Mirana - maxing leap vs arrow 2nd

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  1. Lmaotan

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    with level 1 arrow, you deal (300 + 225 + 150) * 0.75 = about 500 HP in damage (assuming arrow gets a bonus 100 damage from distance).

    with level 4 arrow, you deal (300 + 225 + 420) * 0.75 = about 700 HP in damage.

    I dont really understand all this max leap first build, as max arrow first deals 700 damage in HP, which is the ideal sweet spot for killing heroes at that point of the game, where they all have 900 hp -> 1100 hp, which you can follow up with some normal attacks to finish them off.

    i do understand the whole "longer leap , more ms , most importantly lower cd leap". But more often than not, you only need 1 leap per engage, its not as if you suddenly can afford to spam leap with 18 second cd.

  2. Anti-Xenophobe

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    Arrow is only good for two things:
    1. Stunning people from long range
    2. One shotting creeps
    It's a shitty skill in general but it's also a no risk one point wonder skill, which is why Icefrog tried to remake the hero with Agh's. It's also why people leave it at level 1/2 until Leap gets maxed out
  3. Lama051

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    Where did you get those numbers exactly? They seem quite off. If you are counting full combo then it is as follows:

    4 Starfall + 1 Arrow (min distance)
    (300 + 225 + 50)*,75=431,25
    4 Starfall + 1 Arrow (max distance)
    4 Starfall + 4 Arrow (min distance)
    4 Starfall + 4 arrow (max distance)

    So you sacrifice 202,5 damage for 12 seconds lower cooldown on your escape skill. I would say that both builds are viable but you have to consider the game you are in to evaluate properly.

    I would say that maxing arrow second after Starfall is viable for support mirana since you would want that extra burst, getting killed is usually not such a big deal for supports.

    Core mirana would usually want maxed Leap since it would allow her to the blink-double starfall-leap out combo more often and it would result in lower risk afterwards.
  4. AvrilLabigne

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    Why would you max Leap over Starfall?

    We'all know the ideal build is
  5. Mlcrosoft

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    always leap now because aghs exists and you have enough damage.
  6. BornFromAGrave

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    Who said that?
    Beside that Arrow is great for early runefight, not skilling one of the strongest (the strongest?) ultimate in game on 6 should be physicly punished. its ok to not skil lvl2 on 11 tho.

    PotM only:
    Max arrow = just a little bit more dmg if you hit.

    Max leap = more and guaranteed or at least more reliable rightclicks.

    PotM with Team:
    Max arrow = just a little bit more dmg if you hit. Team can do the same with lvl1 stun then with lvl4 stun since it doesnt scale

    Max leap = more and guaranteed or at least more reliable rightclicks also for your team as they get higher AS/MS bonus. Helps disabling allies to follow up.
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  7. MrMackey

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    take arrow first rofl
  8. AvrilLabigne

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  9. MrMackey

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    level arrow: get potential FB at rune, shoot hardcamp for free lvl 2, do w/e you want.

    lvl leap: sit as far back in the offlane as you can and pray enemy supports don't zone you cuz you have zero impact whatsoever and no ability to get levels or even trade harass with that shit rightclick if they do decide to zone you.

    leap lvl 1 is fucking dogshit, if they smoke tp you before the horn and force you to level it then fine, otherwise you have no excuse.
  10. AvrilLabigne

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    "Instantly kills the first non-ancient creep it hits."

    This is new to me, thanks for all the rudness.
  11. Urna-

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    Improves leap cd, range, bonus's
    90 magic dmg/lvl

    Level 12 being a hell level since experience isn't distributed evenly is why max leap is preferred.