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  1. bobbylkh

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  2. Satele_Shan

    Satele_Shan Banned

    She sucks even with BKB.
  3. sharkpeid

    sharkpeid Well-Known Member

    need more love
  4. frettory

    frettory Banned

    Mort OP pls nerf.

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    Then you don't have good positioning. Try using your teammates to soak up the damage.
  5. 333siddhartha

    333siddhartha Well-Known Member

    1. Movement speed must be made 315.
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  6. Mr.3K

    Mr.3K Well-Known Member

    dafuq 200 pure damage long range nuke on a 5 sec cd? hell no.
  7. WolowD

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    Please nerf this ridiculous over powered hero. Her crit needs to be scaled back or reduces in frequency. Blur should also receive a nerf in some form. Dagger and strike are fine.
  8. Pufferphish

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    Dat krit beeze only fitten pessent! Boy what you need in yo life is RNGeebus! We mortred playas all pray to day lawd lawd RNGeebus befo we beeze pickin dat blurry hoe, nomesane.
  9. CrocsBlancs

    CrocsBlancs Well-Known Member

    OP carry.
    ALL SHE NEEDS is Bfurry to farm INSANELY FAST.
    ALL SHE NEEDS is BKB to rekt all the ennemy team.

    HER ONLY COUNTER are BLademail(i'll just blink to another target lol retard) and MKB (5.4K item that you won't be farming when she owns ya...)
    She has spammable pseudo-blink that gives her insane atck speed (with that AS 15% 4.5x dmg is no big deal, you WILL get that crit...)
    and in the top of that with BKB she counters spells, with Blur she counters Physical damage... Just Fix this shit
  10. Eli_Green

    Eli_Green Well-Known Member

    ITT people who don't know what nukes and hexes are :cat:
  11. pisatfutut

    pisatfutut Member

    Juggernaut, aka op piece of shit for retarded kids.
    ALL HE NEEDS is Bfurry to farm INSANELY FAST.
    ALL HE NEEDS is AGHS/MASK+BASHER to rekt all the enemy team.
    HIS ONLY COUNTERS are......NONE. Blademail?-pls(omnislash the sh*t out them, lol, retards), evasion?-bitch, please, i'm already so far ahead i might consider not getting a bkb just so you can have a chance at winning this); ghost scepter/ethereal/eul's?, pfff noobs-->DIFFUSAL BLADE. Retarded cooldown on op ult, given the fact that heroes, mid-late game, take more time to respawn thank it takes for that retarded ult to get off cooldown, one could say his ult is spamable). Base atk time which gives him insane atk speed; 200% crit, you will crit more than alot. Blade fury counter spells, hexes, and any attempt to counter him early game. Healing ward that is better than mek + all healling skills put together.
    + Other op heroes for retarded kids, like SLARK, WEAVER, CANCER LANCER, FACELESS VOID, TEMPLAR ASSASSIN.

    And you complain about pa, you little piece of shit?

    Go ahead forum admins or moderator or forum police or whatever you are, give me an infraction, given the amount of retarded children who are part of this community, i couldnt care less, this game is already ruined.
  12. Teddy5

    Teddy5 Well-Known Member

    ^if this guys rage could be harvested it would burn hotter than the sun
  13. MeCho

    MeCho Well-Known Member

    Weakest Hero in the game yet fun
    (no arguments or math because puck you thats why)