside that 3d universe the best 2d universe and inside that 2d universe the "straight line".

    Same concept aplies to every day life. We use time to shorten distances (for example you wait for the bus at the bus stop, you dont run 15 miles to get to it).

    Every aditional dimention makes the trip equal or shorter, it doesnt matter if they are spacial or temporal. That is why it is so awesome.
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    a 4th dimensional being would be reminiscent of God
    in fact, you might as well call all 4th dimensional beings gods

    "If we encountered them, we would find they can perform levitation, bloodless surgery, disappear in front of our eyes, walk through walls. Nothing would be hidden from them, no matter how hard we tried to hide."
  15. Mazoku

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    I was not talking about 4 dimensional beeings but 3 dimensional beeings that have learned (if posible) how to travel through the dimensions above.

    If 4, 5, etc dimensional beeings exist i doubt we can ever comprehend them even if they know we exist and come in contact with us.
    Take us for example, we can consider ourselves 2d gods, however how can we know if 2d beeings exist? We canot see, touch , etc 2 dimensional stuff. We are stuck in 3 (4 with time).

    If we were able to somehow learn how to travel through the 5°, 6°, etc. dimension we would be able to acomplish far more than anyone can ever dream. Shortening distances is close to nothing compared to the potential doing something like that has.
    It would pretty much mean godlike powers.
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    holy crap bring up an example and sheesh...
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    Perhaps, after all democracy is just advanced form of manipulation.
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    There's nothing like resting with a cold beer in your hand after a long hard day and seeing this. Cancer -> Aliens and conspiracy -> physics and dimensions and god knows what else tread just makes you lol and forget about all the troubles.. Life IS good.
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    what an odd suggestion..
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    extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence