Minoh Kim's DOTA art

Discussion in 'DotA Media' started by MinohKim, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. MinohKim

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    I made this a while ago but the image on this site has been reworked a bit :)


    Also, I made a blog if anyone wants to see my other work.

    Minoh Kim's Art Blog
    Art Dump

    -Minoh Kim
  2. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Also, having tons of fun playing DOTA 2. I'm making some new fan art for that right now :)
  3. Manlybug

    Manlybug Well-Known Member

    Nice skill you got there.

    Its too bright for my desktop background though.
  4. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Latest WIP on my Leoric fanart.

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  5. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Updated WIP

  6. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Finally done!

  7. ladahitam

    ladahitam New Member

    look like american comics style, i thought it gonna be drawn in anime style :p

    good stuff anyway :D
  8. NazarRosit200

    NazarRosit200 New Member

    looks good
  9. Strutter

    Strutter Well-Known Member

    You got skill!
  10. bebe1994

    bebe1994 New Member

    Good work guys
  11. brtalexandru

    brtalexandru New Member

    Very nice :) Looks great
  12. Far0th

    Far0th New Member

    good skills man
  13. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Thanks guys :)

    I'm working on another battle scene now.
  14. BananaKnight

    BananaKnight Well-Known Member

    nice job XD! just wondering, what programs do you use? :)

    I really like the SK one :)
  15. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Thx BananaKnight. I usually use Artrage and Photoshop. I do a lot of traditional training too. Sketches and Lifedrawing.
  16. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    New WIP.

  17. swillis11

    swillis11 Member

    those are cool, nice job
  18. MinohKim

    MinohKim Member

    Sorry I didn't mention here that this is just a small part of a much bigger battle scene.
  19. aldroyd

    aldroyd Member

    OMG, really nice :shock: