MoM silencer

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Mlcrosoft, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Kris

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    Seems feasible in certain situations. Very cheap DPS and movespeed to stay on a target. You also gain lifesteal while neutraling or freefarming.
  2. Apparentlynew

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    TBH I have not tried it, but since Silencer is a paper hero with a big "focus me" sign on him, MoM seems counterproductive. And if you're not getting focused, your team is probably winning anyway.
  3. vijju1234567890

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    silencer ahs shitty hp
    putting a 30%dmg amplification
    ur putting a kill em sign on u
    1 riki blink strike 1 hit ur dead
    point is that if even 1 enemy will be enough to kill u
    ur job is to mess enemies combo not to put a kill me sign on urself or take focus of enem,y team
    dead silencer=noob silencer
  4. Darkmeplez

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    It's quite decent at some point.

    Your only problem is the 30% amplification done to you by MoM.

    I suggest you get Vanguard/Hood->Pipe for survivability.
  5. Dalailama

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    The 30% amplification doesn't really affect this hero, because even if he gets focused WITHOUT it on, he's going to die anyway, with this item, you can get much more dps out before getting focused, which you probably will after a while.
  6. Sonic

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    It seems that you are in a low pririoty
  7. Kenshiro

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    I did watch the replay, and I can't say it's high leveled, based on the different cs I saw, and some very debatable item/skill builds.

    However, Silencer did play correctly, but the point of MoM was kinda moot ; because of Drum, Force Staff and Kelen's Dagger (can't remember if it were bought before or after MoM), MoM's additional movespeed was virtually useless. As OP said, lifesteal wasn't a useful feature, so he got MoM only for the +100 IAS.

    The problem is he got it so late (But after all, who would dare to get MoM on Silencer earlier ?), that he already had at least +50 IAS when he bought MoM. You may say multiplying your DPS by 2.5/1.5 = 1.67x is very cost-effective with MoM, but he could get something already quite good with Hyperstone, and he would never have any problem with focus fire.
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  9. CaptainRagu

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    MOM is one of those items you can use on just about anyone as long as you have the survivability to deal with the extra damage.
  10. Mlcrosoft

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  11. Lycan

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    Armlet doesn't give you the MS boostbut i think it might prove itselve a bit better in general but i must admit i haven't tried abusing the ms boost from MoM yet.
  12. Mlcrosoft

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    with high ms he can orbwalk u till death, literally
  13. Mlcrosoft

    Mlcrosoft Well-Known Member

    do u want more silencer replays,

    got one with mom first.

    this one was epic no hex only mom and insane dmg

    heres one very playing on my brothers account as lns00mnia very insane dmg
  14. fireblaze762

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    Sounds interesting.

    Silencer dies either way if hes focused without an active ultimate.

    IN his ultimate, very little can actually kill him if he has high speed, so MoM certainly could be useful. 100AS is fantastic for the price and you can still use the lifesteal to regain some hp lost when farming neuts or lane creeps.
  15. Pwntlolz

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    depending on the pub this isnt a bad idea
    although why not get other IAS items?
  16. Mlcrosoft

    Mlcrosoft Well-Known Member

    here is one super duper interesting game i recommend to watch