Murphy's Law in DotA

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    Enemy team's void:


    My team's void (2:41 onwards):

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    Or when you are under the effect of a spell that deals damage/second.

    OT: DoT spells always last longer on you or your allies than on enemies. Maybe this was mentioned a while ago, so i'll go with some more:

    You always run out of urn charges when you need them.
    Whenever you play Anti-mage, enemy team is full of disablers. When enemy plays Anti-mage, the longest stunner in your team is a Gondar (Bounty Hunter for the weak ones).
    Enemy DOOM! lasts until you die. Whenever you DOOM! an enemy, it will expire when the enemy has 1% hp left or the enemy will get denied by an ally.
    Your blink dagger teleports you to a shorter distance than enemy's blink dagger AND it's always more expensive.
    If there's a Riki on the enemy team, he is always behing you.
    If an arrow hits you from the middle of nowhere and it stuns you, expect that you are going to die exactly when the stun would go of. This applies generally to every ability that stuns.
    Enemy towers are easier to be denied. So are enemy creeps.
    Whenever enemy Lich ulties, suddenly everyone on your team becomes gay.
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    Ever time you are on the mood to post a silly, lighthearted joke on Data Chat, InvokerofTime is active.

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    You will die when you are killed.

    Enemies won't die when they are killed.

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    When you die, it is 100000000 seconds before respawning and the enemies are currently taking all your raxes.

    When enemies die, they have no respawn time even if you are Necro and you just killed them with Reaper's Scythe. Furthermore, you cannot touch their Barracks while they are dead.
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    I'm quoting this right away, if you don't mind.

    OT: Dota2 update lasts longer the more free time you have.

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    Enemy's collision size is always bigger.
    Your hit box is always bigger.

    When you notice enemy Ursa missing, he's already got the aegis.
    When you notice Techies mines, you're already on them.
    When you notice hook, you're already in front of Pudge.
    One Observer Ward is enough for the enemy to see the entire map. Four wards for your team is never enough.
    If you want to give an ally 1 piece of ward (regardless of being sentry or observer), you're going to place it on the ground.
    Trees on enemy's side regenerate more health.
    Enemies always destroy meelee rax first. Your team will go for the ranged one.
    Your missles move slower, while your impetus moves faster than the enemy's.
    In ARDM if you perceed to buy aghs to a hero who's life depends on it (ex. Earthshaker), you'll die without using the ulti once and you'll get randomed a hero that has no use of Aghs.
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    ^fixed. Ty for clearing that up btw.
    OT: enemy divine rapier and gem is always soulbound

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    Bigger collision size = easier to hit with AoE :cat:
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    Then your enemies will respawn before you touch the melee one.
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    Enemy movement speed is always higher.
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    The slower your projectile's speed, the higher the chance you are getting the kill.
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    Every enemy you hook will have Naix inside, even when they did not pick him.
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    You'll pop BKB after it is 0.1 seconds too late.

    Your enemy will pop BKB right as you try to stun him.
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    The tank will bitch out too early revealing the carries

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    All allies will throw skills on a hero that will not die
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    Fixed a bit
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    If your lasthit number is lower and lower, your winrate is getting higher and higher