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    my favorite hero
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    I love this hero, but I have a question about him.

    He is considered a hard carry right? Why? Normally you state this as the hero has a talent that scales into end game?

    Secondly, I have a question about the Morph ability. I played a game recently was lvl 25 with crazy farm. But at some point the morph stops working and you can't actually convert anymore. Is this a bug or intended?

    Sorry if it's a stupid question.
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    1) He's a hard carry because of his stat gains and the ability to transfer his strength into agi, it gives him A LOT of extra damage, armor, and attack speed and allows him to scale really well as he accumulates more agi and str over the course of the game.

    2) Are you sure your base strength wasn't at 1? You can only shift up to that point.
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    I hate to play with him, but hi is OK...
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    Love him but my friends hate when I pick him...
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    there is alot of myths on morphlings carry ability lategame, the fact of the matter is that he is strong lategame but outshined by many carries. he has horrible starting damage and needs to morph down to next to no hp to have comparable lasthit power to alot of other heroes, his range is so low that he is close to being melee and he needs to farm a ton to be relevant. if you browse through top 100 in dotabuff there is not a single high mmr 6000 mmr + that plays this hero with any regularlity and has success in the core role. so many heroes have been relentlessly buffed while morphling hasnt gotten any noticable buffs except the buff to support morphling max strenght. right now morphling got all the disadvantages of a range hero and a melee hero. his damage output lategame is not that high compared to other carries and the whole medusa like durability idea might work but morphling simply needs better early game to compensate for where he is mid lategame and the amount of farm he needs to have to get there. there is alwyas that idea when morphling gets 6 lottet he is such a horror, however a troll with Dadelys. skadi. mkb, bkb BOTs and Satanic is happy to manhandle a morphling.

    Alchemist is the most underwhelming hero in the pool, next in line is morphling.. dont get me wrong I love morphling, shotgun morphling can be strong but since its no longer instant its a huge nerf to morphling as its much harder to snowball off kkills midgame with Eblade

    1 way to fix morphling would be to:

    1. up his movespeed to 300
    2. up his attack range to 400-450
    3. up his stat growth:

    3 Strngth
    3.5 Agi
    2 Int.

    You dont want to give him all of the above but a combination of some of it. personally I think the statgrowth as well as some change to movespeed is fair. morphling is a manasink and got a horrible int growht. all in all giving the increase stat growth alone isnt that powerful as between strength and agi on a level 25 morph there is only 24 X 1.5 = 32 possible AGI in difference. which is of course something but tbh. morphling lategame rightclicks even with manta is subpar almost any other carry even when taking into account his attack speed
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