Mother records herself beating her baby

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  1. TwoHourMotel

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    Edit:Video Removed from youtube

    Thoughts, concerns?

    tl;dr A mother in Malaysia has another person record herself beating her 8-month old child. I was hoping somebody could translate it to tell us what these monsters are saying.

    Alternative can be found on World Star Hiphop
    Update: From WSHH, the following comment was posted:
    I don't have any verification for this comment, so take it with a grain of salt.
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  2. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    I thought that the video would involve the mother shaking her baby.
  3. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    When I wrote beating I wasn't exaggerating
  4. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    I take it that you aren't familiar with shaken baby syndrome.
  5. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    That baby should quit crying and get a job. Damn babies always crying.
  6. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    Ok, I see your point.
  7. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    I've never seen such a pretentious 'beating' before. That removes a large amount of the shock value of this video.
  8. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

  9. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Shake it up, shake up the happiness~

    In other news, wtf...
  10. WarAngel

    WarAngel Well-Known Member

    shes not recording herself i believe, its the other woman who recorded and the one who kept saying "uda ira uda..nak kau bunuh it anak apo?" ira = the pshyco mom name

    the mom say "diam kau anak bodoh = stfu stupid baby" and among other things..

    lul instead stoping her from beating the baby shes recording the whole time, idontwanttoliveinthisplanetanymore.jpg
  11. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    what gets me is how cold and calculated she is about it. its not as if the baby is pissing her off, it has the look more of someone who has no qualms about hurting a baby getting paid to do what we saw her doing. just business.
  12. FF_MikeRoch

    FF_MikeRoch Well-Known Member

    Is the baby a product of rape?
  13. IplayRandom

    IplayRandom Well-Known Member

    Sense - this video makes none.
  14. Idioticus

    Idioticus Well-Known Member

    and how would that affect anything?
    You'd still be beating a baby, and that requires the lack of the ability to care.

    Now, this is one of the worst things anyone could do to anything. If it were up to me, the woman would suffer a slow, gruesome and painful death.
  15. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member

    That's it, I can't watch this anymore.

    This woman should be tortured, burned and tore into little pieces by a very comfortable chainsaw. And everyone else who was filming or watching. I volunteer to kill her at any given time.
  16. DarkMedina

    DarkMedina Well-Known Member

    God, take this thread away from here.

    Why did I even watch this...

    I'm not going to sleep for a week now.
  17. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    Video removed :(
    edit: Mirror added.
  18. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    liar, i still see it.

    lets stop professing how much better we are than the woman and what we'd do to her, you're not saving anyone. im more interested in her attitude. like i said before, she doesnt even seem mad
  19. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    I removed the thumbnail to reduce confusion. Perhaps it's cached on your computer so you can still see it on youtube for the time being, but it's definitely removed from youtube.
  20. Sasho1233

    Sasho1233 Well-Known Member

    Some people just need to do stuff like that. Always comes with a problem in the head.