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    As my first guide i would like to express my sadness in account of Thrall the disruptor such a fun hero that is not picked at all lately..

    I would also try to make this guide user friendly with tons of images and not too much wall of text...

    As for the hero now.. Thrall the disruptor is one of the most underrated and underestimated supports in the DotA community.He is even better than the current competitive top supports like cm-venge etc if played well...

    I will be honest with you he is definitely not an easy hero for you to master do to some problems and his unreliability with his skills..

    Overall statistics of Thrall the Dirsuptor​


    19 + 1.9
    15 + 1.4
    22 + 2.5

    49 - 53
    Casting Animation:
    Attack Range:

    Thrall the Disruptor skills:

    Thunder Strike​

    Thrall curses the target to be struck by thunder 3 times over 4 seconds. Foes nearby the victim will also be damaged.
    Level Mana cost Casting range AOE Duration Target Effects

    3 strikes with
    1 130 16 800 200 4sec Enemy unit 50 damage
    // 75dmg
    2 // // // // // // //100dmg
    3 // // // // // // //125dmg
    4 // // // // // //
    - Your only "nuke" in your arsenal
    - Good early game for harassing, killing, pushing, annoying
    - Gets bad later on game
    - Is AOE dmg that means you can hit multiple targets when close to you primary..
    - Gives vision to the area around the targeted foe.
    - Damage type Magical

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