MLP: Friendship is Magic

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by qoou, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Have a more fitting OP:

    Here be ponies. Enjoy, love, and tolerate.

    (and here's a link to a group Amoe made)

    So close to 11/11/11/11/11 :/.

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    Go away and never come back, please
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    2.6k viewers! Get in here! Twilight is kicking some serious ass with those books of hers.
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    Oh god Applejack's winning animation is so cool. I want to play this now...

    (also, 2.9k viewers)

    The alternate skins need some work though...

    Edit: Nvm, apparently there's many alternate skins o_O.
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    are you a hobag? Spamming rgc with this trash.
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    no thanks
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    do you know when is the new season coming?
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    Here's a countdown clock.

    The guy taking over from Lauren Faust seems cool enough too; he did a Q&A session on reddit a while back, and it looks like everything will be alright in that respect.
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    weeeee just two moar weeks : D
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    It doesn't matter to us. Your comment will be loved and tolerated.
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    Ah, here too as I see...
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    Have some hope, I hate that bullcrap too.

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    to OP : Are you serious ? You are talking about ponies and you want to be taken serious ? :facepalm:

    Im getting the fuck out of here