Mortred is unstoppable with the right items

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by frozendry, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Mortred is often disabled by enemies but with damage items like bfury,mkb together with BKB, I think mortred could be unstoppable in a clash together with best support heroes.
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    What were you saying?
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    yeh but farming her to that stage is the problem . every hero has a strong point in the game
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    Green Scepter.
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    It s 5-5 not 1-1
    Even with Bkb u still can be killed

    e.g. Pudge can eat you :) even u didn't hurt from his skill
    U will die by the attack from other.
    Also the new item could stun u too
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    This could be said the same for Faceless void, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Terror blade and rest of the hard carries.
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    Paper HP, doesn't have the best escape mechanism, overrated DPS.

    Her ult only gives 45% dps increase and blinkstrike only gives 100ias for 3s.

    Alot of heroes like jugg, riki, drow, clinkz, troll can match her dps quite easily, and in terms of survivability, basically any agi with bfly is better.

    Also, one hex and you're done. BKB only last 5 sec, there are a lot of ways to avoid death like ghost, eul, forcestaff, blademail.

    BKB piercing disables like bat or beastmaster owns you.

    When was the last time you've seen PA win? Lycan, AM, Sylla, PL, Spec, Alchemist, Morphling, Medusa are just more reliable hard carries.

    Even when full farmed, PA is not a guarantee victory, unlike other carries like PL.
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    Spectre is also unstoppable with the right items, Troll is also unstoppable with the right items, Slark is also unstoppable with the right items.
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    oh my god how did you discover this
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    Imba item!
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    We haz new troll in PD.
  18. Omniknights ulti is a pretty hard counter to PA's insane dmg aswell :D
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    Troll > Mort by far if both have 6 items. Overrated attack speed and DPS on Mort, not the best steroid skills.

    Troll's items: Treads, Satanic, MKB, Buriza, Butterfly, Heart

    Magina would also PWN Mort pretty badly, with MKB, Manta, and Mana Void.

    Magina's items: Treads, Heart, MKB, Buriza, Manta, Basher

    Get in a bash, then use Manta, Mana Void. Heart to counter Coup de Grace.
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    What to build for beyond godlike mortred?