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  1. valpaulo

    valpaulo Member

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  2. Koutsiog

    Koutsiog Banned

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    With his latest buff he is a monster
    I wouldn't be surprised if he gets nerfed soon

    JUSTBOMB Well-Known Member

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    Morph at lvl.1 gives capability of great creeping that I ever play.
  4. Tontza

    Tontza Well-Known Member

    love this in dota2. It looks so good :)
  5. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    imba hero if played well.. so many escape skills
  6. mollsmash

    mollsmash Member

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    awesome hero is awesome
  7. Pojosh

    Pojosh Active Member

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    hey guys who do u think will win if morphling vs PotM
  8. vailfaen

    vailfaen Active Member

    morphling! <3
  9. Pojosh

    Pojosh Active Member

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    does mirana have a chance to win?
  10. Damberna

    Damberna Member

    Love this hero
  11. Kaissar

    Kaissar Well-Known Member

    I love this hero.. its like my cum splashing everyone when I enter the team fight!
  12. Moso

    Moso Active Member

    Water destroyes everything
  13. GrynSun

    GrynSun Well-Known Member

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    morph ability is very cheap
  14. 1337Banned

    1337Banned Well-Known Member

    Bad Range...but still good farmer. Nice hero!
  15. Ph3nOmEn

    Ph3nOmEn Member

    love him!
  16. harodase

    harodase Well-Known Member

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  17. Foniko_Alt_F4

    Foniko_Alt_F4 Well-Known Member

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    the hero with the highest agility and with an etherial and adaptive strike dead
  18. Alt_Tab

    Alt_Tab Well-Known Member

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    too much agility
  19. SmartNigga

    SmartNigga Well-Known Member

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    I rofl at pubers who rush ethernal and morhp all str>agi and die by 3 hits and 1 stun.
  20. Blashyrkh666

    Blashyrkh666 New Member

    killing rosh on lvl 2 :p